MAA Report: He of Many Faces


MAA Report: He of Many Faces


If you are looking for game changing (pun) reports, check out Sarin’s latest GM report, Cethgus’ first FIST report, Slagar’s Wiki report, or A’lora’s COU report. On the MAA front, this serves as a general update with a significant change for me as a member.


Judging at Face Value

James has summarized a lot in his own report, but I will reiterate that James and Kalen have been making major overhauls to the site’s competition management code with still more changes to come. Some of his work is back end only, but everyone will notice the competition form is now split based on type.

Fiction competitions automatically calculate word counts and assign Clusters of Ice. Container competitions make it easier to manage groups of competitions, regardless of whether they award medals themselves. You can now unsubscribe from a competition (finally) unless that competition is timed (obviously). There are also new tool tips to remind people about our co-organizer expectations.

On Standards and Subjectivity

The Master at Arms tasks outlined in Sarin’s goal sheet fall in two categories: day to day operations and retooling the promotion system. The latter is a major project still in the proposal stage and may never come to light. That said, a proposal is being drafted that will no doubt include Mav’s eye for statistical relevance and will be shared first with the Dark Summit, then general membership.

I don’t want to talk up something that could die out, but I will say this: my office hears a lot of feedback from members and leaders. The vast majority of that feedback is productive requests to clear up questions, improve standards, so on, then sometimes the feedback is general complaints about “the system” that has honestly been in place for…decades? Alas, I agree the system is flawed. It is, in my opinion, too subjective.

While we strive for consistent standards, those standards ultimately shift like the political persuasion of the US Supreme Court. MAA Bob may have approved a promotion years ago that I do not think meets standards (though it is likely the other way around), yet the promotion then and the same promotion now are “equal” in terms of merits and benefits.

I am entrusted by Sarin to make judgement calls. I entrust Howie. Howie and I train two Magistrates. Yet there is a level of subjectivity that I’ve never quite jived with. That subjectivity has its benefits. Many will point out there is a lot of activity, particularly when leading a unit, that is difficult if not impossible to quantify, but I suspect the majority of members would prefer a clean, easy to understand system that, honestly, will bring more promotions faster.

Anyway, a HUGE DISCLAIMER that this is all talk. More to come. I just want everyone to know we do listen…even if our actions are difficult to understand.

Database Hunt

Here are the answers. The top three placers scored 10/10 with time taken determining the winner. I had fun with this competition and may replicate it in the future.

  1. Farrin Xies
  2. 5th GJW
  3. Tarax
  4. Disciples of Baas
  5. Jorm (The Jester) Na’trej
  6. Jac Cotelin
  7. Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine
  8. Muz Ashen
  9. Scithe
  10. Synthetic Humanoid Intended for Killing and Yearly Observation


A New Aabs Rises

I have never managed to put together the consistent MAA fictional development I wanted to, but I am pumped to announce my change in character which affects the MAA office fictionally. Check out the report fiction and a preview below.

The Suffering
New Tython
Esstran Sector
34 ABY

Master at Arms Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar, in his near forty years experiencing all the galaxy had to offer, had never seen a planet burn. He had stumbled upon the Dark Jedi Brotherhood nearly fifteen years ago and served faithfully in Clan Plagueis or the Dark Council. He had seen his friends, allies, and enemies ousted from Antei twice, even Jusadih had fallen to biological warfare.

New Tython experienced something wholly different. At the behest of his Grand Master, Aabsdu had given the command to reign hell upon the Jedi’s home. Unlike the Empire’s obliteration of Alderaan or the recent annihilation of the Hosnian System, New Tython would remain intact but barren, meant to act as a sign to every clan and member of the Brotherhood.

Grand Master Pravus’ intentions were clear as the inferno below. This Brotherhood was not welcome to undesirables. This Brotherhood was not welcome to Jedi.

Read the rest here!


That’s all, folks! An editorial on MAA standards followed by the revelation that MAA Aabsdu will turn into MAA Xox as soon as I put in the requests. I have been eager to move to a NFU character since the new orders were announced, but had difficulty finding the right way to do so. I love Aabs, his name, his art (thank you, Slagar), but I’m excited to switch things up. Props to Tra’an, Evant, Vyr, Bubba, Sarin, Mav, and Arden for their feedback here and there.

The Numbers Game - December 2015

  • Promotions Approved: 126
  • Medals Approved: 95
  • Medals Remanded: 6
  • Competitions Approved: 185
  • Competitions Remanded: 28
  • Name Changes: 23
  • Unit/Path/Order/Tradition Changes: 86
  • AWOL to Rogues: 28

The Numbers Game - January 2016

  • Promotions Approved: 87
  • Medals Approved: 48
  • Medals Remanded: 3
  • Competitions Approved: 136
  • Competitions Remanded: 67
  • Name Changes: 17
  • Unit/Path/Order/Tradition Changes: 76
  • AWOL to Rogues: 30


  • Requesting and managing competitions is cleaner, easier, and cooler now
  • I hope to change DJB promotions for the better
  • Aabsdu is now Zanet Xox

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Thank you for the report, Zanet (formerly known as Aabsdu).

I'm all for streamlined, yet I also fall into the category of members who do a lot of hard to quantify things so... I'll quantify more! Loving the other changes and the all around feel. You guys are never hard to deal with in working towards approvals.

farewell aabs welcome Zanet

Bring back Aabs!

Woo moffs! Curious to see what'll happen with promotions.

You must construct additional DJKs.

Great report, Aabs. Looking forward to even more positive changes to our system.

Love it, Aabs. I mean Xanet.

...Can I just keep calling you Aabs

I vote we just keep calling him Aabs anyway.

Vote approved.

Damnit, Zanet!

Gone is Scooby Aabsdu-by Arrival of Zanet Xox-son

What have you done for me lately? It's Zanet, Ms Xox-son if you're nasty.

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