[Imperium] Dek's Fourth Aedile Report


[Imperium] Dek's Fourth Aedile Report


Greetings Imperials!

Welcome to my fourth Aedile report!

First things first, I’d like us all to welcome Mol to our House! He recently joined and showed an interest in communicating further! You’ve come to a great house, Mol!


I’m not too surprised considering it’s a month of winter wonderfulness (or summer luvin’ in Ulfsark’s case). February is usually a lower time for activity. But we still have some excellent comps as mentioned further down. Here are your achievements this past month:

Promoted to Novice!

Reiden Palpatine Karr
ACC Qualified!

Lexiconus Qor
Served one full year as Appeals Panelist!

Mako Henymory
Clusters of Fire – 231
Pendants of Blood – 6
Clusters of Ice – 6
Amethyst Crescent – 2
Emerald Crescent – 3

Darth Aeternus
Clusters of Fire – 2
Clusters of Ice – 6
Dark Cross


Battleteam Cup [Multiple]

Until March 4th, the Battleteams will be competing for points. How does one get points for their BT?

Participate in competition: 5 points (double for DB wide competitions) Organize a competition: 5 points Shadow Academy Exam: 2 points Shadow Academy Degree: 5 points Pendant of Blood: 5 points Scroll of Indoctrination: 10 points

This isn’t something difficult for anyone. Mere participation brings points. Doing stuff brings points. Attempts at something bring points. And as I’ll show, there won’t be a shortage of things to do this month.

Conflict in Caperion [Container]


As per Eli's report, this month is world-building month here in Clan Scholae Palatinae. Because of this, the Clan Summit has directed us to some competitions that they've created in order to help them create the world that we desire from them.

ACC Venues [Other]


The Combat Master is asking for three ACC venues from our Clan for our own battles. The Clan Summit has decided to use this opportunity as a way to receive member input. It makes sense that we would want to fight in the places of our choosing ultimately.

Imperial Scholae Intelligence [Other]


As Eli mentioned, our intelligence agency is severely outdated. It harkens back to the age of the "Royal Clan" which isn't bad, but we haven't been known as that for a long time. Because of this, our intelligence agency needs a reboot of sorts. So get your ideas in about this.

Our New Home [Fiction]


We currently occupy Caelestis City. Write a fiction describing the city, how it works, it's glory, etc. so we can have some useful information to spread to other members.

Our New Home [Graphics]


Just like the fiction, describe Caelestis City through your graphic design skills.

Money Money Money [Other]


Lastly for the Conflict in Caperion series, we need a whole new economy in order to allow us to describe how we get what we get. But the Clan needs your input on that. Want to live a life of luxury? What us to be poor and servantile to the state? Credit for your thoughts!

Raiju’s Aquatic Adventure! [Flash]


Flash game where you shoot droids to get the highest score.

Pony-rony [Flash]


Flash game where you run as far as you can as a pony.

Of Fire and Earth [Gaming]


Competition to get the most Clusters of Fire and Earth through gaming activities.

Descriptive Energy [Fiction]


Fiction competition where you describe your journey to one of the planets in the Caperion System.

The Sorting Hat [Fiction]


A cross universe fiction with Harry Potter.


Position Changes

As you may have noticed, we have had position changes aplenty. Cali and Wagglehorn stepped down from their respective positions as Battleteam Leaders. In their place, Lexiconus and Reiden have replaced them, while Jason has taken an unofficial sergeant role for Reiden. Raiju has also moved onto Proconsul, having Mako (formerly Vestril) replace him. Mako will be addressing you and introducing himself soon.

New Telegram Chat

We abandoned the old TG chat and brought in a new, more permanent one. You can find the new one here:

[Log in to view join link]

Discord Chat

We also have a Discord Chat. Join us for some potential future gaming activity:


Minecraft Server

CSP also has a new MC server courtesy of Elincia! I’ve been busy building on it. So have other CSPers and Andrelious. If you have any interest in Minecraft, join us for some fun!

Closing Thoughts

We’ve gone through quite a bit of change recently. Some people may be wondering if they can trust this much change at once. It seems unsettling. However, as someone who has been your Aedile through it all, and a member of Imperium for almost 3 years, we’re continuing to go in positive directions. Change is sometimes good for the soul, and good for a community. Sometimes people say “don’t fix something that ain’t broken”, but sometimes finding a new way of doing things and bringing new blood in brings better ways of not being broken. I can promise you that this is one of those times!

Mako is an experienced leader and someone who can help bring back the legacy of Imperium! Kell, Lexiconus, Raiju, and now Mako!

If any of you have questions, comments, or concerns, we’re here for you.

Glory to the Empire! Invicta Imperium!

Dek Ironius II

Good report, Dek! Keep up the good work.

Nice report, boss!

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