PCON Report 22: Reflections


PCON Report 22: Reflections

CNS Proconsul Report 22: Reflections

Bridge, FFX Final Way, Tarthos Orbit, Orian System

“My God,” commented Malik as his wooden eyes saw the scene. The Onyx Two platform had been blown to hell. The Covenant had sustained damage, and her grav-well generators looked to be shot. The wreckage of starfighters and capital ships drifted in orbit around the planet. The shell of the VSD Pandora’s Box swam in orbit to his left. Tiny lights and a miniscule bit of thrust from her engines showed life aboard. She was now a space-hulk, but the Naga Sadow vac-troopers and Verpine engineers dispatched from the Despot had invaded and captured the abandoned vessel. They were now directing her away from Tarthos as scrap. The Assembly’s plan of enhancing their vac-trooper and low gravity operations-trained soldiers and commandoes had paid off.

The wreckage of a Majestic-class cruiser, Warrior-class gunship, Vibre-class assault cruiser, and Marauder-class corvette drifted in space. Many of the crew had been evacuated, but others had perished. Some of the ships drifted helplessly but the crew was alive.The enemy had fled mere minutes before the avenging task force jumped into the system. Naga Sadow fighters screamed as they cris-crossed the orbital area.

Kaayn Salis and his Apprentice had disabled and ion-captured a fleeing shuttle bearing Commander Adaned, the Devaronian that had been Councilor Two’s major-domo. The Lambda-class shuttle had crash-landed into the wrecked bay of the Pandora’s Box and the hulk was temporarily secured by Warhost vac-troopers and Verpine engineers.

Mucenic Plains, Tarthos

Below them the last remnants of the invading forces were being cut down. Troopers dedicated to the Warhost’s victories on other planets now jumped back into their own atmospheres. The brave defenders below had held the line and driven their enemies back with vigor and firepower. The grasp of the Clan did not falter here on the ground. Valiant bravery, sacrifice, and camaraderie had won the day. the Monastery still stood, and the invaders were cornered.

The Trandoshan General surrendered personally to Shi Long and Daedric Turelles who accepted on behalf of Clan Naga Sadow. It appeared that General Kalorg vehemently wished to serve a superior organization. Especially, he felt powerfully moved when the Clan’s “interrogation” techniques were described to him in detail with holo-projections, sound files, and discussions. Gamuslag facilities were pictured graphically as Daedric and Shi Long held him. And to Gamuslag he went with a lightsaber at his scaly neck.

Installation Seven, Aeotheran

“Did we get her?” asked Macron as he sat on one of the old moss-covered stones. “I’m wrecked. Drayfus has been terminated.” Rex Drayfus was truly dead, as the Alchemist had killed him in the battle near the end. Drayfus in the end was dueled to exhaustion and a standstill by Makashi. Vaapad ended his life.

Macron was battered, cut, and spent. “Um. Can’t- can’t….. fight anymore.” The Elder groaned in pain and clutched his face as black ichor spilled from his lips. “ Pbbbflth. I need to get to Gamuslag.” he staggered and put one arm out to brace himself against the wall. The Juggernaut turned as Dark Eye droids followed him. “My organs.” he clicked a comlink switch on his vambrace. “Nern Senth Actual, we need evacuation immediately.”

“I’m not sure if we did,” replied Manji as he wiped the gore off his face with a sake-wetted towel. “That flow-walking stuff is esoteric.” He hurt. He had flanked the Witch twice with Shikyo, and they had barely taken her down in the end as Macron killed Drayfus. Manji’s own body continued to ache and twist as he sought his center. “Uhh-huk.” He spat blood on the floor. “We took her life. And that damn clone of Hafalia went down hard.”

Anaxela’s slain body had burst into blue flames and dissolved as the killing blow from Shikyo’s Sith Sword took her head. She had encapsulated the remnants of her life energy in the echoes and stone of this awful place.

“Anaxela’s spirit lives even so in the Dark Side,” commented the exhausted Master Shikyo as he looked at the charred stains and gory cadaverous chunks on the floor. The Sword of Shar Dakhan pulsed in his hand. It had eaten hungrily at her body and drank of his own soul and connection to the Dark Side. “But her body is no more, and her spirit is weak after this blade had it’s way with her soul.”

With that, welcome to my 22nd career Proconsul Report.

Fleet Update:

Big changes in this report to our fleet, as you saw. Sure, we lose a few ships, some heavy troopers, and clones. Not to worry- we’re getting the ISD II Harbinger back, and a Khyron-class Star Destroyer, more high-grade starfighters, and a butt-load of droids and other stuff. We’ll be more powerful and even better-armed than we have ever been. Muah ha ha!


This event is over. participation was decent, especially considering it was in the holidays. I completely forgot that the DB overall tends to slow down around the holidays. Next time, big events will be in a different month. Thanks to Locke and everyone who participated! We, the Summit appreciate your efforts and dedication. Those of you who deserve commendation should be seeing our appreciation soon.


That’s it, really. Just log in please when you go to the site. I hate seeing “sent to rogues” emails in my inbox. It makes me sad.

Upcoming Event With HSP!

We’re in the planning phases now. With Fading Light, Vengeance, the Holidays, and now the upcoming GJW we’re going to take our time so you guys get to breathe after the GJW. Never fear, there’s already a planning doc set up that folks are working on. We have a rough outline, enemies, and a few other things picked out so far. Both HSP and CNS have done polls to see what the members want, and we are going to give that to you as requested. It’s looking darn interesting so far.

Great Jedi War!!

This is coming soon, the 9th I believe. There is no better way to distinguish yourself than to win at one of these. The rewards tend to be high, and the prestige just as high. If you are looking to be noticed, rewarded, and to help your friends in the Clan this is it! I will be entering every single event that I can. Seals are worth a LOT of prestige and credits, and you get one for every event you enter! You don’t even have to win, just enter! As well, you help us earn fleet points to make our Clan strong by your efforts. See you there.

Proconsul Ramblings

One thing dominates my thoughts of late, like the One Ring- the impending Lightsaber Guide release. The website is fully done, and we should be seeing it very shortly. There are just a few loose ends to tie up and the GM himself is working them out. We could see this thing within days…. I know we’ve been saying that for some time, but honestly it is soooo close right now. There are even new Lightsaber wiki pages developed for the wiki that will go up when it’s released.

As far as I’m aware, the Alchemy Guide won’t happen until sometime after the GJW most likely. We’re just waiting on the graphics and PDF file to be done, the text itself is complete and approved. My next project after that will be to get the Lightsaber Construction Guide finished up. No rest for the wicked, they say.

So killers- let’s rock this GJW!

Front lines, baby; front lines.

~ S

Vengeance was awesomely done. I love the fiction. It brings us on the right path to the Great Jedi War. Good report mad man.

Thank you sir!

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