[Imperium] Dek's First Quaestor Report


[Imperium] Dek's First Quaestor Report


The intercom lit up:

“For the first time in Imperium’s history, a person who is not beholden to the Force has taken the office of Imperator. With this, comes a new age; an age of reform and revolution!

For too long we’ve been held under the Force choke of the Emperor, Grand Vizier, and the Grand Admiral! We’ve been relegated to a position of the underling, the peon, the slave, and the hired hand. We’ve held little influence, and because of this, we’ve been given the back seat and embraced it.

But rumblings are incoming. We must forge a new path and a new identity for Imperium! We will no longer be subjugated! We will strike the forge of our own destiny!

We will be the harbinger of ou…”


A siren went off. It was the siren of a bombing raid.

The voice of an Imperial officer calmly interrupted the broadcast, “Imperial citizens. Please return to your homes. This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill. Our borders have been breached by Meraxis bombers. For the Empress!”

As most of you know, my name is Dek Ironius II. I am the newly appointed Quaestor/Imperator of House Imperium.

What I hope to do is currently dig some of the foundational elements of what I hope we can accomplish. But first, a slight introduction.

Dek Ironius II was born to Dek Ironius I on Judecca, the former homeworld of CSP. The son of a wealthy merchant, he grew up under the tutelage of strong warlords, his father, and his intelligent mother (an arranged marriage, but an eventual loving one).

Dek grew up as a noble in one of the noble houses of Judecca. However, at the turn of Xen’s reign, when mass imperialization came to be, he as well as many other former nobles who had rid themselves of the corrupt system, fell in line behind the new Emperor. Dek soon after became aware of the then-shadowy organization known as Clan Scholae Palatinae.

After being inducted into their ranks, he maneuvered himself up the political ladder, eventually becoming a member of the Imperial Senate. When the Cocytus System was destroyed, so was the Imperial Senate. This made him a rogue politician of sorts. In the new system...things get vague.

And really, so does Imperium’s history. Post-Cocytus and Post-Lexiconus, the truck that is Imperium turns to a stop sign and simply doesn’t move onward.

And although Raiju and myself developed some things behind the scenes, as well as a few things with the members, we simply did not deliver. I am sorry for that. I wish I had taken more time to focus on the story, and less preparing for the GJW. Our build up to it was relaxing when we should have been getting those stories out and those member-drive directions out.

This leads to the topic of fictional development within the House. I don’t mean to say we need to develop our fiction abilities, but rather the House needs a concrete story to call its own.

Currently, Raiju and myself are preparing the finishes on a chaptered story development involving the post-Lexiconus Quaestor shift. I guarantee that it will be out in the following month, asap. What are some things you can look forward to in the next month fiction-wise?

  1. A temporary new enemy that will soak our interest for the time being.
  2. Finally being caught up fictionally.
  3. A starting point for our House “rebranding”.

Rebranding? What is this rebranding?

Perpetuum Revolution!

As we catch up on our story, the fiction mentioned above is going to occur. It will be a starting point for a major project our entire House will be undertaking, and I will need all hands on deck for.

Imperium for the longest time has been defined by the word Imperial. It is what the Clan is. And for a time, this worked for us. However, our stories aren’t distinct from the Clan. As I stated in my application for this position:

“Eli is the Emperor. Raiju is the Grand Vizier. Mune is the Grand Admiral. This is an Imperial set up. So why are we the Imperial House is we already have an Imperial Clan with an Imperial leadership?”

That’s not to say we aren’t Imperials. But Excidium has a distinct place as a House. They have their own stories and personality. Imperium’s story is the pillar that is the Clan’s story. We share our ships and roles with the Clan’s ships and roles. We share our identity with the Clan’s identity, and thus it robs us of our individuality as a House.

Make no mistake; on Cocytus this worked for us. On Caperion it does not.

Therefore, we need to revolutionize our identity. The name will remain the same, but that it all that will remain. A revolution is coming. It will be backed up fictionally, but for us in reality we will be deciding our new destiny and identity.

With all of that being said, here is a preliminary survey that I hope all House members will take:


Also, this “conflict” with the Clan is not going to be the definition of our House. Fictionally we’ve been attached for so long to the Clan identity that there isn’t much of another way to split that doesn’t deal with some form of conflict. But we will eventually come in line and be loyal to the Empress. In the past Houses have tried to act in open rebellion, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'd rather not test the waters for too long on it. Even if we are defining ourselves differently, we are still a part of the Imperial Clan.


Expansion Part 2 is out! Go do the competitions!

Existential Crisis Simulator
What is E.C.S.? It's a past series I did on character development and how it fits into our House. As we evolve, I'll be making the series more fleshed out. Expect it to come in the future.


In conclusion, I hope that we can move forward as a House through this revolutionary time. Our main priorities over the next month as a House Summit will be as such:

  1. Fiction
  2. Reaching out the members
  3. Rebranding

This is for the month of April. Of course, we’ll be promoting activity within Expansion and whatever April activities the Clan Summit will provide. I look forward to being your Quaestor over the next many months!

Also, don't read too much into the report graphics. I sent out a request a few minutes ago. Just thought they'd go well with the theme of rebranding.

Glory to the Revolution!

Imperator Dek Ironius II

Raises an Eyebrow I'm looking forward to this new twist! Also, loved your intro which was focused on your character vs you yourself. We are a fiction club, and as much as I appreciate folks revealing RL stuff, I don't feel it has its place on here, so good job in taking the fiction road.

I'm digging the report, boss.

Great first report Dek!

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