Imperium Dispatch 1


Imperium Dispatch 1

Welcome to my first report as Quaestor of Imperium. I was going to do an opening fiction but that will wait for the moment and I’ll try to explain why further down.

As I have stepped up to Quaestor, that left the position of Aedile open. After thought and deliberation and a discussion on telegram, Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut has agreed to take the job. I am very excited for what we are about to do and I hope that you guys and gals will be too.

We are engaged in Iron Sky at the moment. This will be a day long remembered as we are finally going to fully engage the forces of the Meraxis Empire. There are plenty of chances for glory so let us get out there and do what we do.

Also the Day in the Life of Comp was extended until the 25th.

Ask the QUA…

Seems everyone else has one of these so I thought I’d give it a go too. If you have any questions for your leadership, feel free to ask them in a pm on telegram, email, or carrier pigeon.

Imperiums Most Valuable Asset

This section will focus on a member who has stood out the most during the month. This time the Most Valuable Asset is none other than Acolyte Xendar Thendaris. My inbox has been flooded with notifications from the Academy as well as a few other things from Xendar. His example has actually inspired me to flood Shadows inbox with SA notifications as well.

Keep up the good work Xendar!

So, to recap New QUA, New Aedile, Iron Sky, Dat in the Life, Ask the QUA, Xendar shines. Not a lot in this dispatch but next time there will be.

Until Next time…. Peace! Tater

Battlelord Ric "Tater" Hunter (Sith) / QUA / House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Woo! Looking forward to seeing what all you and Dek do for Imperium :D And big shout out to Xendar! Well done! And to you too for flooding my emails with SA messages xD.

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