Battle Team Disciples of Dakhan

Battle Team Disciples of Dakhan
From the darkness, death comes.
11 members
About Battle Team Disciples of Dakhan

The elite Battleteam of House Shar Dakhan. Only certain individuals who meet the criteria are eligible for inclusion into the team. Details regarding eligibility can be found on the Wiki.

Battleteam Leader
Warrior Erik Cato
PIN Rank Name
14958 Warrior Erik Cato
4993 Privateer Vosiri Lightscrest
15134 Knight Calenhad
15357 Neophyte Duncan T. Alvan
15223 Novice Dacken Noval
15414 Apprentice Kaine Blackstone
15288 Apprentice Starkiller86
15391 Apprentice Scamphetamines
15243 Apprentice Isaiah Salvation
15261 Apprentice Aciel Avachiel
15286 Apprentice Drax the conqueror