Night Hawks Report: There's an Emu in My Galaxy?!


Night Hawks Report: There's an Emu in My Galaxy?!


Hi everyone,

Please ignore the fact that my last report was September 5th. We're going to pretend like that never happened.

Back to present day, we're currently awaiting results for the Rite of Supremacy: Meridian. You might be aware that we were told we might have results this past weekend, but try not to be disappointed that they didn't come out during that time. It takes awhile to get everything in order for an event that big, and I am sure our Dark Council is working on it. Still, we're hoping to have results soon, and then be able to talk about that event and our future.

There are quite a few great-looking competitions, from gaming to writing, and they can be found here on the Competitons Page. That's formatted a lot better than it would be if I listed them here, so I'm just going to provide the link.

Since the RoS results aren't out yet, I'm going to use this report space to talk about a couple of different things.

  • One: "Unofficial" Gaming
  • Two: Climbing the Ladder

Unofficial Gaming

So I've seen a lot of talk about SWGEmu lately, which is more long-windedly known as the Star Wars Galaxies Emulation. If you're not familiar with this, I recommend this FAQ, but basically, the developers made some changes to an old Star Wars mmorpg that the players didn't like, so a group of players started rebuilding the earlier version of the game to be hosted on independent servers. It's currently playable and I want to say something like 90% complete (just guessing here), not counting the Jump to Lightspeed expansion.

Yes, this is legal, somehow. Rather than explain it, I refer you to the final bullet point on the link above. You just need a copy of the original game, which can still be found on places like Amazon. However, I strongly recommend not buying it if you haven't played this game before, unless you have a lot of disposable income or watch a ton of youtube videos of it or something. It's a pretty unique game and definitely not for everyone.

That said, I saw a discussion about it pop up on the CNS email list recently, and a bunch of people seem to enjoy it. A couple of people are playing on the Basilisk server, which is probably what I would use since its the server hosted by the creators of the Emu, and thus probably the closest thing to a "main" server. Jurdan's playing it on one called "Awakening," which I'm sure he can tell you more about. The different servers tend to have different characteristics, as (I believe) the code is basically open source and hosts like to tweak things.

So if you're interested in playing this game again, join our discussion on the CNS mailing list or, if you don't have access to that and happen to be reading this, reply here. Maybe we can get a group going just for fun.

To reiterate though, this game isn't supported by the club staff at all, so don't expect any crescents, clusters, or gaming awards to be given out for it. It's old. They tried that once. It's not popular enough to be supported again, and the Fist has a whole detailed system for how a game does become supported, so please don't go into this thinking you're going to get shiny things for playing it.

The second game I wanted to mention is Galaxy of Heroes. This is a mobile "gacha" style game based on Star Wars. I don't know why I love this game, but apparently I'm not alone because there's a Telegram group of 20 people who play it, and I keep seeing conversations about it among people who aren't in that group. A few of the major players seem to be CNS members, so I figured this was topical. Again, this isn't an official supported platform and probably won't be, but it is a fun game.

They've added a whole bunch of new characters lately, mostly from Knights of the Old Republic, and the game continues to get updated, including a significant update that came out today. If you're playing this, and want to join the channel for it (it's not official), ask around, or ask me and I can probably get you in. Otherwise, if you play, please comment and tell me why you like this game!

Personally, I like the collecting and stuff, and couldn't stand Malik talking about it everyday without me knowing what he was talking about. Plus, I love playing a game like this and never spending any money.

Climbing the Ladder

Are you interested in leadership? Like, do you want to run a House someday, or a Clan, or even be on the Dark Council? If you are interested, whether new or old, experienced or not, please let me know. I want to help you move up. I'm definitely willing to step aside from BTL if it's appropriate to give others new opportunities. I've done this a lot, and I'm been there and done that. At this point, my main focus is to help others flourish.

So if you want to be on Summit sometime, in any capacity, tell me (or tell your other leaders), so we can help you out.


That's all for this one, and I hope you read it all and I get some good comments. I guess I should apologize for rambling about unsupported gaming platforms, but I won't. If you want an easy supported game to farm clusters, I humbly recommend Heroes of the Storm or Jedi Academy. If you want people to play with, join the DJB Gaming Chat (found here, with other important club channels), or just state your desire in any House, Clan, or DJB chat room, and we'll help you out. CNS - and the DJB - has a lot of players on these platforms. And we love to play!

Augur Locke Sonjie
Battleteam Leader of the Night Hawks

Nicely done as always Sir!

I play Galaxy of Heroes for the collecting and powning :p though my favorite team (nightsisters) is far from meta, its still very fun to play and good for raids too!

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