CNS Proconsul Report #4: Prepare for WAR


CNS Proconsul Report #4: Prepare for WAR


I hope that everyone is doing well this cool fall evening. Sorry for the slight delay as I have been lagging a bit since I got back from my vacation last Saturday. Odd, I would have thought time away would have helped me recharge my batteries a bit more. Ah well, I will just have to get myself worked up, and take the best way to victory, forward and through!

There are a few things going on in preparation for the upcoming Great Jedi War. If you haven't seen it, Wally has posted up a Chapter 4 and a Chapter 5, which together comprise a two part fiction update which serves to wrap up the current New Order story arc pretty neatly. . If you haven't read that yet, go ahead and do so now. I will wait.

Alright, are you back? Are you stroked? Are you ready?



With that, we are quickly rolling into the Great Jedi War season! I hope you all are just as worked up as I am about it all. It all kicks off on October 13th. Come on Naga Sadow, let's prepare for war!

are you excited


Clan News

There have been a couple number of reports from our ranks. Check them out if you haven’t had a chance:

* Sanguinius' latest Copnsul Report for our Clan

* Aul gives us his second report report for House Shar Dakhan

* Everybody is holding their collective breath as we consume little hints of the conflict to come


The Brotherhood At Large

* If you haven't heard, there is War coming.

* Our Combat Master is looking for a new ACC judge and more in a brief report

* Our Herald released a report Giving an Update on art releases and announces New Magistrates

* Hints have been dropped which have led to some playful speculation in the Art Channel

* James gives his monthly Senschal report where he informs us about REDACTED

* Wally has announced and update announcing the selection of a New Magristrate

* Tarentum is now seeking a Proconsul

* Selika released a Consul report for Plagueis

* Similiarly Rhylance released a report for Taldryan

* The FIST's office has released an update for Destiny 2 in addition to Edgar's 9th FIST Gaming Update


Prepare For War

Yeah, okay I am really beating the drum on this one. There is a relative quiet spot as we are getting ready. There is also a bit of a cut off for competitions to allow folks to get a breath before we dive into the five weeks from the start to finish of the GJW. You know, since there is just a bit over two weeks until the War drops. Mark the date! Mark October 13th on your calenders!

One thing that has been discussed among the Summit has been the need for a different sort of leadership on the ground. To this end, we are making a call out to interested parties. There are some competitions that call for teams, which is one reason to have team leaders, but another also comes into play. A team leader can serve to rally their fellows. For one, team captains serve as an encouraging element and helping to ensure the unity of storylines within the War like RO events. If you feel that you have the guff it takes to lead a team and help your fellow Sadowans as great as they can be, contact myself and Sang.

Seriously. if you are willing to offer your service to the Clan,

he wants you


Noteworthy Accomplishments

I want to highlight a few members and changes of note. A slight change to this section is the inclusion of name changes. I think that moving on with a new character can be an accomplishment of its own when you desire to create new stories.

* Due to the big beast that is real life, Marcus Kiriyu has stepped down from Aedile of House Marka Ragnos

* after which our own Armad stepped up take up the mantle of Aedile

* Teu Sadow has become Katarina Sebree Sadow

* Nekro is now known as Halo styles

* Darkhawk has resigned from Battleteam Leader of the Night Hawks

* as such Tasha'Vel has stepped up to serve as BTL of the team

* Jurdan Krenel has earned a Steel Cross

* Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind has also earned a Steel Cross

* Reiyden Rosenau has received an Anteian Cross

* Kaayn Salis, Erik Cato and Scarlet have earned Dark Crosses

* Naga Sadow continues to be awesome


Upcoming Events

October 13th we have the Great Jedi War coming! Mark it on your calenders, yell it from the roof tops and get excited!

I mean, look at Sang. Really. He is so excited he cannot contain himself.



I cannot stress the upcoming War enough. But more than getting yourselves worked up or excited, know that Sang, myself and the Summits want you all to have fun. I for one fully intend to take part in everything that the War has to offer. Take on what you want to, though. The War offers lots of opportunities to earn credits, chances to show your prowess in various fields, and if you are like Sang and I plenty of chances to submit epic stick figure art to the graphics comps.


That pretty much wraps up this month's Proconsul Report for Clan Naga Sadow. Given the timing of the war and all, it looks like my next report might not be until November. As such, keep your eyes on your email boxes and Telegram to see any big updates from CNS. I look to October 13th as an exciting time to watch all our members shine. I for one cannot wait to see what sweetness comes from our Clan's ranks.

In Darkness, In Service, in Sadow,


Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

PS. Rock on Naga Sadow. Rock on.


No TL;DR this month. Just another gif. I believe in you all.


Haha awesome so hyped!

good report. this war thing looks like it might be something interesting to help pass the time.

It has been brought to my attention some details were missed in my initial report- the change in HMR's Aedile and Lilith's steel cross being two. My apologies for the omission. Will edit in when I get home.

I can literally yell it from the rooftops because... I work on roofs. =P

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