[P:HRLD] Avatar Guide Updated


[P:HRLD] Avatar Guide Updated

Hello all! Just as a friendly P:HRLD informative report I would love to update you all on the revamped Avatar Guide Wikipedia page. Avatars is where you can find the updated details. Important things to note are the reworded and clarified Requirements and Public Resources.


To protect the DJB from legal ramifications and ensure that our dossiers remain presentable, images will need to meet all of these requirements:

  • You must have expressed or implied permission from the artist to use the image as your avatar. The name of the artist must be provided into the text box when uploading the image via the “Avatar Change Request” form. You must also click the box verbalizing understanding of the Small Print before submission. Note: If you are the original creator, then you must still state a source of this image though you can simply state yourself as the source.
  • Your avatar must be a reasonable attempt at a likeness of your character. A childish sketch or a stick figure will not be considered a valid request.
  • Your avatar must be a picture of your character's head and your character's head must take up a reasonable amount of space in the image. This cut off point is generally around or just below the shoulders/collar.
  • Your avatar must be 100x100 pixels and your avatar must be in color.

Public Resources

Avatar Public Resources

Important to see beneath the table is that there is a link to a site that can open these files if you do not have Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. This link is Photopea and was a suggested source from Wally. Additionally if you wish to download GIMP as this is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop, that link is here. These links in this part of the Avatar Guide will open working files so that someone may put their image into them and then resize the layer/image to fit the face into the square.

Avatar Base File Layout

Here is how the file should look when you open it up regardless of GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. You will see the layers are labeled to help guide as well as the '+' over the middle of the working space to help guide where the image should lay. Ideally this is to help anyone who wants to get their avatar in the right size before uploading and try to avoid any remands/declinations.

Thank you for your time!

Hi, thanks for the update. I see we are allowed to use game rendered avatars from SWTOR for our avatar. Are we also allowed to use images of our characters from other MMORPGs or character creators online?

For your question, Locke, yes, you may use images of other MMORPGs or character creators online as long as they meet the requirements and other restrictions that are in the guidelines Wikipedia page. Make sure you cite the source. Understand that discretion can be used by the Herald staff always on a case-by-case basis but typically more on the quality of the screenshot which allows everyone to see details.

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