MAA Report: Gray at Thirty


MAA Report: Gray at Thirty


Hello, hello! The last week was crazy with the first of a three phase implementation of perhaps the largest shift in Brotherhood structure in years. The “Gray Jedi” order opened along with traditions for previous orders and members have been flocking to them. This short report will cover some numbers along with my staff positions.


Roll Call

I talk about how awesome my staff is and will continue to do so. The MAA office works near flawlessly because of their timeliness and dedication. They are quick on the draw but thoughtful and respectful in debates no matter how contentious (particularly when telling leaders what they do not want to hear!). Alas, the six month term of Landon and Kordath draws to a close this month. I thank them immensely and once again open up applications for Magistrate to the Master at Arms.

Minimum rank is Hunter/Padawan, no leadership experience necessary. Discuss why you’d like the position, what you hope to gain from it, and your outsider opinion of how well or poorly our office functions. Email applications to Howie and myself by 1 September 2015.

As always, I am particularly interested in newer/younger members looking to start the leadership ladder climb.

Gray is the New Purple

The big news last week was the opening of Gray Jedi as an order option and transition of Krath/Obelisk/Sentinel/Guardian as traditions. Read Mav’s report for order information and Sarin’s report for all the new ranks.

Thus far we have had near 50 path change requests and a slew of tradition changes (traditions being automatic upon selection). Most path changes were to Gray with a few to the Light Side in Gray/Dark clans. Huge thanks to my staff for nailing requests so quickly.

Remember a path change to an order not supported by your target unit must come with approval from the Deputy Grand Master and Voice. If you receive prior approval, state as much in your request. The process of allowing exceptions is being taking slowly and carefully else it turn into a slippery slope of one approval justifying multiple. Ultimately, all of us want you to play the character that most interests you, but we are balancing that with maintaining the integrity of the system put in place.

Mav and Sarin will continue releasing updates and we prepare for the neutral orders and related perks. While turnaround has been great, please be patient with any delays. We are manually checking that paths fit the unit. We also love when an Equite promotion request states, early in the writing, which tier is requested. New ranks! New names!

I’m Fluent in Basic

Landon Cruise recently assisted me in a review of the Competitions course in the Shadow Academy while Howlader assisted in reviewing the Medals course. Both have since been updated with primary focus being given to wordage and the addition of Clusters of Earth and some competition policies implemented over the past year. We continue to look into how best to utilize example recommendations in a contextual way so as to provide guidance but not suggest a template. Expect to read more on this in September.

A Night on the Town

Congratulations for Kell Dante for taking 1st in our Night on the Town competition. Quick and fun! Thank you to all participants.



  • Apply for Magistrate positions
  • Go Gray early, it’s all the rage!
  • Example reccs remain contextual…guidelines, not templates

MAA Resources


Glad that the SA courses were reviewed, keeping things updated and worded means people can learn more from it. Always good to give people a chance to help out, I know people will appreciate the opportunity.

Did you just approve your TLDR?

Thanks for the updates. All this trendy "going grey stuff" though. Good luck to the applicants to Magistrate.

I approve of the approved tl;dr

Aabs, Howie, and the rest of the MAA Staff are rockstars and great team players. Thanks for all you guys do!

ty for your hard work folks

So question. I am following the Grey Jedi Path, but am in a Light Side unit. Would it be possible (with Summit approval, and appropriate reasoning) for me to become a Dark Side traditions Adherant? In my example, I would like to be an Obelisk Adherant.

This report was MAAgnificent. Get it? I branched out from JST jokes

Seraphol - possible? Yes, but you will need to get approval from your CON, Mav, and Evant. This means justifying, fictionally, why the character would make sense in COU. Put together an email and get the conversation going :-)

I had figured so. I mean fictionally Grey Jedi walk the path between Light and Dark, so them being an adherant of another side is possible. Well I guess that depends who you talk to.

Ive got some of my guys who want theirs done, so mine is a secondary. Once we get some of them settled as well as a internal Clan doc I may go from there. Also, and this is a less smart question. What rank do you cut off for M:MAA? I know you prefer younger members, but I have always wanted an insight on the MAA office. Plus I feel that it could help make me a better QUA when it comes to recc writing. I plan on putting an application in, but would you not want someone EQ3 as Magistrate? Just curious.

There is no maximum rank for M:MAA. All are welcome to apply. The primary thing I look for is people interested in learning more about the MAA office.

The maximum rank for M:MAA is Grand Master :P

I lied. Elder 2. I want none of them Prophets or Grand Masters :P


Poor Howie. :P

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