Gaming 102: Fist-o-matic

What is FIST-O-Matic?

The FIST-O-Matic is the name of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's gaming matchmaking bot that uses the Telegram platform to organize matches between members. It has the handle @DJBFistBot. Using this bot, you can join matchmaking queues for all supported Brotherhood PvP platforms and submit your matches with an easy-to-use interface that works not only on the desktop versions of Telegram but also the mobile versions. This makes it easier for the FIST staff to approve gaming submissions quickly for Clusters of Fire and provides an easy interface without needing to navigate through other tabs to get your scores up quickly. Submitting PvP matches through the site, instead of the bot, will cause your matches to be declined by the FIST's Staff.


How does it work?

Members are able to login once they first message the bot on Telegram at @DJBFistBot, but it can also be found as a member in the Brotherhood's gaming channel. Once you first open your window with the bot, you will be prompted to authorize your account by clicking the start button it presents to you. This will open a separate tab on the Brotherhood website asking you to authorize the bot's use of your account to submit scores on your behalf. You will then be asked to return to the bot and click the start button once again, at which point you will be authenticated and logged in to the bot.

From here, you will be given three option buttons:

  • /join: The /join button will allow you to enter gaming queues. You can select any available PvP platform for the Brotherhood here. Once you select a platform (for example, JA/Jedi Academy), you will be asked whether you want to submit to a specific competition, be matched only with people submitting to a specific competition or submit to a competition but be matched with anyone else playing the same platform. If you are submitting to a competition it will ask you which competition you are submitting to, and then add you to the queue for that game. You may do this multiple times to join multiple queues.
  • /leave: The /leave button allows you to exit gaming queues that you are in. You can select to leave a specific queue if you are in multiple, or leave all queues that you are currently in.
  • /status: The /status button will read back to you which account you are currently logged into the bot with and also inform you of what queues you are in.

Queueing for matches

How do I complete and submit matches through the bot?

Once you have been added to one or more queues and are matched with a partner, you will be given 5 minutes to hit the confirm button with the bot or be removed from the match-up and removed from the queue. At this point you should see a message in the DB gaming lounge channel as well as in the FIST-O-Matic private window saying that you have been matched and can play your matches. Do not forget to uphold the Rites of Combat as you do so.

Once complete, one person will then be able to report the scores of your match. Either member is able to report and once this is done, the button will be disabled for both people. It is recommended for members to organize amongst themselves before the end of their matches who will report the outcome. First, that person will select how many games they won, then how many their opponent won. Finally, they will be able to confirm their scores and submit it. At this point both members will be given one minute to rejoin the queue for the same game with a button through the bot. If not you can simply let the timer expire and leave the queue.

Note: The bot currently works under the assumption that people play each other at most once a day per platform. It will therefore only match up two people once, even if they do not play the maximum of 12 matches and both join the queue later on. A feature that allows people to specify they want to be matched up again after reporting less than the full 12 matches (for example if they want to switch competitions) is planned but currently not yet available.

Reporting match results

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