Nighthawk Report #05


Nighthawk Report #05

We have made it through February! It has brought many busy times for most of us. Taxes, work, family, friends, and other things have kept us busy, but we all need a break! Use the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for what it is. A distraction from those busy times. Something to give us people to talk to, and other friends to play with! A different prompt to write, or maybe a new character idea to develope. The Brotherhood is your canvas! You are what helps shape it for the future!

Our own wonderful Proconsul, Uji Tameike, has taken it upon himself to create an open fiction competition for all of Nighthawk to write whatever they want to further their characters and the Nighthawk storyline. Take advantage of this, as he has already extended it a week! Also, don’t overlook the competition from Emily! It’s a rather interesting idea revolving around your character and his/her exposure to the Sims. Go go! Write!

As one of our members left the Nighthawk to further character development within Qel-Droma, another two have joined! One for what seems to be nostalgia purposes, and the other as an interest in the Nighthawk’s military fiction.
Farewell, Kordath -> Nighthawk to Qel-Droma
Hello again, Arcia -> Arcona to Nighthawk
Welcome, Kharoc -> Galeres to Nighthawk

Ood Bnar
Scroll of Foundation x 7

Arcia Cortel
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Legion of the Scholar x 1

Ernordeth Puer-Irae
Clusters of Fire x 605
Clusters of Earth x 5
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Crescent w/Diamond x 1
Crescent w/Sapphire x 3
Crescent w/Emerald x 1
Scroll of the Master x 1
Scroll of Foundation x 6
Earned a Grand Cross! (Congratulations!)

Rhace Tarrin
Cluster of Ice x 2
Crescent w/Diamond x 1

Emily Hune
Crescent w/Emerald x 1

Rulvak Qurroc
Clusters of Fire x 629
Clusters of Earth x 406
Crescent w/Sapphire x 2
Crescent w/Amethyst x 1
Crescent w/Emerald x 1
Crescent w/Topaz x 3
Crescent w/Ruby x 3
Crescent w/Quartz x 1
Earned a Grand Cross! (Yay!)


Kharoc Garrlan
Clusters of Earth x 8

Stang Mach
Clusters of Fire x 306
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Crescent w/Ruby x 1
Promoted from Hunter to Knight! (JM3 -> JM4)

Clusters of Fire x 573
Clusters of Earth x 406
Crescent w/Amethyst x 7

Jake Blazer
Clusters of Fire x 56
Clusters of Earth x 231
Crescent w/Sapphire x 2


Battleteam Comps:
Nighthawk Open Fiction (Extended until the 5th)
To Be a Virtual God (Extended until the 7th)


Other Comps:
Fall of Perdition
Arcona Flash Series

...and some other Competitions, yo!

Another month has gone by, and this shows just how quickly that time goes. I hope you are all gathering your strength because a storm is brewing! See what’s happening here. I have been able to talk to a few of you on the side, but sometimes I get sidetracked. If any of you are ever in need of some help, or want to talk, I am here! I’d love to give you some pointers on where to go next, and how to get there. If you've made it this far, show me your love! Comment "Nighthawk Hype!"

Until next time,



Another month rolls around and there's a whole lot going on. If you haven't read the big fiction update yet, what are you waiting for? It's a good read and it'll get you in the know with what's going on in our little universe. It's important for us as Arconans as well, since it can affect how we function in the coming months fictionally.

If you haven't taken the little survey in Atty's email, please do so. It's very important, and everyone's input is wanted.

Aside from that, there's plenty of competitions that could use your attention as well! A few of them have been extended for a bit more time to get some entries, and there's others popping up all the time, so keep checking the competitions page to see what's new and what may be interesting to you! It's always wonderful to see activity coming from Nighthawk.

My little project is still in the works, and due to upcoming things, can serve some use for us. So keep an eye out for that! Perhaps in April or so. We'll see.

Everyone keep at it and be active!

Great report Rulvak! Good work! And Nighthawk, get involved in the BT comp - it's a great opportunity for some in depth writing!

Hooray! Extensions on things I need to submit to!

Great report, you two! Love to see the NH throwing their weight around with all those awards!

Great report Warp and Emily! I'm very proud of your continued work, the participation you are driving, and all those awards funneling in to the Battle Team (and House).

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