Nighthawk Report #7


Nighthawk Report #7


Bridge and CIC
AGV Nighthawk
Classified Location

The bridge was silent as Captain Cortel entered through the turbolift doors, not giving the security Marines any time to move out of the way. Everyone knew the issue at hand, but no one was fearless enough to speak of the matter. Former Commander Teroch Erinos stood off to one side, surprisingly sporting clothing that wasn’t the usual ragged, unkempt norm. Arcia passed by him, the Force around her pulsing as she ran through the past events that encompassed their time. Most of her crew performed flawlessly, upholding the codes and doctrines they swore when joining the Nighthawk crew. There were a few, however…

There were a few…

“Chief Zakath,” Arcia spoke loud and clear.

From the back of the CIC, just around the walls leading to the holonet transceiver, a group of Special Forces commandos and heavy infantry marines escorted four of the Nighthawk crew. These few chose to leave their orders behind and pursue their personal needs and loyalties, siding with the opposing forces which were effortlessly dispatched. Rrogon Skar, Darkblade, Nath Voth and Celahir Erinos looked as if they had seen better days.

The group came to a halt just before the Captain as Antar Locke entered the CIC, fresh in his new uniform signifying his promotion to Commander and executive officer of the Nighthawk. Arcia took a deep breath as she passed her gaze over the four standing at attention before her. With a soft shake of her head, she spoke.

“The four of you have been deemed traitors by the majority of this ship. You willfully decided to leave your crew behind and pursue other intents. This cannot be tolerated,” the Captain cleared her throat. “Rrogon Skar.”

The Kaleesh Quartermaster stepped forward on wobbly legs as he attempted to stand straight before his commanding officer. “Ma’am!”

“You are hereby removed from your role as Quartermaster of this ship. Your actions have proven to me that you are not to be trusted with the sensitive equipment our ship contains. From this point on and until further notice, you will be escorted by one of Chief Zakath’s Marines. Am I clear on this?”

“Y-yes, ma’am.”

“Darkblade,” Arcia spoke.

The Arkanian Special Forces analyst stepped forward. “Ma’am.”

“You are new to this crew, but your actions speak louder than your dossier. I am removing you from the Special Forces division aboard this ship and placing you under direct report of Commander Locke. You are not to leave this ship unless it is cleared by him. Am I clear on this?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

With a nod, Arcia dismissed Darkblade back to the ranks and turned her eyes on Nath. With a frown, she beckoned for the Zabrak to step forward.

“Nath Voth, your allegiance obviously lie with those you love. One cannot blame you for this, but orders are orders and your duty is to follow them. As you took no part in any actions against this crew, you shall be demoted from Operative to Junior Operative and remain under the strict supervision of Chief Zakath. Is this understood?”

A grunt was all that was offered in return as Nath returned to ranks, ramming past one of the Marines standing guard. Arcia shook her head and finally rested her gaze on Celahir. He was one of the last she expected to turn, but he did, and he was the most dangerous of them all at the time.

“Celahir Erinos. Please step forward.”

The Kiffar strode forward in a single step, meeting Arcia eye to eye. “Celahir. Due to the sensitive nature of your position on this ship and the nature in which you placed this ship and her crew at risk through your choices in this feud, you are here-by removed from your position of Chief Analyst. You are ordered to relinquish all security codes and inform Chief Zakath of all encryption methods before you are allowed to leave this ship. Further more, you are reduced to the rank of Operative. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Captain. Crystal.”

“Crew, dismissed!”

Welcome to the seventh installment of the Nighthawk Report, now with brand new flashy graphics and a hint of fictional intro! Included will be the usual information, awards, competitions, etc, but we have a new announcement!

Please join me in congratulating Antar Locke in becoming the new Battleteam Sergeant, or as we know it as on the Nighthawk, Commander/XO. Everyone should already know of him and his amazing level of activity, so let’s see what he can bring to the table in helping us make Nighthawk even greater!

With his appointment, it is also a dark day for Nighthawk. Former Captain, former Commander, the Founder of Nighthawk, has sadly departed. Teroch Erinos Arconae has decided it was time for a well deserved retirement into the Rogues. We wish him well and hope to see him around at least on IRC throwing around his notorious charm.


You all know the drill. Linked below are the top sources of activity available to the crew.


The Antei Combat Center is openly available for members to combat each other fictionally with their writing skills. I am working on some updates to my own character sheet, so once that is complete, I plan on challenging everyone on the crew to get us all up to speed for when the GJW hits near the end of the year.


The Antei Contract Bureau is still driving forward in full force with Celevon commissioning a multitude of contracts for our membership to complete. Keep in mind that Sight is one of the ACB’s prompt creators, so let’s put him to work and show off our ability to create some fantastic stories with the prompts provided! Contract Request Form


Self explanatory. If you find a competition that tempts your interest, go for it!

Strange and Beautiful

Our Battleteam run-on. It has collected some dust over the past few weeks, unfortunately, but I do plan to get us back on track with a rather large post pushing us forward as a crew to tackle a few challenges ahead of us. Be on the look out so we can stop this crazy ritual that Zakath, Nath and Skar seem to be enjoying!


Looks like the same few people keep getting all the awards! Let’s try and gear up during this next two week period and fill in those blanks, everyone!

Awards since previous report (08/25/2014) -

Arcia Cortel:

  • 3 Crescents with Sapphire Star
  • 147 Clusters of Fire


  • 2 Clusters of Ice

Celahir Erinos:

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star

Sight Nortorshin:

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 263 Clusters of Fire
  • 2 Clusters of Ice
  • Scroll of Indoctrination

Rrogon Skar:

  • 101 Clusters of Fire
  • 2 Clusters of Ice

Antar Locke:

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Crescent with Emerald Star


Rrogon Skar:

  • Galactic Languages

Antar Locke:

  • Mandalorian Studies
  • Dark Maven - Lore


Again, here is the general list of competitions available to you. There are a few that Antar will be highlighting below, check them out!



Adding two new sections to the report. First is words from the Captain, second is Words from the Commander, detailed below.

Some things I would like to put strong emphasis on:

  • Nighthawk Wiki - We really need to start hammering this one out. Skar and Nath have started to poke around the two documents I have shared and have offered some insight into the two articles so that we may reduce the two into one. If you have interest in helping us create a highly informative and detailed wiki, please get in contact with me either through email or on IRC.
  • Strange and Beautiful RO - Nighthawks personal run-on. We really need to start getting consistent posting on this thread as it will give us a large backstory for the Nighthawk. I have reopened the competition for the run-on which is detailed in the competition and Commander’s section, so once we conclude the RO, you will get some shinies out of it.
  • NPC Creation - We need to flesh out the NPC crew of the Nighthawk. Nath and Kalon, when he was with us, began this project and I intend to continue it. Once I get my hands on the document(s) they started, I will share them with the crew so we can continue this project. If you’re interested, you know what to do.


There are a bunch of comps open that aren’t very time consuming and have shinies up for grabs.

Nighthawk RO: Strange and Beautiful - the most important one

[MAA] Name That Metal! - Come up with some names for the Dark Cross and Grand Cross.

Competition: Everybody Hates Chiss - Feeling a little racist, let it out!

Competition: Speed Sporcle Challenge #3 - Answer some questions, fast!

There are a lot more so if none of these peek your interest check out the others here!

Arcona’s fearless leader has released a report check it out here!

House leadership has one out too!

House Galeres Quaestor and Aedile Report!

Keep up the great work everybody! Until next time! Signing off!

Antar Locke

Keep up the great work everyone! See you next time!

Signing off,

Captain Arcia Cortel
Commander Antar Locke

Great report, mhhmmmm those report graphics.

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Great stuff, Esca!

Great report! It's alway nice to see some consequences for character choices.

Dash is going to the rouges? NOOO! I'm heartbroken....sniff sniff Guess I'll always have my "dead end relationship" with Sight to comfort me.

sounds like your settling for me :(

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