Proconsul Report Sixteen- Once More Into the Breach


Proconsul Report Sixteen- Once More Into the Breach

Proconsul Report Sixteen

“Once More Into the Breach”

Sith Space Orian System Sepros Temple of Sorrow

“He has arrived, my lord,” stated the hall guard. “I’m informing you as requested.”

A tall man in red and black armor with slowly blinking red lights strode into the Consul’s office. “Greetings, Consul Malik. I’m reporting as requested.” The madman peered about. “I like the spartan decorations. I’ve never been one for opulence myself. Those are credits that can be put towards equipment, droids, or… my hobbies.” The Sith chuckled. One eye bulged with the laughter. It was yellow, had a slitted pupil, and an evil mien. “Forgive my appearance. A Sithspawned replacement for the one lost on Bosthrida. I made some modifications. Fortunately most are not visible.”

“Darth Vexatus has stepped down to pursue his own researches,” replied the Neti coldly. “You are needed to serve again.” The tree-man shifted behind his desk. “We’re in a difficult place and the Clan needs you to clean up the mess. I’m counting on you. The Clan is counting on you. I remember when you first joined. We Neti have long memories. I was Consul then, and Robert Sadow your Quaestor. Will you comply?”

“I see,” replied Macron thoughtfully. “I have never, in my decade plus with the Clan failed to serve. When I last retired I did not expect this to happen again. Yet and still, I serve Sadow with all my evil hearts.” The Elder grinned and chuckled, fingers flexing with clicking sounds in the gauntlets he wore. “How may I be of service to the Clan?”

“As Proconsul,” the Warlord replied bluntly. “You opened Markosian with that strike team, and Leora Khan was eliminated. Our aid workers were able to establish a foothold and gain a rapport with the denizens. San Korinar is back under control. I want to you to personally lead the charge to secure our entire system and eliminate and enemy forces. The time of tolerance is over. The time of Clan Naga Sadow is upon us.”

“I understand, Consul. Do I have a free hand?” Macron’s bloody yellow eyes narrowed. “I have brought us to greatness before. I can do it again if we all pull together as comrades in arms. Victory and broken chains are within our grasp. Beings across the system will fear us again, as it should be.”

“Yes. I know you are itching to get to work, so do so.” Malik turned to the readouts in front of him. the entire mining, smuggling, and trade life of the network scrolled across the screen in front of him. “I’m going to work behind the scenes to enhance our profit margins. Let’s get the new mines on the Inos moons into play soon. We need the revenue badly.”

“And so we shall,” growled the Sith Adept in reply as he smashed a fist into an open hand with a meaty smack. “I’ve been waiting for this moment. No more shall we lie in front of the hearth as meek Panthac kittens. No, we shall have fire in our veins. Passion. Power. And a lust for battle.” He giggled. “Yes. Yessss…. it’s time for a change. Time for the iron fist of our Clan to close again over it’s own domain, and then crush more resources from those too weak to oppose us. So it has been since Lord Orian’s time. So shall it be again.”

The Sith scowled as he left the room. He touched his wrist comlink. “Macron to Nachzerer. R9, contact the entire Summit and have them meet me at the Temple of Fire. We have much to discuss, and time is wasting.”

Proconsul Report Number Sixteen

Hi! You’ll notice this is labeled 16th and not 1st. This is my sixteenth Proconsul report, actually.

Hello everyone. Xanos/Vexatus had to attend to Real Life (gasp) duties and I have been placed as Proconsul in his stead. I want to publicly thank him for his excellent service. The guy does so much, and has for a long, long time. Our recent San Korinar three week competition was run by him, more or less solo as Malik was on vacation. Thank you!

What have I been up to?

I believe that it is very important for us as leaders to show what we’ve been doing, as far as the Club goes. Sometimes people are doing things that nobody even knows about. Are they active? Yes. But perhaps it’s hard to see sometimes.

In the last month, I have proposed two ideas for new Shadow Academy courses, and the Headmaster gave me the green light to develop an outline. I’ve worked on coordinating the upcoming Brotherhood Lightsaber Guide, and am guiding the finishing touches on the Alchemy Guide. I’ve done a bit of comps- our BT won the San Korinar event-, took an SA course, updated my character sheet, attended a Conclave, and such. Leaders lead from the front, whether positioned or not. You can be a great leader, and not have an official title. Which brings me to my next point.

We Are Watching

That’s right. One thing I am personally interested in as a leader in my DJB career is seeing that folks that do hard work get recognized. People like that, it’s only human. It is nice to hear it though, right? So. If you as a member are working hard, it will be noticed. Thank you, on behalf of the Clan. Keep it up- we need and appreciate every one of you.

What Do You Want?

So tell me, what do you want out of this club and this Clan? What is fun for you? We’ll find a way to work it in. My door is always open, from the newest Apprentice all the way to the old-timers.

Fictional Direction

There has been some discussion among the Summit and Conclave members about this. the general sense is that we are lacking a solid direction after the “crime syndicate” theme we’ve had for a bit. We’re hashing it out right now with some ideas. See The Above- if you have ideas, drop me an email and let’s hear them. this is your Club, not one specifically for Summit and high-rankers.

Up Next

I’ll be getting in touch with the entire Summit in the next few days, we have some work to go getting the Houses in order and getting the ball rolling in a new, fun direction. I need help with some nifty report headers if any of you would be so kind. You’ll be rewarded for the service work. I'll be taking the markdown course shortly. Nice looking reports are cool- but so is substance.

Until then, we’ll keep the bacta tank on for you and a cold bottle of beverage in the fridge. Get excited, Clan. Things are about to begin moving and shaking in a good way.

~Dark Side Adept Macron

That's some mighty swift reporting there.

I work fast. :)

Its the alchemy I tell ya.

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