Knight-Commander Special Report - A Call to Arms


Knight-Commander Special Report - A Call to Arms


Fiction Update Teaser

Marauder-Class Corvette The Diligence
Low Orbit, Kalfu Moon, New Tython
Yhi System
Zero Hour

“I wish the boss would leave,” the officer of the watch thought to himself as he watched his commander, Thett Omega, pacing around the bridge. The Diligence had been parked behind this moon for days, lying in wait for the Jedi to return. The officer had never seen Thett this obsessed before, though none of Alpha’s Omega’s targets had managed to escape before, much less with a corvette. This wasn’t business any more, this was personal. A mercenary group lived and died by their reputation and Alpha’s Omega desperately needed to redeem themselves after their humiliating defeat at Purity Rock.

Thett approached the watch officer. “Any unusual system traffic in the past few hours?”

It took every ounce of self control the watch officer had to keep from rolling his eyes at the commander. “No sir, all is quiet, just some supply ships for the Monarchy.” The commander’s obsession was beyond tiresome at this point. Countless hours at battle stations investigating routine system traffic had taken its toll on the crew. The Jedi were gone and were not coming back. They broke their comrades out, freed the natives and fled the system. The Jedi couldn’t stand against Alpha’s Omega and Thuron’s army.

Thett glared at the watch officer. “Keep me posted.” The commander had just turned to walk off the bridge when the comms officer interjected.

“Tython control is reporting a massive hyperspace contact inbound.”

Thett’s curiosity was peaked. “Do they have an ETA?”

“30 seconds.”

The bridge became a flurry of activity as the crew members rushed to align the sensors along the calculated exit vector of the hyperspace contact. All eyes were glued to the viewscreen as the final seconds ticked by. When the countdown reached zero the previously empty screen erupted with a multitude of tiny white flashes followed by one large flash as a flotilla of ships exited hyperspace. The operations officer began reading out loud from his monitor:

“Multiple contacts, three squadrons of fighters, two Assassin class Corvettes … and a Nebula Class Star Destroyer.” The op officer continued to study the readouts for a moment before continuing. “Sir, one of the’s the Omega’s Cutlass.”

The flurry of activity came to a screeching halt as the entire bridge crew froze waiting for the commander to speak. Thett Omega stood tall in the center of the bridge, thoroughly vindicated. “Signal the rest of our forces to engage the Jedi; it’s time to get my ship back.”

To be continued...


Look to the Skies, For Daybreak Is here

We will push the false King back, and topple him from his throne. New Tython will be free again. –QUA Liam Torun

Make no mistake Knights of Allusis, House Odan-Urr is going to war and we are the tip of the spear. The first battle in the campaign to liberate New Tython has already begun in the skies above the planet. The Knights are leading the space battle to shatter the pirate fleet in orbit. Operation Daybreak is underway.

Operation Daybreak is a small competition to whet your appetites for the upcoming Return of The Light Event. This competition is open to all HOU pilots. Grab a wing man and take to the skies in the space sim platform of your choice (X-Wing Series, Star Conflict or TOR:Galactic Starfighter) and rack up some CFs and earn some pre-event Crescents! The competition runs until May 4th.


The Arena Beckons – Get Qualified!

In case you missed the Voice’s summary of the DC meeting, the sign up for the next phase of the Dark Crusade starts today and will run to the 14th of May. The event will be a massive ACC tournament. There is still time to get qualified!

HOU needs you! HOU HYPE! is spreading and all eyes are on us. Actions speak louder than words and it’s time to back up our chest thumping. It’s no secret that participation rates (i.e. the ratio of people who participate in an event over the available members) determine armed forces points and factor into when houses become clans. That’s right, you can help make Clan Odan-Urr a reality with the boosted armed forces to protect it. But you have to get out there! You have to, to steal Howie’s catch phrase, DO ALL THE THINGS! :P

Don’t be scared of the ACC staff, they don’t bite. I actually failed the ACC qualification the first time I took it. True story. My judge gave really good feedback on what I was doing right and what I needed to do to get up to ACC standards (protip: Using “lightning” when you mean “shock” is an instant fail). Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. You’d be surprised what you’re capable of when you jump in to something new.

If you’re on the fence about the ACC, there are plenty of strong writers in HOU willing to mentor you. An ACC match uses the same skills as a run-on, and there will almost certainly be a run-on in the Return of the Light event. Jump in and learn from your teammates. If I may indulge in one final “cool story bro.” I, rather reluctantly, joined HOU team 2 for the Bosthidra Run-On in like my second week in the DJB. I learned so much from my totally awesome teammates during those three weeks it's unreal. I would have missed out on that if I had let the voice of doubt get the best of me.



Special thanks to the Titan of New Tython for making me shiny report graphics. The KoA neon sign has been temporarily put away. The Knights of Allusis are at war! But I have a feeling the sign will make a comeback (unless V’yr deletes it out of the asset system). Also in keeping with the war theme I decided to change “Striketeam C.O.” and “X.O.” to “Knight-Commander” and “Knight-Lieutenant” because it sounds cool. I’ll try it on for size for the event and see how it fits.

First to defend, last to fall,

Turel Sorenn
Knight-Commander, Knights of Allusis Battleteam
House Odan-Urr



Seeee, i knew Howie shoulda trademarked that thing.

See you lighties in the ACC >:)

Come at me, Dru.


I'll see you there, Aiden.

Doing all the things shouldn't be trademarked. It's open and free for all. Also Sang? You suck. :P

No, no, we should trademark it and then charge for it's usage? Get the monies! Also, the only good lighty is a dead lighty! :P

A lightie is making your saber, Halc ;)

Oi, keep me out of this.

Major tease Turel. Can't wait for the rest of the story. :D

Great Report Sir!!

ANy Pilot looking to get into a Star Conflict Match hit me up... it's time to fly!!!

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