MAA Report: Into the West


MAA Report: Into the West


Hello fellow Star Wars enthusiasts,

It has been a while, and I take this occasion to announce this as my final Master at Arms report. After serving in this position for the past 29 months as a member of Muz and Sarin’s Dark Councils, the time has come to usher in fresh blood. I am happy with where I leave the role and think the office in a better shape then before. This report will highlight a few pieces of recognition along with numbers.


I’d Like to Thank the Academy

First, for their diligent service as Magistrates, I have awarded Kelly Mendes and Teylas Ramar Anteian Crosses each. I made the decision when appointed to bring on termed Magistrates, six months, and purposefully switch them out for less experienced members. I do not regret that decision. Everyone who has served on this staff has provided exceptional service and, I hope, learned a great deal about the inner workings of DJB mechanics.

Next, the big one, my Special Magistrate turned Praetor Howlader. Little need be said about his service to the Brotherhood as a whole yet alone my tenure as MAA. He has been here the entire way, providing a consistent, firm, sometimes grumpy, but always caring perspective to everything. His immense accomplishments as Praetor have been combined with his months of service to Clan Taldryan, courtesy of Mav, to create what I know to be his favorite type of recognition: an Emerald Dagger from an outgoing Master at Arms.

Thank you, Howie, for everything you have done and will undoubtedly do in the future.

I would be a failed MAA were it not for an amazing support staff, from Praetor Evant to Praetor Howie and Magistrates in between: Rial, Kordath, Teylas, Nero, and Kelly. Thank you.

State of the Union

I am happy with MAA operations in their current form. Things have been quite quiet recently because, I believe, we have successfully worked with leaders to clarify and standardize expectations. We have had less remands and denials in the last six months than my first six, and while there is still unease and work to be done, on the whole improvement has been made.

My biggest regret is a project I continue to feel strongly about: the potential for shifting the Brotherhood’s promotions to an experience based system. Regret, however, is a strong word as attention was knowingly put on the back burner while everyone focused on possessions (and oh the awesome results of that). I do not know what the future holds, but the idea of DB XP remains on the minds of many and I will ensure the next MAA has my notes.


The Numbers Game [24 July 2014 to 10 January 2017]

The following numbers cover my entire run as Master at Arms, but as the query is PIN-based there may be overlap with actions taken by staff members in other roles (Evant as Voice, Teylas as CON, for example).

  • Medals Approved: 4786
  • Medals Rejected: 117
  • Promotions Approved: 622
  • Promotions Remanded: 26
  • Promotions Rejected: 32
  • Competitions Approved: 4106
  • Competitions Remanded: 523
  • Competitions Rejected: 21
  • Name Changes: 369
  • Unit/Path Changes: 744
  • Position Appointments: 363
  • Position Regisnations: 371
  • Title/Legacy Approved: 67


I had a personal DB goal of serving as Master at Arms and am proud to have achieved that. I did not accomplish everything I wanted or promised to, but I consider the office I leave well ordered. Thank you, again, to my staff, to Muz, Sarin, Mav, and the Dark Council, to every unit leader for maintaining respect and understanding when being told no, and to every member for seeing this through.

Standby for GM/DGM news regarding next steps in the Master at Arms world.

Aabs out!


  • Howie has double ED, call a doctor
  • Aabsdu’s MAA mic drop

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Great work everyone! Thanks Aabs!

It was a privilege working with you, Aabs.

It was great having a chance to work with you, Aabs. Best of luck!

Thank you for everything, Aabs. Well done.

Thanks for everything you've done as MAA Aabs.

Thanks for your service to the club, sir!

Was great working for, and with you on an awesome DC, thanks for everything.

So long

So long, Aabs. Thanks for all the fis---work, promos, policies codified, long nights, and generally bearing up under an tough workload in an oft-unthanked position.

Thanks for everything Aabs!

Thanks for the work Aabs. and do we have any words on a replacement?

Wooo! Thanks for all you did Aabs :D And congrats to Howie!

Aabs, you're a superstar. Thank you for all of your service and everything you've brought in!

Thanks for the years of service, Aabs!

Congrats Howie!

Aabs! Job well done. Congrats, Howie!

MAAsterful job Aabs, was nice to work with you, the Panda and eternally little Nero.

Adios muchaho

Thank you!

Ty Aabsdu for the work.

Grats to the shinys

<3 you Aabs

Thanks, Aabs, and thanks for giving me a shot at higher level work, taught me a lot

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