Pirates of the Aeotheran


Pirates of the Aeotheran


Aeotheran - Midday

600 Miles outside of Kel Rasha

Sunlight streamed through the trees of the jungle canopy, as dew glistened off the leaves below. Jester One had been out on a reconnaissance mission all morning scouting out a territory about six hundred miles West of the city of Kel Rasha. He was about to finish his patrol and head back to base. He was nearly out of fuel despite the extended range of his modified A-Wing. It was still one of the fastest scout ships Naga Sadow owned. He was just finishing up his patrol Without warning, the fighter bucked beneath him before dropping several feet downward, it’s descent being halted as the repulsors kicked back on.

Jester One’s eyes darted across the scanners, looking for any anomalies. Finding none, he banked his fighter forty-five degree angled bank and looked out his main window. He saw what looked like camouflaged tents covering an area of about twenty to thirty yards and then more tents another 30 yards away.

Finishing his bank he saw incoming rockets screaming upward toward him from a spot near the tents. Jerking his flight stick downard, he was barely able to dip out of the way of the rockets. As he finished his maneuver he realized all too quickly that he was done. Another rocket had followed quickly behind the first, already adjusting for his altered trajectory. Within seconds his ship was a fireball in the sky.

House Shar Dakhan Flight Control - 2 hours later

Kel Rasha City

“Sir, Jester One is overdue.” The Flight Controller said to his superior. “He doesn’t appear on our scopes and the last time we heard from him was just over two hours ago. He reported being six hundred miles away from the city doing a long range sweep of the western regions. He signaled his intent to return to base after completion of the patrol but that was the last transmission we received.”

“Very well notify House leadership. We need to see what they want to do.” The Command Officer said.

For the rest of the fiction follow the link to the forum here Pirate of the Aeotheran



Our House Fictional Competition is located Pirate of the Aeotheran

Grading for the overall competition will be based up to three places.

Scoring will be 1st place - 7 points, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 3 points, and all other subs will get 1 point for submitting.

Dig Deep - Graphics Competition

The Flaming Gizka Pirates have started mining Kyber Crystals on our world. In this competition you must draw what you think the mining camp with the Kyber Crystals looks like.

Not on our soil! - Fiction 1

The Flaming Gizka Pirates have managed to get a foothold on our planet. They found a Kyber Crystal mine that we didn’t know anything about. You must write about how we are going to get them off our planet and capture the mine.

HotS Fun time and More - Monthly Gaming

Members can play Heroes of the Storm for PvE or PvP through battlenet. You must have your battlenet id on your profile. You may also play any approved games for this competition as well however Heroes of the Storm points will be doubled for more points to emphasize its play.

Control the Mine! - Flash Gaming

The mine is run by pirates but we have chased them away and have taken command of it. Now they want it back. In this game you will attempt to make it to the highest level possible. When you go as high as you can you will take a screenshot and submit it to the competition.

You will need to get a screenshot of your score after each level you win. Once you die you will only be able to replay the level and it won’t tell you your score until you win. The highest level end that you achieved will be your submission. Example of a screenshot is located here. (https://gyazo.com/ddf338dd847e0f22be09da89554d4201) Flashing score in top left is your final score.

As Evelynn eluded to in her report there is exciting news for the winners of this competition. Not only will this competition help to drive our House story going forward but, the winner receives something amazing.

The Winner of this competition overall will work with Evelynn and I to develop the prompt for the next House story arc. They will even get the chance to help with the opening fiction for the next story arc as well.

These are exciting times in the DJB and in CNS. Preparation are underway for the Great Jedi War and this will help us with that.

The second half of the month will have a few more competitions so keep a weathered eye on the horizon.


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