HSD Disciples of Dakhan BTL September Report: Return of the Cato


HSD Disciples of Dakhan BTL September Report: Return of the Cato



September Report: Return of The Cato

Bonjour de la belle province! What’s that? Am I speaking in tongues? Non! I have settled into the province of Quebec, Canada. The process took much longer than expected. As a result of this and a barrage of other IRL issues this report has come in rather late. My apologies for the delays. I am back in action and am still eager to reflect upon our battle team’s status over the month of September. You can expect more timely updates moving forward as I have settled into a more permanent abode. Very soon we will have a Vendetta to win so let’s prepare to dig in and represent our house and clan the best we can.

Know Your Allies and Enemies

This is just a quick reminder to catch up on the latest fiction involving The Collective. Here are the links for the prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2 and chapter 3. I also encourage you to check out the latest news involving HSD and CNS as well.


September Battle Team Activity:

It was a rather sleepy month for our battle team but as usual Knight Jinius Griffin still has been a heavy participator in fiction and poetry competitions on top of his duties with the Shadow Academy. He has clocked in a total of 9,349 words, taking several 1st placements and 9 clusters of ice. Well done sir!

We have also gained a new member. Apprentice Steelpulse, a belated welcome to you! You can expect a few emails from me over the next few days to discuss your interests and how I can best assist you in the DJB.

That’s all there is for September. Time to focus on the future.


Crushing Competitons Creates Copious Compensations

There’s still a lot of activity to take part in but time is running out. There’s just a few days left for most of the listed events below. It can’t be stressed enough that earning credits now will help to finance new vehicles and equipment for the upcoming vendetta so get involved in as many activities as you can before it’s too late.

Shroud Syndicate: Induction into their ranks

CSP Presents: Halloween Horror Night 2018

Fist RoS Jedi Academy Bracket Signup

Fist RoS HotS Bracket Signup

Halloween Mask

FIST Destiny 2 Last Wish Club First

Warframe Games In Space

DJB Diamante

The Great Detective


Autumn Puzzle Series

One Epic Year Of Trivia


Until next time, Disciples.

Nice report, Erik! Hope to see some excellence from your Battle Team this Vendetta. :)

Nice report Sir!!!!

Good job, Erik! 👍

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