Battle Team Disciples of Dakhan

From the darkness, death comes.
About Battle Team Disciples of Dakhan

The elite Battleteam of House Shar Dakhan. Only certain individuals who meet the criteria are eligible for inclusion into the team. Details regarding eligibility can be found on the Wiki.

Battleteam Leader
Captain Calenhad Mobok'tel
Showing all 12 members
PIN Rank Name
4856 Adept Macron Goura Sadow
97 Adept Malik Sadow
6169 Battlelord Malisane Sadow
8075 Battlelord Etah Kilij Bloodfyre
14958 Warrior Erik Cato
4993 Major Vosiri Lightscrest
15036 Knight Xuner Holst
10545 Knight Jinius Griffin
15134 Captain Calenhad Mobok'tel
15513 Neophyte Alsorna
15522 Recruit Mu'L'Guh
15531 Apprentice Maurilio