Plagueis Consul Report: 8/10/2020


Plagueis Consul Report: 8/10/2020


Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest Dread Lord report. Today, I am going to discuss the GJW results, specific member accolades, Proconsul applications, and the Pro Bowl. Pretty cut and dry stuff, so let's get into it.


So...How About That War?

As I'm sure all of you have seen by now, we placed fifth in the Fourteenth Great Jedi War. This has been fairly consistent with us over the past few vendettas, but I do want to evaluate a few basic stats.

First of all, we were second in highest participation among all the clans. That's a big deal, and the fact that one third of our membership completed all the bins is stunning. You all should be very proud of your efforts to get things done - it is not easy.

Second of all, we are still defending champions of the clan-wide run-on! Thanks to about fifteen of you, we got gold once again. It is always an honor to help run these member-led run-ons and create a beautiful and cohesive team story.

What really hurt us - and this is what I mentioned prior to the war - was placement. And placement, in a Great Jedi War, is weighed obscenely heavily. In fact, I, as an individual, scored more points than an entire clan because I got a Bronze and two Golds. That's nuts. And it goes to show that we face some real powerhouses in other units who can snag those writing, gaming, graphics, and miscellaneous novae.

Do I think we can improve those placement numbers? Absolutely. I think we have some very talented writers, gamers, puzzlers, and artists in our clan. Now, however, we know how tough the competition really is. Every single clan gave their all in this war, so even the participation numbers were insanely close. Now, for next time, we have to bring not just our A game, not just our A+ game, but our A+++ game.

Please, however, do not despair about our overall placement: We had a solid presence in this war. We are a strong clan and community. And now, we work to do even better than before.


Member Recognitions

One of my favorite things to do as Consul is recognize and reward my members. While you can find full award and promo recommendations on your fellow Plagueians' dossiers, I would like to briefly acknowledge and congratulate the following members who showed dedication and skill in the war and elsewhere:

Andrelious J. Inahj, who received a Dark Cross.

Fenrir, who received an Anteian Cross.

Blackhawk, who received an Anteian Cross.

Taranae Rhode, who received an Anteian Cross.

Teebu Nyrrire, who received a Steel Cross.

Azmodius Equesinfernum, who received a Steel Cross.

Aleister Mavros, who received a Sapphire Blade.

Marcus Armani (the artist formerly known as Gaius Julius Caesar), who received a Sapphire Blade.

Liandry Lhucca Cataa, who received an Amethyst Kukri.

TuQ'uan Varick di Plagia, who was promoted to Corsair (EQ3).

Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae, who received a Ruby Scepter.

There are still more awards being discussed and developed for other Plagueians, so I appreciate everyone's patience. Meanwhile, congratulations to all who have been recognized thus far. I am honored to be your Dread Lord!


Proconsul Applications

The extended hunt for my next Wrath continues, with August 15th being the last day you can submit applications. Please check out this news post for more details.

I have received four applications thus far and would love to see more. Being PCON is not an easy task, but it can be a very fulfilling job. There are a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe for Plagueis, so being able to help direct everything is pretty exhilarating - at least from my experience.


The Pro Bowl Has Begun!

Today, the fourth Pro Bowl kicked off, with teams being allocated and competitions going live. If you are unsure of which team you're on, click the link here.

Week 1 of the Pro Bowl can be found here, where you have ten fun and light competitions to choose from. Remember, the more comps you complete, the better your team does, as the Bowl is mostly based on raw participation numbers. I myself am rooting for my team, Team Lightning (ZRT - or as Zyxl calls it, Team KACHOW), but I hope you all have fun!


Liandry asks:

How does Ronovi feel about Plagueis' current situation?

Ronovi has truly molded the idea in her head that she is the king that Plagueis has needed for a long time. That's how mad with power she's truly gotten. To her, the only way they'll become a true empire is through her rule.

What are you most looking forward to about this Pro Bowl?

I've already been able to make a meme, is good.

When's Ronovi coming to the Euphoria? (that's the massive party ship btw)

Who says she's not already there, breaking into your booze cabinet? ;)

How have Ronovi's recent kills of summit members affected her?

You have to remember that both summit members she's killed so far were involved in drastically different circumstances: Wrathus demanded his death, whereas Julius had it forced upon him. Ronovi does see herself as justified in those killings, however - sort of self-righteous of her, but what she does, she believes to be for the good of the clan.

Tahiri asks:

Would Ronovi ever like to go for a ride on Kera ( my Varactyl)?

Ronovi's not the biggest fan of riding on beasts - too erratic, she opines. She prefers her Starhawk speeder bike.

Andrelious asks:

Smoking is allowed all over Aliso, right?

Sure, why not. Ronovi likes a cigar every once in a while. As do I. Don't tell the wifey - she hates the smell.

Brimstone asks:

Who's next to be killed off by the Dread? Asking for a friend.

How cute that you think Ronovi would reveal that info to anyone.

Arden asks:

Why hasn't an otter of hype replaced the seal of hype?

Why fix what isn't broken?

Aleister Mavros asks:

When will Ronovi answer Aleister's invite for a night of drinking?

Inviting Ronovi out for drinks is like asking a rhetorical question. You already know the answer.


And that's this month's Consul report! Apologies for the three day delay, as I am now in the process of getting my very first house(!). Lots of forms to sign, inspections to carry out, etc. Wish the wifey and me luck!

And to think, I'm also returning to teaching in a week - remotely, too! To every teacher being forced to go back to campus, please be safe, and know your limits.

Ronnie out.

I also want to give a bit shout out to Plagueis as far as participation numbers go. I've always said the mark of a good clan is having a high percentage of its members engaged, and Plagueis has consistently brought that to the table in every event. Also, well played defending our turf in the RO. Impressed, I am.

gratz to all those that got just rewards.

Now just hire me as the BluePCon so we can look into taking first clan next year. :p

Go Ronnie go!

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