"I’ve Captured and Stuffed the Quaestor in a Closet" Report


"I’ve Captured and Stuffed the Quaestor in a Closet" Report

Since I’m not sure when I’m going to let him out, I’ve decided to let you guys know about some of the stuff that is going on around here.

V’yr made like a tree and leaved

Huge congrats to V’yr fur becoming the next fine Herald in the log line of fine Heralds. He has deeply rooted himself in our family but I have no doubt he will do a fantastic job, though we all pine for his return to NT. You all oak to check out his first report HERE. With his departure from the Odan-Urr Summit, he has leaft a vacancy. Anyone brave enough to subject themselves to joining our Summit, CLICK HERE.

###The Butcher: Episode II I know all of you have been waiting for this and I really do apologize for not having it out by the deadline that I set. But I promise you, the finishing touches are being put on it as we speak and we’ll be rolling out with it in a few days. I’ll post the fiction on the forum and you’ll see an email containing all the links to stuff. I really want you guys and gals to enjoy this and have a good time with it. I owe it to you all.

Comedy Series

Once again we are allowing you the opportunity to just go wild with your Summits. The comp, found HERE, runs until 8/17 so you still have plenty of time to get those submissions is. There has been a good turnout but I want to see more. For your hard work so far, we’ll be adding an additional competition. More shinies!


Congratulations to Gui for ascending to the Rank of Padawan. You’re so close to Jedi Knight you should be able to taste it. Keep up the good work and it will be yours soon enough!


I would like to take a moment to welcome the newest member of our House, Darknyte. Only the best join the best darn House in the Clan!


I’m currently looking for members willing to get in on this. I’d like to really flush out any Students (in both Houses) looking for Masters as well as Masters willing to devote the time to guiding their Students to Knighthood. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll see if I can hook you up with another active member. It’s a great experience and very rewarding for all both of you.


  • Seraphol- 2 Pendants of Blood, 127 Clusters of Earth and 10 Clusters of Fire

  • Liam- 23 Clusters of Earth

  • Darknyte- Pendent of Blood

  • Sa- Crescent with Diamond Crescent, Crescent with Sapphire Pendent and 53 Clusters of Fire

  • Jalen- Pendent of Blood and 71 Clusters of Earth

  • Xirini- Pendent of Blood, 133 Clusters of Earth and 1 Cluster of Fire

  • Suur- Crescent with Diamond Star, Crescent with Amethyst Star, 117 Clusters of Earth and 156 Clusters of Fire

  • Gui- 5 Clusters of Fire

In Closing…

Yeah, so that’s all I have. Anyone have anything just place a comment below and we’ll chitchat. Plus my inbox is always open. Have a nice day!

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