Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report #2: Aedile, Awards, Battleteam


Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report #2: Aedile, Awards, Battleteam

Hi everyone,

This short report will cover three things. See below. The Summit is working together on new competitions for November and I will be putting together a larger report later.


First off I want to announce my new Aedile, Sang Entar.

I have to admit first off that I didn't get a lot of applications for Aedile and the few I did get were from veteran members with a lot of experience. I chose Sang because he's very relatable, he works well with me, he has good ideas, and he's great at interacting with people, even if he will tell you differently. I hope to do a great job leading HMR with his help, and I'm very grateful to those who applied.

That said, if you're newer and reading this and you didn't apply, it'd be cool to hear of any particular things holding you back, if there's some obstacle or reservation you have. My door is always open, feel free to DM me on Discord or Telegram, or email me. Also, if you're someone who would be interested in leadership in the future, but aren't right now because of time or something else, let me know.

My main objective as Quaestor will be to help make this House and CNS fun places to be and to encourage and assist with the aspirations of newer members both so they can succeed, and so the CNS Summit isn't an endless revolving door of oldbies. We can't do this forever!

That said, I also want to work with older, veteran members on their goals. If you're an EQ4 like me, you're probably interested in Elder, or maybe you've been stuck at EQ2 or 3 for ages. I want to help, and I'll talk through your options for growth with you. There's no reason why everyone who wants to can't succeed.


I'd also like to call attention to a few awards earned by members lately. In no particular order, Koji earned a Steel Cross, Hades was awarded an Anteian Cross, and I was awarded a Sapphire Blade.

For Koji, his recommendations talked about his stellar event participation, as well as his work as a member of the Fist staff, where he has approved 130+ gaming submissions, and according to the Fist's recommendation provided a lot of content for members of the club. I've seen a lot of competitions with his name on it and it's great to have a member who does so much behind the scenes.

As for Hades' award, his recommendation mostly talks about activity, but I can say personally that I saw the effort he put into New Eden's development recently, as well as getting the House armed forces squared away before he stepped down.

Both of these awards are very well-deserved, and I just won't talk about myself because that's weird. :P

Night Hawks or Not?

One last topic. No one responded to my earlier report or approached me to talk about this, so I guess my new Aedile and I will get together to discuss what to do with the team. I may mark it as "inactive" which sounds a lot better than "closed" or just leave it as is for flavor reasons, but with most of the House members in it, it feels redundant to me. Feel free to sound off below.


Augur Locke Sonjie
Marka Ragnos Quaestor

Thanks for the report Sir. Looking forward to what you and Adept Sanguinius have in store for HMR. Let's go Markosians, ready yourselves!

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