Operation: Starfall Part 2


Operation: Starfall Part 2


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Operation Starfall Part 2 Fiction

Planet Manager’s Office

“-An uncalled for action of our rights on this planet -” C-7RZ translated.

Eyar Nep hadn’t stopped talking for at least five minutes now, not even so much as a pause to breathe. Eetherbiail had stopped paying attention and was raptly focused on the Sullustan’s mouth flopping open and close. Surely he had to pause at some point. C-7RZ’s eyes flashed as he continued to translated without pause. At least the droid didn’t need to inhale to continue making sound. Blade Ta’var shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

The two Zeltrons had been volunteered for the meeting with Manager Eyar Nep from the get go. They had tried to argue their way out of it, insisting that Sullustans do not react to Zeltron pheromones but it had fallen on deaf ears. Since their clanmates weren’t quite sure what Eyar Nep’s preferences would be, both had to be present for the meeting. It was the first time Eetherbiail had been so directly used in a deception. Blade was more comfortable with the notion, and while she didn’t agree with it, she appreciated they were doing something beyond blowing up the entire complex.

“-also a violation of section seven-besh paragraph forty-eight where it clearly states -,” C-7RZ continued to translate. Blade held up her hand to interrupt with a sigh.

“Yes we appreciate this, but we were hired by SoroSuub as outside consultants. It’s not a matter of not trusting you. We couldn’t send warning, because how would we know how things are truly being run here?” She asked. Eetherbiail took a deep breath, realizing he had been holding it as he was focused on Eyar Nep’s long winded rant. Both Palatinaeans sat a little more upright as there was a soft beep in their hidden ear comms. The injection codes to the SoroSuub’s computer network was complete.

“I know it isn’t ideal but we will just be having a look around the facility and then be on our way. You won’t even notice we were here,” Blade quickly finished as she stood up. The pair were out the door before Eyar Nep could even fully process what she had been saying.

Cave System
Beneath SoroSuub Facility

“Why are we wiring every single tunnel down here? We can’t possibly be blowing them all up, we still need to be able to move around down here,” Kylex complained. He and several other Journeymen had been tasked with the less than glamorous job of setting up explosives beneath the complex. It had only taken a few days for them to find a unsecured path through the maze of tunnels that ran everywhere beneath the planet’s surface.

“No but we want them to shake in their boots when they go running. This will get the job done,” Sparky said kicking some wires out of the way. The Chiss was unhappy about being this far from his ship, from space. Nothing was right about trapping workers down here in this dangerous nightmare. He had been chosen to oversee the Journeymen’s work in the wiring of explosives, his military background giving him enough experience to smack the quickly distracted and unproven journeymen back into line.

“You’ve got 10 minutes before we need to move out again. Tide is coming up quick,” the major added. Last thing any of them wanted was to drown down here in the dark and wet earth.

The Forgotten Temple
Cocytus System

“I have finished analysing the planet to properly simulate believable sensor data in the SoroSuub systems,” G14-D05 said. Elincia nodded content the plan they had laid forth would work. Aesirus was a dangerous planet. Fake some sensor data, send the population either to their ships to flee disaster, or to take refuge in the well fortified cave system and wait it out. They would have more than enough workers left on planet to handle the mining operation. Some explosions beneath the complex to really sell the incoming disaster and they could have the entire planet with a minimal loss of life.

“Send word to the palace. The Emperor said he wanted to approve the final placement of those charges personally,” Elincia said turning her eyes back to a feed from the place. It was a busy day, it had been a long time since she had seen so many people going to and from the palace. There was a time she would have known the faces of everyone seen in the feed, but her days of pure intel work was behind her. Too many variables to keep track of alone these days.

Forward Base

Lexiconus paced back and forth staring at the holo-projection of the tunnel systems they had managed to map out since arriving at this planet. This was far from what he had imagined the first step of expansion for the Empire looking like. The tracking dots of the teams in the cave system blinked in and out, it was impossible to keep a constant connection with them.

“I feel like all we’ve done is sit here, nothing to show for our efforts!” The Quarren finally said, unable to hold in his frustration any longer.

“The Empire wasn’t built in a day. Nor shall it grow in a day. The summit must have been planning this operation for months,” Delak responded. He too was eyeing the holo-map with a look of befuddlement. It had been going smoothly, too smoothly for any operation he had ever been a part of. He strummed his metallic fingers against the table, each making a nice loud click as it made contact. He hadn’t even had to kill anyone yet.

“How could they? SoroSuub only has months worth of digging completed here. Did they start planning the day the miners first set foot here?” Lexic questioned. Before Delak could respond however, Sparky’s voice came through the comms.

“We are out, final charges placed. Ran into some issues with the native life down there, No worse for wear though.”

Delak quickly started typing away sending word to the rest of the Palatinaeans. They were finally ready to make their move.

The Imperial Palace
Cocytus System

The Emperor smiled behind his mask, his eyes greedily taking in the placement of the explosive charges. He pressed a button on his datapad, and a secondary map of the cave system pulled up, including the other charges that had been placed months ago, in preparation for this. The time was finally here for his final plans to come to life.

For so long had he waited. For so long he had planned. And now it was time for the Emperor to play his winning hand.


Operation Starfall Part 2 Events

For information on the planet Aesirus, please check out its wikipedia page.

Operation Starfall: This here is the parent competition for this event. You can expect to see more competitions go up where when we move into round two!

Take Over the Colony: This is our event long fiction. You are tasked with taking over SoroSuub’s facility on Aesirus. This one is a bit different, in that you need to write from multiple different points of view! Not just your own character’s.

The Best Offense is a Good Offense: PvP Gaming competition.

Beneath the Surface: Round 2 Fiction. You have found the large crystal cave beneath the surface. Now you must venture forth to explore the dangers the cave system presents.

Selfie Time!: Round 2 Graphics. The Crystal cave system is unlike anything you have encountered before. Colorful and shiny crystals glimmer from the artificial lights. In this spectacular setting, you decide to take a selfie to remember it by. Duck-face optional.

Pride of an Empire: Round 2 Poetry. For the first time in a long time, The Empire is pushing out into the galaxy. How does your character feel about this new era of Imperial Expansion?

Scholae Palatinae vs the World: Round 2 Easy event, a comic! You have been tasked with doing some face-to-face time with SoroSuub managers. How does your character handle this decidedly non-violent encounter?

Company Man: Round 2 Trivia. 15 questions about different corporations and the goods they make. This is a Timed event!


Operation Starfall Part 1 Events

Just as a reminder, there are five events that are ending from Part 1. There is some overlap in when these end, and the beginning of the Part 2 competitions. These will be ending at midnight GMT Monday, October 17th. That leaves approximately 24 hour to put the finishing touches on your submissions. Lots of points still up for grabs with these events!

Hunting for that Bling: This is the round 1 fiction. You are in search for the Kybar Crystal Cave!

Home on the Range: A Graphics competition asking you to illustrate SoroSuub’s base of operation.

Life of a Miner: The poetry event where you need to focus in on the harsh conditions for the miners on the planet.

Resources Abound”: This is the trivia event. It is timed from when you hit subscribe. You will be given the questions at that time.

Jewelanche: Round 1 flash game, go for the high score, and bring home those precious stones.


Enjoy the second half of Operation: Starfall!

For the Empire!


So many things happening! Good luck with part 2!

For the Empire!


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