Odan-Urr Proconsul report - June 2015.


Odan-Urr Proconsul report - June 2015.


Tides of Change Epilogue

New Tython Day after the battle

The festivities and celebration were short-lived after the Battle of Sanctuary. News was widespread of the loss of loved ones, and the heroics of those who died in the battle, both Tythonian and Dajorran. What was once a crowded street of spectators with their gaze drawn to the heavens now stood desolate. Only a handful citizens remained outside, gathered on the steps of the Tythonian Palace, tending the candles in silence - one for each of the fallen.

Looming over the horizon was the Nebula-class Star Destroyer Invicta, once a visage of destruction to the citizens below, now a shield to keep them safe. Rested amidst a field of detritus, the Arconan flagship watched over the remnants for signs of life. The debris from the station scattered over Owyhyee like burial ashes, and all of New Tython saw its flames as it fell through the sky. All those unable to board the last escape pod leaving the station - among them Kaira Rohana, one of the most prominent masters in the Praxeum - were lost, but remembered and would never be forgotten.

“Ashla and Bogan,” Atyiru Caesura Entar whispered in prayer, bowing her head in respect for those who had lost their lives. “Take these souls and watch over them.”

Read the rest of the epilogue here!


Greetings programs!

Hoo boy have I got some stuff for you today :P Without further ado let’s begin...

Tides of Change Results!!!!

The results are in and here are your winners, ladies and gents!

As you can see, Arcona won by 4%. With 951 overall points they took 1st place, but we gave them a run for their money. I can truly say I am proud of all of you who participated. Good work.

Special thanks and congratulations go to my former apprentice and good friend, Turel Sorenn, for winning the event hands down with an amazing 162 points. A full 39 points above the next best participant, Celevon Edraven. Our very own Seridan Brehevik took 3rd place. Andrelious took 4th while Gresee took 5th. Congrats to every single one of you. You all did a very, very good job. Thank you for your participation.

Mind you Turel taking first is quite fitting. He is the symbol of unity between our Clans, being our former Knight-Commander and now their Quaestor. You did good, son. You did good. I’m proud of you. :D

Onto the next stat....

All in all we gave a good showing with one participant more than Arcona. It’s not much but it’s way better than before, I tell you. However, while arcona had a 39% participation ratio, we only had 27%. Just above ¼. Just shows how much more we have to evolve and rise to get to a good level of participation. But we’re slowly getting there.

Next in line is...

We did a good job in team events, guys and gals. Both the Run On and the Battleplan are mostly ours in terms of participation. While not many participants submitted their entries, those that did gave a good showing. Excellent work all around.

The only one we flunked was the Co-op fiction. Fewer of our members joined and participated in this event than Arcona’s did. I think we can improve on that far more in the future. You can expect events of this type further down the line since they build character and friendships much better.

Moving on to…

Solo events were our bane. While we did have a decent enough participation (shown later), we seemed to lack the placements. Arcona was quick on the Puzzles and good with their gaming and well written fictions. However, this is not to say that you guys didn’t do a good job. You did great. You exceeded my expectations by a large margin and I’m very proud of all of you.

These stats just show us where we’re good and where we need to improve and I can promise you, we will improve. Just keep writing, keep gaming and keep drawing. the more you practice the better you get and the better we stand. Next GJW we’ll show them quite a different Odan-Urr. ;)

And last but not least…

With 50 participants and 158 (amazing!) entries across the board just in solo competitions, you can see why we took two weeks to grade this beast. Now, our participation here is 2% less than Arcona’s, but let’s not let that bring us down. We gave them a good fight and I think they enjoyed the challenge. We did a bit better in Team events. Same ratio, reversed.

Final note on the results and the event. My little comment:

After Sentinel network Chapter I I was truly sceptical of the Clan’s ability to participate in a major feud event. I truly thought that they would crush us. There is no one happier but me to see that I was wrong, and you guys sure showed me what a dufus I am. Thank you for that. You guys are awesome and even if Arcona did win by a couple of percent we sure showed our true colors here.

However, we are not there yet. We still have a long way to go. More experience to gather, more fictions to write, games to play, puzzles to solve. Do all the things, get better at them, show everyone your worth and we’ll win next time.

Future Events

House events

For the next few months you can expect more House and Battleteam events from your respective Summits. There will be a short pause with Clan events for a while since this last one was a big ‘un. However, some hints have already leaked about the further storyline. Try and find them ;)

News from home


There are several fun comps running that you can do:

House Hoth

The Knights of allusis Battleteam has a new Knight-Captain. liam Torun-Urr has taken the helm and promises fun and adventure to any who dare join him. Right now KoA is recruiting members so be sure to send Liam and the rest of us a message via Telegram or e-mail (IRC works too, go figure) if you’re interested in joining.

As far as I know, you can expect the next episode of The Butcher of Kamuekiko very soon. Stay tuned.

House Satele Shan

Mar loves everybody. That is all.

Nah, I’m kidding. Though, he does love you all. :P You can expect events from the Satele Shan Summit coming very soon, much like from Hoth. Stay tuned and listen to your Summits now and again, eh? :P

News from the Brotherhood

Several pretty important topics on display here.

Ask the Tree!

This month I have started the DB tradition of “Ask the…” Let’s see what we have.

Seridan asks: What's next for COU, now that Tides has finished?

Well for now we’ll let you guys explore your own stories through Battleteam and House events and competitions. The next big Clan event is planned sometime in the summer. Stay tuned for more.

Gresee asks: V'yr, when will you open drawing tuts and multimedia projects again?

Um, soon I hope. My finals are in full swing now so I have very little time right now. Hopefully during the summer I’ll have more free time to do some tutorials and livestreams.

Aaleeshah asks: Are we allied with Arcona now or are we like frenemies?

We’re allied in several matters. I will create a detailed wiki page for you guys to review. Most of the things this entails are fictional, though the friendships we’ve gained are far more valuable. i believe that we are closer now than ever before.

Krandon asks: Is there a secret COU level? And if not, when will one be implemented!

There is indeed a secret COU level. I have the combination of items needed to open it, you just need to apply to the next free spot on the Summit to get them. ;)


Well, not much to say here. A couple of things I probably didn’t mention before. I really, really enjoyed working with Atty on this feud. it was a fun, new experience and I learned a lot. Special thanks goes to Wally for his guidance and valuable advice - love ya babe ;D - and Mav who helped with grading. Much appreciated, bossman ;D

One more time. I am damned proud of every single one of you busting their butts for this Clan. You bring an old tree to tears (if I had any :P). Thank you for the wonderful event and all the excellent entries you sent us.

See you, space cowboys! :D

Random image - Aw yiss!

Mind you Turel taking first is quite fitting. He is the symbol of unity between our Clans, being our former Knight-Commander and now their Quaestor. You did good, son. You did good. I’m proud of you. :D

sniff sniff, I love you too mamma tree.

Also, I think I earned the right to post a pony pic

I earned it

Like you could have resisted the urge to post a pony pic. :P

Great work, everyone! If this is where we're at now, I can't wait to see where we get to!

GASP! My post to the DJB FB page was used at the end. Though Im heartbroken you didnt use my question. Which was......

Im having a problem with allergies, how do I tell a Neti friend to stop getting aroused by all the hardwoods in the forest? :P

Vyr, your report needs more graphs!

I agree. Next time. :P

I love the cowboy bebop sign off! But yeah great work everyone and great report!

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