Marka Ragnos Battleteam Leader Report #1: The Clans Are Marching As To War


Marka Ragnos Battleteam Leader Report #1: The Clans Are Marching As To War



Hello Everyone, I am Tasha’Vel Versea your local Ragnosian Twi’lek. As most of you all know, I am now the current Battleteam Leader for the NightHawks and just wanted to reintroduce myself for those of you not as familiar.

hey look I'm a bear

I also wanted to take a moment to thank DarkHawk for serving as BTL over the last year and Koji for giving me a chance to help serve our wonderful House once again. It is good to be back in the saddle and thank you all for trusting me to serve you again.

If you need any help with anything, have questions, comments, or ideas please feel free to email me at ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) or if you are on telegram send me a message. I typically try to respond within 24 hours. I am here to help serve you all.

Latest News

As most of you know there is the Great Jedi War coming up and I am exciting for the upcoming event. I hope to see all of our team and our whole clan participate and win some awesome medals. Can't wait to see some action from the House! We will be hitting the ground running hard when it starts.

Clan News

Here are a couple of the latest reports from Consul and Proconsul



Let’s see what is happening with our NightHawk members

Muz Ashen

  • 30x Clusters of Earth Awarded

Ashia Kagaan Keibatsu

  • No current activity

Katarina Sebree Sadow

  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star Awarded

Takagari “DarkHawk” KogaRyu

  • 1x Cluster of Ice awarded, 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star awarded

Varuk Kru

  • No current activity


  • No current activity

I am looking forward to fighting alongside you all in the Great Jedi War, coming up with strategies and ideas to lead Marka Ragnos to victory and creating an exciting new narrative with you all.

Till next time remember,

"On Wings of Hate, We Deliver Pain..."


Do eeeet

I said it in my own report, and I will say it here again. I believe in all of you. I look forward to seeing the Night Hawks take flight in the weeks to come. ^^

Sweet report, Tasha!

/me leksalute

See you Hawks on the battlefield!

Guess who's back? Back again? Tasha's back, tell a friend!

I've never wanted to wave hello back to a bear as much as I do now. Great report, Tasha!

Well done NightHawkes!

Awesome report, Tash! Miss you guys, but look forward to some great competition for the WAAAAAAAAAAR!

I think we will all have some awesome fun. :)

Best of luck.

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