Nighthawk Report #3 All Change Please Mind the Gap !


Nighthawk Report #3 All Change Please Mind the Gap !

Hello brothers and sisters of Nighthawk!

This month’s report is all about change. After the close of the cooperative event with Tython Squadron, there has been plenty of discussion as to who we are and where we are going as a Battleteam. A rebranding of sorts, to include a new name, a new logo, and a new purpose. This is an ongoing discussion, and there will be plenty of in-house voting for the members to direct where the team goes next. I look forward to this change and watching it grow with you all, building ourselves as individuals and as a group.


As everyone is aware, the joint event with Tython Squad of Clan Odan-Urr has finished. I am not going into the results here as everyone should be aware of them already. With that in mind, THIS outlines what the event means between us and Tython Squad.

Clan Arcona News

Please read the farewell address of our (now former) Consul here.

Satsi (formerly Atty) has resigned as our Consul, and is now happily within House Galeres and under Nighthawk’s protection. Welcome, madam, to our ranks! It’s been a real pleasure so far to see you here!

With the Iron Throne left vacant, Kordath has stepped up and taken on the position of Consul and Terran had been made our Proconsul. l would like to personally welcome you both to your positions. Cheers, fellas!

The power vacuum in House Qel-Droma has sucked up a couple more victims! Zujenia has stepped in as Quaestor and Lucine as Aedile.

Welcome to your new roles and good luck to you both!

With that said, all this shuffling about leaves Battleteam Voidbreaker without a BTL! If you are interested in taking on a leadership position, please go put in an application and answer the call of the angels.

House Galeres News

We have a new Aedile! Rrogon Skar Agrona! Welcome, sir and l look forward working with you! From what l have seen so far it’s been pretty good. So, here’s to the future.


Battlelord Rulvak Qurroc

  • 563 Clusters of Fire
  • 6 Clusters of Earth
  • 2 Pendants of Blood

Mystic Blackhawk

  • 13 Clusters of Fire

Reaver Satsi Tameike

  • 10 Clusters of Ice
  • 3 Clusters of Graphite
  • Emerald Dagger! Well deserved!


Constantine’s Monthly Quests have been put on hold for now, but will be up soon!

All major competitions can be found here

Nice and easy competitions here Arcona VD Comps here

Graphics Comp here for you nice and easy A Super Symbol here

Now Down to other business.


I have had a large response to this and I will be as honest in my answers as possible!

Leeadra Asks: From a fictional standpoint, how is Constantine going to deal with having a murderlizard as his immediate supervisor?

Mmmm. Constantine is a Gray Jedi and draws on the strengths and weaknesses of others, and l believe that Constantine does not know as of yet that he has a Murderlizard for a supervisor.

Lucine Vasano Asks: On a scale of 1-10, how concerned are you about the recent additions of Rhylance, Skar and Sati? What plans do you have to keep them from murdering each other?

Wow, this is a long question Lucine. Well, let’s start. Between the scale of 1 to 10 my Answer is Zero. Plans for keeping people from murdering each other; l would see all three of them on an individual basis and have a secret pact with each. If any of them tries anything, I would whisper in their ear the pact that was made. If they touched the other person, that pact would be broken.

Kordath Bleu asks: How confident is your crew in their new secret mission that the new Consul is dispatching them on that’s so secret they don’t even know about it yet?

Well Kordath, Nighthawk is actually on Phase 3 of the secret mission, but don’t tell anyone!

Leeadra asks: Why are they called chicken fingers if chickens don’t have fingers?

Cause they are finger licking good!

Rhylance asks: What are your plans fictionally for Nighthawk? There are ongoing plans which we are working on the moment

Atty asks: Would you want to bring the Talons back to NH? Are we staying as a spy ship, or perhaps remaking ourselves as a strike team, military, etc ?

Yes I would bring back the Talons, and we are currently having ongoing discussions about our role.

Atty asks: How can we help Nighthawk as a new or vet member?

I am a great believer of everyone pitching in and helping. As a new member ask the Summit what you can do to help be an active member of the Battle Team. As a vet l would like to see you guys help guide and encourage new members to help and get involved, be there for them, and be a mentor and friend to the new guys. I would also like to see vets be advisors to the likes of me as BTL. You guys have a lot of leadership experience between you and your input has already been very helpful.

Xenna Azara asks: How does Constantine feel about Kord being his new boss?

Kordath seems to me to be a person who remains calm and collected, and hands out pretty good advice, so yes pretty cool so far.

Rhylance asks: How does Constantine feel about the house’s new science Chiss?


Nighthawk Award

This month, The Nighthawk Award will go to Atty! For all of her help within Nighthawk; getting things moving on our future, bringing things to a head, and getting members to vote on this subject.

I thank you and l give this award with great pleasure.


As I wrap up this month’s report, I would like to once again welcome all new members of the Clan Summit and wish them all luck with their new positions as well as congratulate Atty once again on her Emerald Dagger and welcome her to our big, happy family. Don’t forget that there are plenty of competitions out there for you all to go and earn yourselves some shiny crescents! Last but certainly not least, keep your eyes and ears open for the opportunity to give your input on the new direction of the battleteam; your opinions are all important. Until next time, you can reach me via email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or via Telegram @ConstantineDJB.

Over and out,


Glad to be here and join in rebuilding the team family!

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