Pellaeon Report - February 2018


Pellaeon Report - February 2018


Hello guys, and welcome to my first report as the leader for this team of covert, analytical, counter-intelligence, cloak ‘n’ dagger ferreters! I have always been inspired by this team as I observed you guys, but to be here now is a tremendous and priceless honour. So thank you for giving this opportunity.

The regulars will know me by now, but the majority of you probably don’t and I don’t blame you. I haven’t been here, so let’s say hello. My name is Lexiconus Qor, I am the guy who has reached out to you in the past few days with emails and Telegram, I have been in this Clan since October 2015. I started my life here as Kell Dante’s aedile, then was promoted to Quaestor as he left and led the house for two years. I had ups and downs but eventually decided to give myself some spiritual guidance and room to relax. CSP hasn’t been my only home, but I enjoy it here because we have something others do not.

We can chat about our achievements and trauma, we can joke, laugh and talk the talk without being salty. We can give nicknames and pranks because we know each other. In short, we are a family. That’s rare in a clan this big, and I want to show you I can be a part of your family too, in the near future.

But first, we need a plan!

Battleteam Identity

As far as I am aware, the team was created to serve as the espionage approach complimenting Krennic’s blunt force trauma, and that’s brilliant. Especially for an Imperial-based faction dedicated to unifying the system under one society. But how do we take part?

There’s very little evidence to suggest what Pellaeon do in their professional fields, and we need to fix this! In order to begin renovating and making this team, we should talk about the Team’s identity.

Battle Team Pellaeon is House Imperium's intelligence team.

This much is clear, we like information and using information to get our way. But how do we do that? That brings up the point of using black market allies, criminal gangs, businesses with pen names to avoid the law, splinter cells from civilian movements, and of course law-enforcement too dirty to back out now. It opens up a whole new world of the information market that we really should write and expand on.

So if we have a foot in this market of data and assets, what is stopping the law from catching us? This tells me in order for Pellaeon to successfully trade data, we need to not data mine. Or rather, to collect data, but under shell names. Names the law in our society wouldn’t blink twice about seeing in a regional business summit, or peace talks, or the military council.

For all this information and history, our team needs a Wikipedia, and I will contact you all about this soon. So, to summarise:

  • Discuss and expand BT identity

  • Present BT data trade methods

  • Construct false-BT fronts

  • Foundation of BT Wikipedia

Like I said, I’ll grab you guys via email to see what we can talk about. It’s not me who’ll make this team, it’s you.


On a lighter note, the Consul has released some new fiction to give some depths on our future endeavours. He warns us of a battle where Meraxis have fallen into desperate times, times where they do not want to fail. With Meraxis allying with The Technocratic Guild from the evil Collective, this is worrying times for all of us. Pellaeon needs to dig our claws into all our contacts in order to find anything about these people, and fast!


Fiction drive:

The Consul and Rollmaster have selected their choice, and Raiju was chosen as Proconsul. Please congratulate him and Mako, who took Raiju’s position as Quaestor of Imperium!

Telaris, otherwise known as Mav, has been selected by the Electorate to succeed Pravus as the next Grand Master. A new GM hasn’t been in the DJB since Muz was promoted in 2009, be sure to give the Consul your best questions about this transition.

Mav’s Statement:

And finally some lighter news, be sure you get your clusters in now for Titanfall 2 because on the 5th March Dracaryis will be removing it from the supported games list. That’s if there’s no activity, so if you play the game with your DB friends, be sure to do so now.


Nothing on this so far, but I have a list and I’m checking it weekly to make sure you’re rewarded for your hard work. So keep an eagle eye on that inbox!


Here’s a few competitions I found that you might be interested in:

Of Fire and Earth:

Super You:

A Super Symbol:

NJO meets the Old:

Caperion Legends:

Descriptive Energy:

Conflict in Caperion (Consul Special!):

Well that’s all from me. If you have any questions, you can reach me by emailing at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or through my TG handle @Lexiconus and we can talk about whatever want like.

As the Romans used to say, VOX POPULI!!


Great report, Lex! Looking forward to seeing Imperium's James Bonds taking the fight to the enemy.

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