My house as your home.


My house as your home.


Thank you for entrusting me as your Quaestor. Ever since my full-time spent in the First Order, the concept of a familial and brotherhood bond never came about. It was introduced to me here. From seeing the galaxy with the Wildcards, to fighting alongside great men in the Meridian. You find home within Odan-Urr and her houses. Satele Shan taught me wisdom, and to use the Force, something I never knew was natural to us. However it was Hoth that gave me a family.”

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What We Are Doing

Your new QUA (that's me!) and AED (Ka Tarvitz) are working to refine the wiki pages associated with Hoth. This includes the main Hoth wiki page, pages pertaining to Solyiat both environmentally and the civilizations she has. This includes a description of its Fauna and Flora, landscapes and continental structures, and diplomatic and political relations between House Hoth and the indigenous population. We will also be looking into well-deserved cartography graphics to map out our home for you.

Voice of the People

To the current members who have love and loyalty to Hoth, we want to hear from you. One of the main qualities in decided the AED was also the willingness and ability to collect information from our members. You guys are our focus. If there is something you think will make Hoth a more fun experience, we want to hear it. We will also be generating surveys and asking questions on what type of content, moving forward, you'd like to see or change. If you are a member in Hoth without a position? You are the real bosses here. All our work is in service to you and the House itself.


In addition to working on Solyiat, I have decided to restore the battle-team and the position of BTL. We are confidently expecting a large number of new members. These members come from a fanbase of their own, and we are bleeding them over with into Hoth. We don't know how many will all convert and stay, but we are drawing from a pool of ~300 active people. It will easily be too much for anyone Battleteam to carry. The Battleteam will serve as an assigned section for those still in learning. The Battleteam “Hoth Training Division” will fictionally represent the basic military and galactic education for those who enlist with Hoth. Functionally it will be to guide, organize, and assist JM4s and below. JM4s can stay should they choose to, but there are to be no EQ1s and above in this battle team. It's for the new kids. Which means the BTL will constantly need to cycle in and out members to stay stable in his position. The man I have found qualified and dedicated enough to accomplish this is Dral Falgorth. He will be Hoth's new BTL.


We got stuff for you. Not the cliche glorification of your leadership's characters. That doesn't happen here. You will see a separate report, from me, hosting fictions written by the supporting Hoth Summit. These fictions are to go in-depth with House Hoth's fictional assets, features, and people. It's to make who we are, in Star Wars, more familiar to the reader. In addition, you will also see fragmented fictions hidden as random links in me and my staff’s reports. See if you can find them, read them, and figure out the puzzle. ;)

Future Projects

Aside from the upcoming fiction report, my next one will go into more depth on future things. What we have planned involves this really awesome rule-set system that will make Run-Ons more rewarding, interactive, consistent, and just plain fun. We are currently testing out the system as we speak, and on my next report, I will provide image examples on how it can be run. Once my “Proteam” and I have tested and refined it to an undeniable success, Run-On competitions will be made to make trying it out for yourself rewarding.

In addition to the Run-On, the surveys that Tarvitz hands out? Those will be addressed. We take one workload at a time, but if you make your voices heard as I hope? The timeframes between then and the second report will address and implement what we have gathered from you. If no one speaks up, then we’ll keep doing our best regardless.

Finally, there is a “game” being developed that's to be organic to the DB. Meaning a game made by and for the Dark Brotherhood. This website deserves it's own game. Buuuut, there will be more details in the future.

Current Comps

I've got a Men In Black comp going on. Basically, if they existed in Star Wars. Who doesn't want that at least for one episode on a TV show? I've seen references in Clone Wars about so many other shows, and our Rollmaster Len Iode put the idea in my head. As of the time I dropped this report, the competition has 8 subscribers, but 0 participation. If you actually want to do it? PM me on TG, email, or get a hold of one of my guys and I'll happily extend it for you. I already gave it 3 more days, but only because I’d be good to just read one story with the Men in Black in Star Wars, lol.


This is for the entire DB, not Hoth. I'll have one question per report for the general public of the club. I hope you'll share your opinions below.

We've all had a "burnout" phase in the DB. The majority of us have all been Rogue at least once. If you haven't? Fine, that's great. But those of us who have left and came back? Either once or on multiple occasions? I want to know what brings you back to the Dark Brotherhood.

Is it the sense of loyalty to your Clan? The gaming community? Is it when a new Star Wars movie comes out and the hype just makes you wanna do all the things again? Do you want to flesh out adventures or stories involving your character? Because I've been at work bored off my mind, but I'll randomly say "That'd be cool" because in my head I'd imagine some cool stuff to fictionally do with Creon.

My answer to this would be because of the Telegram community. Simply just talking to awesome people in the chats to geek about this cool website we all click on. Few of us see each other's faces, but we're all actual people. It's cool to get to know nor just chill with you guys. So I don't leave.


I'm done. That's all, folks. Thank you for reading and participating, to those who do. ^_^

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