Plagueis Consul Report: 12/7/2020


Plagueis Consul Report: 12/7/2020


Part Six


The Anchorage

Aliso City

38 ABY

Admiral Ranin had not received a message from the Dread Lord in some time. Now, the console in her office was beeping wildly.

She had been instructed to surveil the Aliso system for any signs of infiltration, but none of the records of ships going in and out rang any alarm bells. In fact, they had all been cleared. And while Benzayn had shared nothing but positive news about the eradication of the Killik invasion, something still felt awry.

The admiral had pored over the records again and again and again. No suspicious signature drives. All accurate clearance codes. Unless...

The console was still wildly beeping. She snapped out of her thoughts and accepted the transmission.

"My Lord, I've been reviewing - "

Ronovi's voice was loud and bellowing over the static.

"Never mind that! Get ships to Alliel!"

Ranin blinked. "My lord, I - "

"Do not question me! Our prisoner's talked! Get to Alliel! Now!"

"My lord..."


If explosions could be heard in space, Ranin would have heard it. And the Anchorage slightly shook.

Too late.

To read the rest of the much too delayed sixth part of Scourge, click the link here.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to my final Consul report of 2020. My goodness, it's been one heck of a year, and December alone's felt like a decade.

I first want to apologize if my presence in Plagueis has appeared more sporadic or distant. Not only am I caught in the thralls of remote teaching, I am also in the process of moving(!) to my very first house. My hope is that when 2021 rolls around, things will have settled a bit for the exciting stuff that's to come.

But let's get into the meat and potatoes of this report.


Quaestor Applications Still Ongoing

This is cut and pasted from a prior news post, but I am putting it here for posterity:

I am pleased to announce that, following applications for Tyranus Aedile, that we have chosen a replacement for Marcus/Julius.

Please congratulate Khryso Mallus on becoming our latest summit leader!

Khryso has been around in Plagueis for a while, but this is his first foray into leadership. He has done tremendous work for the clan, and it will be a delight to have him on the summit. Don't worry - we don't bite. Much.

However, we are not done yet looking for leaders, so if you applied for AED, you still have a chance to - in a shocking turn of events - apply for Tyranus Quaestor.

This is due to the unfortunate announcement that Shimura Keibatsu will be stepping down as Quaestor due to real life obligations. We had hoped to have Shim on the summit for much longer, as he has incredible ideas for the clan. However, we wish him the best and hope he can return to leadership in due time. Shimura, you are always a Plagueian now. Thank you.

So! Requirements for apps for Tyranus Quaestor:

  • Your prior experience in leadership and DB project work
  • A 30-60-90 day plan for Tyranus and how you will bolster its membership, structure, and lore
  • How you intend to work with Khryso as your Aedile.

Please email your applications to Ronovi at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and Liandry at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by Friday, December 11th!


DB News


Upcoming Feud!

That's right - we are officially deep in talks with the light siders about a feud between Plagueis and Odan-Urr that will begin in either mid-February or early March. While this storyline will stray a bit from the establishment of the Phantom Assembly, it will provide some fun against an old foe.

Please stay tuned for more details as they develop.


Wiki Work & Competitions

I am cordially inviting all of you to please update character wiki articles and volunteer to update Plagueis articles! There may be some rewards in it for ya.

December and January are also open season for member-run competitions! Khryso just finished his latest comp, and y'all can jump in on the action. Please check in with Tahiri, Kelly (Liandry), and myself if you'd like to put something together and need help with organization.

It's been a crazy year, so we want to make sure the holidays are casual but free for people to be creative if they so desired.


Opress: The Future Is Awesome

In other news, Aleister and I will hopefully be discussing 2021 storylines for our battle team, Opress. If you are interested in joining this elite force sent out for the first kills of battle, please email or PM Aleister with your inquiry.



Archkensov asks:

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

One horse-sized duck. Wound a wing. Ya good.

Tahiri asks:

What does Ronovi want for Sithmas?

Some goddamn peace and quiet.

Does she have any holiday traditions?

Just getting drunk.

Is there anyone special she wants to spend the holidays with?


Arden asks:

Will Binx allow a bow for Christmas? Will Ronovi?

You mean a present bow on the head or a bowtie? I need clarification.

Muz asks:

Where do dreams go when they die?

Valhalla. Where else?



As 2020 finally comes to a close, I wish you all a happy, safe, and healthy holiday. Be mindful of others. Remember your loved ones. Make music, or at least partake in it. Eat good food. Drink a good cup of tea - or maybe something stronger. And above all, be your beautiful selves.

Ronnie out.

Yay!! Awesome report Ronovi! Can't wait for the New Year and more fun things to come! Also apply for QUA peeps!

One horse-sized duck.

And thus the feud begins.

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