P:Fist Report # 15


P:Fist Report # 15


Happy New Year! It’s my 15th report but first report for the year 2020. Hopefully everyone is having a good start to the new year. In my little world all has been just the same. Been replaying Horizon Zero Dawn with the expansion this time. About lvl 20 so almost there to check out the Frozen Wilds. Meanwhile I’ve been enthralled into 7 Days to Die. Yes, it’s still in Alpha (18) and yes still has issues. Nevertheless still enjoy playing it with people. If your not familiar you spawn in an apocalypse world with the bare minimum. You must build a base, get weapons, defenses etc for every 7 days a horde of zombies will hunt you down. It’s a lot of fun with a group of people for it helps to for one person to put skills in for mining, one for engineering etc. I could go on and on but I will spare you the details. If it sounds interesting to you or want to check it out here is the link for it on Steam.

As January 16th ended so did call for applications for M:Fist. We have received a handful of applications, we will review and get back to those applicants within time. If you missed out this time or not chosen there will be chances in the future. Remember we are only selecting for ONE position at this time. .

With that out of the way who wants to see the list of game releases for the month of January?! No further adieu check them out below.


First one up to bat is Monster Hunter World: IceBorne Expansion Which was released January 9th for on PC. Which was priorly released already on PS4 and Xbox. The PC version supports high-resolution texture, 4K and uncapped framerate, improved mouse and keyboard controls, DirectX 12, and ultra-wide screens! Check it out if your a Monster Hunter fan or a pc gamer.

January 17th Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is being released. How many Dragon Ball fans are out there? With this game you can relive the Dragon Ball Saga, for it retells the whole series. From all the major story arcs to some filler material. You will be able to play Goku and many other throughout the adventure. You will also meet a brand new character, Bonyu. Which was made by the creator of the series.

Some that loved the old Warcraft games may enjoy this one. On January 28th Warcraft III: Reforged will be released for PC. Heroe’s , Units and buildings have gotten a rebalance to modernize it. A new and improved matchmaking lobby, challenge friends to a match, tower defense and more! For more information check out the Warcraft III webpage. Who is all picking up Warcraft III?

There are a few additional releases this month. If you would like to see the remaining releases check out Gamespots webpage for the full list.


Being the new Star Wars Movie: Rise of Skywalker came out in December BattleFront II released a Celebration Edition of Battlefront II. Which included several customization items for different Heroes and troopers. For those that do not have the game already you can pick this up to get you going. December 17th there was a free update for everyone. Which entails content from the Rise of Skywalker movie. I will not go into any details to not spoil anything for anyone that may have not seen it yet. If you wish to see all that is new check out the Battlefront II Website. On a side note Co-Op as an activity within the club has seen great activity.


It’s time again for Overwatch’s Lunar New Year festivities! So if you missed out on any skins you wanted from previous years now is your chance to get some new skins for this year! A new version of Capture the Flag “Blitz” as appeared. Within this version of CtF the flags are much closer together and you have to score six times to win. Each week there are challenges. First weeks skin is Monk Doomfist, second week is Ancient Bronze Winston and third week is Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball skin. These skins can only be earned by completing the challenges. To see the other new skins, emotes etc check out the Overwatch Website. The event will be going until February 5th.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Information for sales.

Check out GOG.com (Good Old Games), a place to find games on sale of old. Few to name off is Dragon Age, Mirror’s Edge and Starfleet Command: Gold Edition. Don’t miss out on the deals.

Humblebundle is also a good site to catch some sales. Right now for a limited time, is a 6 day winter sale on 2K Games. Get them from 30%-70% off. Stop by the HumbleBundle Store for more sales.


FIST Gaming Competitions:

  • January GMRG Competitions - Remember these competitions count for a lot towards the leaderboard. There is Battlefront II, PvP, and X-Type Flash Game. Check them out!

  • January Gorefest - 25-26th GMRG members can earn DOUBLE clusters! Helps for those that want a little boost to rank up.

  • SWTOR: Level 15 Duel Bracket - Signup cutoff is January 25th. Swtor is free to play and easy to lvl a character to lvl 15 in time for the bracket. SIGNUP TODAY!


Grand Master’s Royal Guard:

Gamers join the ranks of the GMRG! How do you join you ask? Read over the GMRG-History course and pass the exam within the Shadow Academy.

Why should I join? You may ask. Get an opportunity to gain exclusive items, compete on the leaderboard to choose a Dark Council member to protect! (Get their accessory!)

Gaming Information

  • Supported Games - List and information on games supported by the brotherhood.

  • Rites of Combat - Rules to follow when gaming.

  • Fist-O-Matic - Report PvP matches against other DJB members.

  • Pendant of Blood - How to obtain six medals within the different gaming platforms.

  • Cluster Values - List of the gaming platforms to view cluster values and modifiers.

  • Discord - DJB voice server for gaming.

  • Telegram - Chat program that is used within the DJB. Click Here to join the Gaming channel or one of your liking. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.


Contact the FIST Staff

Any questions\concerns or ideas please reach out to us. We are here to help.


If you missed Justinios Report 3.0 make sure you check it out. Make sure you keep an eye out on the Event Calendar and if you would like something added please just email the FIST staff and we can add it for you. For example Justinios has made a SWTOR Flashpoint time for the 23rd for when he will be available if you would like to join.

To close I would like to thank Aldaric for his time and commitment within the FIST Office. Was a pleasure to work with you and look forward to seeing you around!

Till next time!



Looks like some good updates to new and old games alike are coming out. The year 2020 is starting out well!

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