Quaestor report #1


Quaestor report #1

A New Quaestor is in town

Hey all!

As Raiju already announced, I’ve been made Quaestor of this house. How will that affect you? Hopefully, not a lot. I am not a fan of change for the sake of change, but will rather slowly implement improvements.

I like to think I’m easily approachable, so if you have any questions, just shoot!

Unfortunately, I’m taking an LoA right away. I’m taking a bunch of scouts out camping for a week. I’ll be using some of that time to come up with some crazy competition idea’s, and those who’ve seen some of my comps before (or even an entire Vendetta) know they are usually of a unique kind. So be prepared!

Also, you might notice I did not announce any awards in here. You are absolutely correct. there’s a good reason for that: I plan to go over every single one of you in this house, and make sure you get the rewards you deserve. So, please hold up until I get back from camping. :)

To close up, I received some questions. Mako asks: Do you have any animal that you are particularly attached to such as Gizkas? Yes. One of my earliest memories is riding an elephant when I was around 4 years old. I remember it all: the texture of the skin, the roughness of the hairs, and the power of the elephant. That stuck to me. So, my answer is elephants.

Mako also asks: what are your plans/hopes/dreams for Imperium, the houses battle teams, and yourself? Firstly, to get things stable. Less leadership changes, people getting promoted steadily, etc. once that is in place, we will see where things go. Fictionwise, things will broadly still the same.

Jorm asks: Purely for the laughs I challenge you to design, 3D-Print and program a report typer for you within 3 months - do you accept the challenge? I will get back to you on this in my next report. First, I’ll have to figure out if this is even feasible.

For those of you wondering what prompted this question: I recently got a 3D printer, and if you want to see the results, join us on Telegram. I’ve been spamming results there every now and then. :P

Raiju asks: What's with your country's love of dikes and tulips? Oh and carrots Let me start by saying that only a raw carrot is a good carrot. Boiled it becomes.. meh. Besides mussels and other shellfish, boiled carrot is one of the few foods I really can’t stomach. And I’ve stomached a lot..

about the dikes: we don’t love them. We absolutely need them. Without dikes, half this country would be underwater. don’t believe me? Try this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Sea_flood_of_1953 . that’s what happens when our dikes break. Yes, that was a once-in-a-100 years perfect storm, but we really don’t want it to happen again. So, since then, our dikes have been worked and improved on.

Personally, I live in a province that’s entirely below sea level. If a big enough dike breaks, my house will be two stories underwater, leaving only the attic above.

About the tulips: if you think the US invented capitalism.. you’re wrong. The dutch did. First, the VoC, the first multinational stock issuing corporation. You might remember them from Pirates of the Caribean. Yes, they did trade in slaves. And many, many, other things. During that time, there was a Tulip Mania. They became highly sought after, and prices soared. Compare it to the Internet Bubble collapse: practically overnight, the whole economy built around tulips collapsed.

However, ever since then, the dutch have grown a lot of tulips, and became quite renowned for them. Kinda like wooden clogs, I guess. And these days, they still sell. So, that’s why we’re still crazy for them. :P

So, that wraps things up for now. I’ll be leaving in a few hours, though I might pop up on telegram occasionally. PM me if there is anything you need!

~Korras / Aeternus.

What about Hagelslag?

hagelslag is what we export. we keep the good stuff, the chocoladevlokken, to ourselves. :P

3 Quaestors in the space of less than a year? Are you worried?

No one is or should be worried about this, or expecting anyone else to be. While we were sad to see Dek go - we have the utmost confidence in Korras' ability to run a house. The turnaround isn't even that high.

It's a question for Korras, but nice of you to chime in with your thoughts. :)

Great report. Thank you to "Urban Dictionary" for helping me understand some of this the right way lol

3 Quaestors in the space of less than a year? Are you worried?

My leaving was for work related reasons. If I could have stayed I would have. I loved working with every Summit member. Comments like this are not helpful. You can choose to be a part of the problem, or choose to be a part of the solution. Your choice.

Hey Dek, folks seem to be in a tiff about a very simple question. Rather defensive about it too, which is very telling in my opinion.

Now of you'd all let the new Quaestor answer my question, I'd appreciate it; especially since imperium was my home when I first joined, and that I'm interested in reading what "he" has to say about the it.

However, if the summit feels like it needs to justify or counter the issue without letting the newly appointed Quaestor answer, by all means do the despotic thing and close this thread from more comments, or if you all actually care about bettering CSP, imperium, let him answer what he thinks he can do about it.

Nah, I'm not worried. Sometimes life happens, and people resign before they would like to. Honestly, I'd be more worried if they stick around but have no time for it. And dek has been open about it, he let us know when he found out, and stuck around until his situation changed.

It's happened to many people, myself included, and is just part of life in this club. It's happened to me more then once, it sucks as much for the outgoing person as those left behind.

As for the comments being closed: I don't do that, and don't look kindly upon those who close mine without closing it. As I said, I'm easy to approach, and I do believe in open communication. If you have questions for me, go ahead and ask, either here or in telegram. :)

Thanks! looking forward to see what you're all about.

Happy to have you with us, Korras! Excited to work with you in the future.

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