Plagueis Consul Report: 1/7/2020


Plagueis Consul Report: 1/7/2020

Ebon Ridge


37 ABY

The spaceport of Jasper was not for the faint of heart to roam about in, and Juur Gogh was well accustomed to both the noise and the obscene odor. Spaceship fuel, rusted metal, and warm booze all contributed to the atmosphere; Ebon Ridge wasn’t going to smell much better, either. Still, Gogh was in the mood to gamble away his sparse savings, as well as drown his sorrows and tribulations in cheap lum in the least contaminated corner of the cantina.

The Mandalorian sniper hadn’t picked up a good bounty in well over a month, and Vizsla wasn’t exactly giving him the most lucrative of assignments. Gogh knew that both Roark and Cole had standards; he had been sloppy in his latest assassination attempts, and they were more likely to commission someone else over him to do the dirty work. So much for finding opportunities in this forsaken clan - now he was going to have to fight off an infection and a hangover, as he strode to a beat up table in the cantina, brushing away desert residue and ignoring the coughing of a sickly man sitting nearby him.

The tired looking barkeep quickly brought out a pint of foamy lum, and Gogh eagerly guzzled half of it down in just a few gulps. He sighed, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and worked the kinks out of his neck. He was wearing civilian clothes and feeling a bit exposed without his armor, but at least no one would recognize him. Mandos had a way with becoming anonymous when they weren’t wearing their helmets.

As Juur Gogh drank, he ignored the various beeps that suddenly went off on the commlink attached to his hip. To his left, two scruffy men had challenged each other to a duel, which was perfectly okay in this part of Jasper. He was more interested in that exchange than picking up whatever scolding call he was supposed to pick up.

When the beeping didn’t subside, he groaned and activated the transmission. “What.”

“‘Bout time you answered, Gogh,” emerged the gruff and cocky voice of Montresor, one of his superiors. “Buck up. I’ve got an assignment for ya.”

Gogh blinked; he hadn’t expected that. “Right. What do you want?”

“Well, that’s the tricky part: It’s an esteemed member of another clan in the Brotherhood. Lot of our guys feel too squeamish to take it on, but money’s money. Some Zabrak chick’s offering us a lot of coin to take this individual out. You game?”

Gogh polished off his lum and burped loudly, scratching at the growing stubble on his square jaw. The gambling would have to wait, though he’d probably order a second drink. “Sounds stellar. Where to?”

To read the rest of the prologue fiction for our upcoming feud, tentatively titled, "A Fistful of Credits," click here.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Dread Lord report. As you could see from that prologue fiction, we've got a few goodies to cover in this new year. So put away your party hats, get over your 2019 hang-over, ignore the madness with Iran, and let's get started.


A Fistful of Credits

An Upcoming Feud

As of over a month ago, TuQ'uan, Declan/Pravus, Valhavoc, and I have been working hard on preparing the upcoming feud between Plagueis and Vizsla. Yes, you heard me: An actual, factual feud. No co-op, nothin' like that. We are going to war with the mercs, and we are going to make it count.

The tentative schedule for the feud has been slightly modified, given the structure of the event itself. Ultimately, there will be five bins, with three to four event-long comps in each bin. These events include:

  • Two objective-based run-ons per clan
  • A gaming bracket
  • Writing a movie's first scene/TV show pilot fiction event
  • Writing an original song

And many, many more.

Because some of these comps may need longer than three weeks, we plan for most of the event to go from February 10th to March 2nd, while a handful of longer-form competitions will go until March 9th.

We will be releasing prologue fiction intermittently through news posts and leadership reports, as well as sending out little clues and tidbits for y'all's enjoyment via email and Telegram. I hope you're all as pumped for this as I am.


DB News

And now, for the news.

Wanna be a Magistrate to the Fist? Justinios has all the deets for ya! His supplemental report's right here.

Idris has his second Voice report out! Read on for lightsaber stuff and competition policy changes.

And Atra put up a little supplemental for the Regent! Here it is for your perusal.



Because we recently wrapped up Nightmare Before Sithmas (nice work on that, Plagueians) and will not be doing another major event until February, January is both a month for repose and for member-run competitions! You all are invited to run your own events for the clan, be it Plagueis only or DB-wide. Remember: Organizing competitions allows others to have fun your way, and it can make you look good for a future shiny or promotion!

Here are the available competitions for you to enjoy:

  • Crew of the Instigator: Battle Team Opress's first competition! Create NPCs for the Instigator's crew. RUNS UNTIL FEBRUARY 8th.

Aesthetic and Word Bank A: Our very own Kris is running a graphics series based on different prompts and words! Show your artistic side in this comp. RUNS UNTIL JANUARY 31st.

  • Shadow Feast: Ciara from CNS has put together a fun Shadow Academy-themed event with six comps to choose from! One of them looks veeeeery familiar to a rap battle comp we ran for Code: Dread (though I totally got that from the ACC, who got it from get the point). RUNS UNTIL JANUARY 20th.

  • January 2020 GMRG Competitions: Get your gaming on for the first month of the year! RUNS UNTIL JANUARY 31st.


And that about wraps it up for this month's Consul report. I shall wait for the inevitable comment from Brimstone about it being short. :P

Run some January comps, get hyped up for the feud, and I'll catch ya in February!

Awesome report Ronovi!!!! Can't wait for things to get going! Woooot

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so we going against our old GM..... Great!!!!!

No way to start a feud like trying to shoot Arden...

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