Plagueis Consul Report #8 - A December to Remember?


Plagueis Consul Report #8 - A December to Remember?

Hello Plagueians and others, it’s time for another report from your pinniped loving Dread Lord. While I got a lot I want to talk about this time around, I wanted to start things off on a good note. So, here’s something I found the other day that seems to fit in right about now…


OK, on to business.

Summit Job Opening

After nearly 2 years as a member of the summit Scudi Ferria (the artist formerly known as Kelly Mendes) has decided to step aside as Quastor of House Ajunta Pall once a replacement is chosen. Thus, I’ll be accepting applications from not just current Plagueians, but anyone in the Brotherhood that thinks they can make the unit a better place. For those who might not have been around for my prior hiring efforts, I prefer to make all moves in one fell swoop. Thus, for example, if I promote a current member of the summit, I will more than likely pick their replacement from the pool of applicants. So, even if you’re not sure you can get a Quastor position, I still encourage you to apply to this opening. To apply, please fill out this Application Form by midnight UTC (7pm EST) on December 19.

Nightmare Before Sithmas


Though I want my reports to generally focus on things that are coming up down the road a bit, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention something that’s going on right now. Nightmare Before Sithmas is a quick, fun, holiday themed event that Ronovi threw together to keep things going after the RoS (which, I’m told, results are coming for “Soon”). I personally love events like this as they provide both something to do for the unit while not being too time consuming in what’s a busy season for many of us (myself included). Right now, there’s 5 events running through the 10th and another 5 that will run the 10th-17th. It’s also worth noting that, if these are not enough for your Sithmas event fix, there are several other events presently running that will last beyond the end of ours. So, if you’re bored over your break, check out this puzzle event or perhaps this general purpose event . Whatever suits your tastes, go do it (once you’re done with NBS of course :) ).

Looking Ahead

While we’ve had a busy past couple of months with the RoS and a December that’s chock full of lighthearted stuff, I’ve also been looking down the pike towards future events. While I’ll get to those in a bit, I want to stop to make a bit of a point. Though us at the clan level and higher can definitely provide events for y’all, I would also like to see more events run all the way down the chain. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, if you want to run an event, go ahead and submit it. It’s probably best if you run it by the Summit and/or a DC Staffer (if it’s going to be DB wide), mostly so we know what’s coming down the pike and help you resolve any possible timing or other issues before submitting. We’re going to find every way to make whatever you want to run work. Providing content to the club is a big deal and will often be very favorably looked at when the time comes to submit larger awards and promotions. In fact, at a certain point it becomes absolutely essential for advancement. So while you should go do the things, you should also make the things for others to do!

So back to our plans. The first thing I want to talk about is The Song of Discord , our story RO. While it’s been going on and off for about six months now, Ronovi and I really want to push the current story to a conclusion. That’s not to say we’re going to abandon the RO, I still like the development opportunities it provides. We just want to get the current story wrapped up so we can move on to other things as circumstances warrant. Thus, I’m going to set a soft date for wrapping the story up by the end of the year and a harder date sometime in mid-January. We’re sitting on a plot post now but expect the pace of them to increase in the very near future (hint, expect one by no later than the 15th).

As for future events, there’s not much I can talk about at right now. There are always interesting getting set up and being planned, so I’d expect some news on that front soon. There’s even the beginnings of something being planned for us specifically, but this is very preliminary. All I can say is that I’m going to still try and keep to my goal of some sort of multi-competition event roughly once a quarter. Thus, expect something in Q1 19. More on that as it develops!

One last thing in this area, once we get the summit settled back into place, I’m going to rework our report schedule a bit and focus more on quality and substance of the reports over quantity. This will likely take place starting with the new year but may come sooner. We’ll still be getting out necessary information, but it might come in other formats, whether by e-mail, Telegram, and/or a mini-report every so often.

Around the DB

Our beloved Grand Mavster (see what I did there…) discusses the new look for the site in a mini-report. Personally, I find the new interface, particularly how reports are displayed, very spiffy and clean. For even more details on this, go check out the report from the Seneschal which also includes some more details on James’ tech wizardry and upcoming things he wants to work on.

In his own report, Drac lays out his roadmap for the next year. There’s some very promising stuff coming down the pike, including a test for something called WoW? Guess that means that came with gnomes and orcs and pandas and not the one with battleships and aircraft carriers. Drac also provides a host of other information related to gaming in the DB, so it’s definitely something I’d suggest reading (probably multiple times).

Closing Thoughts and Moment of Zen

I wanted to close out this report with a bit of a warm note. Those who are in telegram (or have me on Facebook) probably know I was on a cruise most of last week (Florida to Mexico, before you ask). While I didn’t totally unplug from life (maybe I should next time), I did have a lot of time to think. Well, when I wasn’t utterly dominating the on board trivia games that is and having a blast doing it. That’s actually part of what I was thinking on. While I want everyone in Plagueis to Do All the Things™ and win events, I want people to be having fun doing it. If you’re not, tell me and I’ll pass it up the chain if necessary. I’ll listen, Ronovi will listen, Mav will listen. We all want the DB to be fun and engaging for all members. Fun and engaging, where I have I heard that before? Hmm, never mind.

Anywho, that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with this adorable video of a seal getting a belly rub.

Keep it evil mes amigos!


Good report, Arden.

Excellent report, mon Conseal!

And thank you to Scudi/Kelly for all their hard work and dedication as Quaestor of Ajunta Pall. Enjoy being a regular member!

Enjoy the Sithmas event, everyone!

I was wondering what happened to Kelly. Didn't know she changed her name. Ty for your hard work Kelly

Everyone go apply! Good luck in whatever you do Kelly my dear x

Great report Conseal!!! :) Good Luck in your new endeavours Kelly and Thank you for all of your hard work!! <3

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