Proconsul Report Seventeen: We are Kicking @$$ at Inos- and In General


Proconsul Report Seventeen: We are Kicking @$$ at Inos- and In General

Proconsul Report Seventeen

“We are Kicking @$$ at Inos- and In General!”

Hi folks. Welcome to my Seventeenth Proconsul report!

Orian Assembly Phase One Runon

Have some juicy fiction: It’s long, so I put the link here instead of pasting it all in. Right now we are driving some Organization punks from their secret stronghold out on the edge of our system. In the story, we are hacking their mainframes, assaulting the front gate, Roxas and kalon are making sure no-one gets away, and a few people have already snuck inside like Methyas and Sebaz.

Wonder what comes next? We’ll clear another of our Inos moons of the remainder of a different group- bandits and pirates that have been stealing our system cargo and harassing vessels. It’s never a good idea to leave a threat behind you and travel to a conflict far away. Always keep your home front clear, if possible. We’ll be fixing that little messy problem shortly. then we can get to the real fun- system pacification! Yayy!

Speaking of runons, I highly encourage any of you who have not done so to take the Shadow Academy runon course here: It’s very helpful if you are getting into it for the first time, or want to fine-tune your skills. You can always get people to proof-read your stuff before you post it too. I’ve done that for several folks and am happy to do it for anybody. I can’t suggest content, but I can point out grammar/spelling errors and help you keep your posts in line with realism as far as the DB goes.


We had a nice email thread discussing the World Cup. We have members all over the world, so lots of different people were rooting for different teams. I’m personally not a sports guy although I do watch the Tour de France, fencing, and the Olympics when they happen. Especially the beach volleyball… but I digress.

Proconsul’s Office Ramblings

I’ve had this job for just shy of a month now, and I feel we are seeing some good progress towards tightening things up and reclaiming our status as the best Clan in the Brotherhood. I’m feeling a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm among the membership. And we have some new folks, like Sebaz who is eager to join the fray. I simply love that. One thing I’ve done is instituted a tracking systems to see who is doing what- Summit and myself included. If you have ideas of things you want to do: competitions you may want to see (or run yourself!), fictional places within the system to explore, or other fun ideas be sure to get in touch with Malik and I. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Of late, I’ve been helping push the upcoming Lightsaber and Alchemy Guides forward. Both of them are very near completion. The Alchemy Guide lacks graphics- see Grandmaster Muz’s Report- and the Lightsaber Guide raw text is almost done, with finishing touches by Darth Vexatus. Sildrin has done much of the web layout, and Maelous and I wrote both the Alchemy Guide and the Construction part of the LSG. When these things finally get released it will be a pretty darn nifty situation, wait and see. And to have so many from CNS give their hands to the work is something for all of us to be proud of.

In Real Life I went sapphire mining this last weekend and scored some really nice specimens. :)


Congratulations to Methyas and our Tree-like Consul Malik for making it to Round Three of the Fading Light ACC competition! Go get ‘em killers!

To Malik (DC), Rhaegon to PRT, Jeric (AC), Maelous (DC), Locke (AC), Teu (AC), Methyas (AC), Armad (DC), Kyrath (DC), Sebaz to ACO! Well done people.

Welcome back to Rhaegon and Dessan and Welcome to godsanity, Zetnom, Walleto, and Mando Lazarus.


Clan Naga Sadow:

  • Mind Games
  • Loremaster Series
  • Orian Assembly Runon: Reclaiming Our System (See the beginning of my report for a link to the runon)
  • Clan Naga Sadow Weekly Puzzles
  • Develop Your Dark Jedi Character Month One
  • Picture Me This: What Do You Currently Look Like?

Entire DJB:

  • Blood and Glory
  • Club Firsts: Diablo 3 Torment 6 Solo Malthael Kill
  • Club Firsts: Diablo 3 Torment 6 Group Kill
  • May Madness
  • Dark Side Cult Adept Visits
  • World Cup Bracket Challenge
  • Monthly Gaming: 100 Ballz
  • Character Development: Motivators
  • Ice. In Summer.
  • Musically Inspired
  • Dead. and Buried?
  • I’m A Believer!

-My door is always open!


"I feel we are seeing some good progress towards tightening things up and reclaiming our status as the best Clan in the Brotherhood"

Come at us, bro :D

We're coming. ;)


^ (are we seriously not doing that anymore!?)

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