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Another holoprojector lays before you, this time one not of ruined condition. Upon its activation, Xuner Holst appears before you, kneeling. He rises up, the Human’s frame again lording over you. His face, however, was different. His face still bears the hauntingly pale complexion but the scarring from the last transmission is different. The scarring has been rearranged into different places. The right side of his face is damaged to the point where his cheek is little more than a few pillars of flesh that still connected. The inside of his mouth was easily visible. A new mark in the form of a horrific burn razed over the left side of Xuner's ear stopping shortly before his eye.

It’s time for another report. This one is undoubtedly late and to that end, I must humbly apologize.

Plan of Attack

  1. New BTL
  2. Humblebrag
  3. Humblebrag 2.0
  4. Foodstuff
  5. Personal Notes
  6. Closing Thoughts

New BTL:

As stated above, Calenhand has elected to step down as BTL of DoD, or Disciples of Dakhan. With that, we are opening up the position to the members of the Brotherhood in large, not just to the people of Naga Sadow. A fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective are what we are looking for as potential candidates. Please send your resumes to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses] ) and Darkhawk ([Log in to view e-mail addresses] )

Humblebrag (Thank you Atty for that word :P )

This is the weekly Cluster Summary for this week (2019,05,14th)

  • Corsair Kanal O’neil: 4 Clusters of Fire

  • Battlemaster Tasha’Vel Versea: 2 Clusters of Graphite 1 Cluster of Ice

  • Knight Hilgrif: 2 Clusters of Graphite

  • Warlord Bentre Kairn’tel Sadow: 2 Clusters of Ice

Great work to all. Keep it up!

Other Humblebrags:

1 - Hilgrif: Steel Cross. Amazing work. I’ve seen your work; we all have. This was very well earned. Keep up the amazing work for this house.

2 - Kojiro: Grand Cross. Fantastic work on the Creature System, I can’t wait to read about everyone’s pets and companions.

3 - Muz Ashen: Steel Cross. As mentioned above, I'm really excited to see what the members of CNS can come up with these creatures.

4 - Darkblade: You've been an amazing Master to me. You have helped in almost every endeavor I've done here in the DJB. Our little quips in the PMs have been at times the highlights of my day. Everything you have taught me has been the example to which I have brought up Jannala.

As they say in Japanese, 'Gokurosama deshita!'

5 - Jannala: You’ve been my apprentice for a bit of time now. 29 days since your last promotion and about 34 days since you were actually assigned to me. You've made some amazing pieces of art that have been posted on the Art Channel. Despite what you've been told IRL, I think they are phenomenal. A lot of people here think so as well.

Please keep up the godly creations.

Food Stuff

Thank you, Hades for giving me permission to post this. I might make it a thing.

Today’s report is a classic.


Personal Notes

For those unaware, I am serving in the California Army National Guard. Our training is 1 weekend a month, twice during the summer, with annual training or AT. With that being said, I will be of limited use to my Clan and House from the 15th of June to the 30th due to said Annual Training. I have given work to the Summit, Meaning I will have access to my phone but will be busy doing high-speed army stuff.

I've also started on a personal fiction in the form of Xuner's origins. What his home planet was like, how he became who he was, all of it leading to his introduction with CNS, the DJB, and Darkblade. Keep an eye on Discourse for updates.

Closing Thoughts

I understand the nature of this report to be a bit overly sentimental. The reason for this is simply: I have been diagnosed with Major Depression and Psychosis. I've merely learned to more better appreciate what I have around me.

To any that wish to talk, please feel free to approach me. But do it when you are comfortable, not forced.


Long live the Empire!

Yes, All glory and honor to Clan Naga Sadow!!! Sweet Report, Xuner I am so proud of you. :)

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