Knights of Allusis Report #3


Knights of Allusis Report #3

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I'd like to start off by apologising for not getting a report out last month however I have a pretty good reason for it. I was in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy but I'm back at 100% which makes this next part hard. Due to real life commitments I am stepping down from KoA BTL effective immediately. It was an interesting four months in the job, one that hopefully I can use as a springboard to bigger things in the future, but a new job combined with study doesn't leave a lot of time for much else. Expect an announcement from Edgar in the next day or so regarding applications for the spot.

All The News That's Fit To Print

  • The Voice has released a new report with some very interesting developments regarding NPC's. Read about it here
  • Edgar has released another FIST gaming report with tons of info for the gamers out there. Read all about it here
  • Blade has released another report chock full of doge. You can find that here
  • Turel has released his latest Consul report. If you haven’t read it you should. You can find it here
  • An oh yeah, did I mention I was stepping down. Look for an announcement soon.

What Time Is It? Game Time!

Every report I'll highlight a few comps from around the DB. Here's this month's.

To find these and more visit the competitions page here.

Ohhh Shinies

I won't be listing all the awards and promos this time. Suffice to say there were a lot over the last two months.


Last Words

And that's it from me folks. I'll still be around, lurking in the background, poking my head into telegram every now and then. it's been a pleasure leading you these last few months and I'll catch you all on the flipside.

Commander Darro Zhen, Knight Commander of the Knights of Allusis

I'm sorry to see you go but real life and your health always come first. I am glad you will be around as much as you can and look for the day you can come back in full.

Thank you for the report, and your service, Zhen. I wish you luck and hope things calm down again soon.

Thank you for your service Darro. Good Luck on everything!

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