Qel-Droma Report #2 (Fading Light Edition!)


Qel-Droma Report #2 (Fading Light Edition!)


Qel-Droma report

BAC Shadow

Patrol Route Echo, Dajorra System

Valtiere gazed upon a series of datapads strewn across the desk, in his ready room. It had been two weeks since the campaign on Begeren was declared complete and there were still too many unanswered questions. The Battlemaster’s mind raced, with the possibilities and implications of what had occurred on the ancient Sith world. Dots were starting to connect and a picture was coming together that the Sith didn’t like. Something was very wrong in the Brotherhood.

The Quaestor’s train of thought was interrupted by the buzzing of the ready room’s intercom. Valtiere sighed, pushed his chair away from his desk and walked to the intercom to activate it. “This is the Quaestor.”

“Commander Axium here, sorry to disturb you sir but you are needed in the CIC. We have a priority one message from the Citadel, we’ve been ordered to deploy.”

The Sith could hear a bustle of activity in the background on the other end of the comm link. “Recall all squadrons, warm up the hyperdrive engines and set condition one throughout the battle group. I’m on my way.”

“Aye sir!” The line clicked closed.

Valtiere grabbed a data pad and calmly exited his ready room. As he traversed the narrow metal corridor to the Combat Information Center of the ship flashing red lights and klaxons began going off throughout the ship. The Commander’s voice came over all the intercom speakers, “Action stations, action stations, set condition one throughout the ship. All hands prepare for hyperspace jump.” Crew members bustled through the narrow passageways like a hive that had just been prodded.

A brief hush came over the CIC as Valtiere entered the room. The Sith ignored all the eyes on him and moved with deliberate speed toward Commander Axium. “Status report commander.”

The Zabrak officer handed the Quaestor a datapad with orders directly from the MAA himself. “Sir, we are to join the Antei fleet immediately for an assault on the planet Nicht Ka.” The officers in the CIC resumed their duties as Valtiere processed the orders.

The Sith turned to the communications officer, “Patch me through to the Port Or’val Operations Center. Tell them to get the Aedile. We have an invasion to plan.”



The final round of Fading Light is upon us! Fading Light is a series of vendettas which serve as an epilogue to the Dark Crusade and set up Great Jedi War XI. The current phase consists of five events which are detailed below in the Competitions section. Your House and your Clan need you! Every submission places us closer to winning and adding a shiny new starship to the Arcona fleet. Be sure to update our activity tracker with your submissions. More details and fiction update in the DGM’s announcement

The Voice has added a Praetor and two new Magistrates. Legendary former Consul Wuntila joins Wally on the Voice staff as a Magistrate.

The Fist reminds you to follow the Rites of Combat and not idle in #dbgaming IRC channel for the duration of the vendetta.

Per the MAA office, no unit to unit transfers will be approved during a vendetta. We assume intra-unit transfers within the same clan are allowed.

Big changes in the Shadow Academy. Check out the latest Headmaster Report for a sneak peek at the new leadership degrees and the news that the Test of Wisdom will now accept competition entries. So take that Fading Light fiction that you’ve put a lot of work into and submit it for Test of Wisdom credit.


House News

If you haven’t already, be sure to give Timeros a huge pat on the back. He fought his way through the Fading Light (Part II) ACC tournament and defeated some of the finest writers in the Brotherhood to make it to the championship round. Shad barely edged him out an in extremely close round, but he brought home the silver. #intimmywetrust

The House run-on will resume (in some form) after Fading Light ends so stay tuned.



DA Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae

  • Silver Nova

  • Cluster of Ice

  • Seal of the Crusader

SWL Nadrin Erinos Arconae

  • Seal of the Crusader

OPM Alaris Jinn

  • Crescent with Ruby Star

  • 32x Clusters of Fire

  • Seal of the Crusader

SBL Invictus

  • Pendant of Blood

  • 102x Clusters of Fire

  • Legion of the Scholar

  • Seal of the Crusader

OP Celevon Edraven

  • Crescent with Emerald Star

  • 7x Clusters of Fire

  • 2x Clusters of Ice

  • Legion of the Scholar

  • Seal of the Crusader

SW Ernodeth Puer-Irae

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star

  • 217x Clusters of Fire

OT Kanis Da’uul

  • Crescent with Sapphire Star

  • 14x Clusters of Ice

OT Turel Sorenn

  • Crescent with Ruby Star

  • 588x Clusters of Fire

  • 3x Clusters of Ice

  • 2x Legions of the Scholar

  • Seal of the Crusader

DJK Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

  • Steel Cross

  • Crescent with Ruby Star

  • 22x Clusters of Fire

  • 5x Clusters of Ice

DJK Blarex

  • 40x Clusters of Fire

DJK Seren Dipity Puer-Irae

  • Cluster of Fire

DJK Adam Bolera

  • Anteian Cross

  • 11x Clusters of Ice

GRD Revs

  • Anteian Cross

  • 7x Clusters of Ice



  • Turel Sorenn from Dark Jedi Knight to Obelisk Templar



  • OT Turel Sorenn to GMRG XII

  • DJK Blarex to GMRG III



  • DJK Blarex from Rouges

  • APP Forza Dlam from Test of Lore

  • DJK Seren Dipity Puer-Irae from Rouges

  • DJK Angriel from Galeres

  • DA Cyrus Oscura to Rouges

  • SWL Nadrin Erinos Arconae from Galeres

  • APP Miraak from Test of Lore

  • PRT Krant Altair to Rouges


Shadow Academy

OT Turel Sorenn

  • Dark Maven: Service

DJK Seren Dipity Puer-Irae

  • Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches

  • Gaming 103: Submitting Gaming Activity

  • Gaming 201: Pazaak

  • Graphics in the Brotherhood




Aedile’s Corner

We have just over a week until Fading Light: Nicht Ka ends. This culminates the Dark Crusade and Fading Light events that have lasted for over a year. To say this is a marathon and not a sprint is an understatement. Fading Light itself has lasted a long time, I was a fresh Protector when the first event started and now I’m an EQ1 as it ends. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time to finish strong.

In order to finish strong as a house and a clan we need all hands on deck. Not to beat a dead horse but every single submission matters. We are blessed to have some extraordinary talented and experienced individuals in our unit but a gifted few does not a house or clan make. The Timeros of the world cannot carry the whole unit. Vendettas are not spectator sports. Every member from Novice to Elder is needed on the field.

Is it frustrating at times? Yes. I’ve struggled with writer’s block on this fiction and it took Atty slapping some sense into me after I got down about getting my butt kicked in gaming. I’m still here though, still in the trenches. #tigerblood isn’t about gloating when winning is easy, it’s dusting yourself off and giving more than you thought possible when things are hard or frustrating.

Arcona Invicta!


Closing words

We’re coming up on the final week of Fading Light. Don’t step back off the accelerator, keep pushing. Let’s cap off Fading Light with a win. We’ve lost before, we’ve won before. We know how both feel, and I sure prefer the feeling of winning over that of being pipped at the post. Don’t leave things out and think ‘what if I had done 5 events instead of 3?’ Do all the events. That sense of achievement, of working with your team to bring Arcona to victory, to think ‘I was part of that’, is an amazing feeling. I’m still plowing through my fiction, a bit at a time between shifts. Wally showed you that you don’t need to be a great artist with an array of oils and canvas to win graphics. You can play Pazaak for gaming. It can be done. Make use of your compatriots. We all want to win, so let us help you help Arcona come out on top.


Great report!

That's that refreshing Qel-Droma aroma! Arcona Invicta!

Hoorah. Nice report HQD. Arcona Invicta.

Intra-unit transfers between houses do not go though the MAA office so you can do that all you want even during vendettas.

That is the greatest speech i've seen in a long time and i'm certain to follow your words, Mr. Turel. Arcona Invicta!

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