Night Hawks Field Report: Did You Know We're Having An Event (And HSD is Beating Us)


Night Hawks Field Report: Did You Know We're Having An Event (And HSD is Beating Us)



Yep, that's right! Those Dakhan-loving hippies are probably doing better than us, and they're all super happy about it. The only thing I like more than happy Shar Dakhan is a Shar Dakhan lamenting that they got beat by Marka Ragnos, so thus, ya'll should get out there, and




I could talk about how they're fun and enjoyable. I'll be honest. I don't know if they are. But I like winning. Winning is fun and enjoyable. So let's win!

What are the competitions? Funny you should ask.

There's the…

Flash Game






Another Flash Game!

Wow, easy! All of these end on August 9th so there's still plenty of time to enter them. They should be a breeze, and judging by the scoring setup, not too hard to succeed in.

Other Stuff

As if anything else matters…

  • My own puzzle competitions should be complete and awards in the mail. Congrats to everyone who participated and farmed crescents off them. If you feel like you missed your opportunity, do some of the above competitions. Pad your dossiers, make some credits! Get promoted. (Unless you're, like, EQ4 already, then prob' not.)

  • Koji wanted me to mention working on the wiki. Are you bored? Do you want to help out? Do you enjoy lots of technicalish writing? Do you want to suck up to Bentre? If the answer to any of these is 'yes', then you should ask Koji about helping with wiki stuff. Here's a handy screenshot of the relevant section of his report so you don't have to go dig it up:



That's all I'm going to talk about. It's been far too long since my last report, so sorry, I kinda dropped the ball there. On my foot. So I couldn't reach the keyboard. I'm sticking with that excuse. That corny joke is a clear representation of my actual subterfuge skill.

There is some other stuff in the works and hopefully I will be telling you about it sooner rather than later. Ooh, so mysterious!


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