Quaestor Report #2


Quaestor Report #2


Greetings fellow Dakhani! My second report as Quaestor will be short (unlike my first one) and to the point. Grab a chair and take a few minutes to read through this, as we have some exciting news for you!

Operation: Firestorm

The Clan event finished a few days ago, with grading still going on. Obviously we wrote so much goodness in the Clan Run-On that it’s keeping our CON/PCON and RM very busy with judging. In a recent email they told us to hold tight, and expect them to be finished within a few days. In case you missed the event (I hope you didn’t!), you can check out which activities we did during the three week event RIGHT HERE!

Rest assured that once judging is complete, Bentre and I will look towards rewarding our members for their outstanding activity during Firestorm. I am extremely thrilled to have seen high participation rates during this event from Shar Dakhan, even from some very busy individuals within our ranks.


The best part of this report! Bentre and I have come up with a light event to keep everyone entertained for the next three weeks until the end of April.

WHAT? ANOTHER EVENT?! You may be asking yourselves? You bet your delicious behind! We love rewarding you for your efforts, and we love creating things for you to do even more than that. Just because a Clan event finished doesn’t mean you get to sit on your hands and twiddle your thumbs!

So without further ado, we will be presenting our very first event as Quaestor and Aedile. Operation: Homeland will begin on the ninth (9th) of April and end on the thirtieth (30th) of April!!

This event takes place shortly after Operation: Firestorm, with us returning home to Aeothoran. After having been attacked unexpectedly by the Dominion before, the Aedile has convinced the Quaestor to prepare for future attacks in a staged battle situation, or a “sim” if you like.

Further detailed information will be released within the next few days. What I can tell you is that the event will comprise of six competitions spread over the next three weeks, which include fiction, graphics, gaming and trivia.

But Darkblade, why no Run-On? Well, continue reading and find out why we opted out of a Run-On!

Clan Wide Run-On

Locke and Co. have decided to do a Run-On during the month of April in order to prepare Naga Sadow for the feud with Clan Scholae Palatinae that starts somewhere in May. Naga Sadow is well known for its awesome and exceptional fiction writers. In order to get the new guys up to speed and lure our older members out of hiding this Run-On has the sole task of getting everyone involved and polishing their skills before the Feud.

Working together will be the main priority here, as the event will not earn you any crescents. However, for every five-hundred (500) words written you will earn one (1) Cluster of Ice. For your characters fictional development and for your own experience, I highly suggest you participate in this event when it launches.

Due to the Clan Run-On, Bentre and I felt it would be unnecessary to also host a Run-On, which might confuse members or simply detract from the main event. Thus Operation: Homeland will have no Run-On, and be a light hearted event that will give you the option to do stuff and continue practicing for the feud, whilst also giving you the time and possibility to polish your skills in the Clan Run-On.


For the people who aren’t familiar with the Feud system, these are mini-wars between Clans or Houses within a Clan. The main purpose of these is to promote healthy competition and fictional enemies (yargh!).

In cases where Clans compete against each other, things can be won and lost. Planets, ships etc. Feud’s also work on a system where participation is extremely vital, even if you do not place. Participation in all events by members can be the difference between losing and winning in some cases. Points are allocated for the normal placements of members, but also for participating in competitions tied to the feud. Thus even if you do not win any competition, you still contribute to the overall victory (or defeat if you don’t participate) in Clan Feuds.

For many, this will be their first major event. It’s exciting, the hype is real and boy do you want to make sure you crush, stomp and leave the other Clan begging for mercy when you stand victorious above them. I feel that Shar Dakhan will be ready and able to contribute to this Feud on a great scale when the event comes to fruit in May! More details on the Feud will be released by the Clan Upper Summit when the time is near, so keep an eye out for those super informative reports!


If you are interested in fiction, there is one located here that explores the relationship between Bentre and Darkblade as they are appointed their position. Past history between the two will make this a troubled cooperation (in character) for the Sith Warrior and the Mystic during their tenure as Quaestor and Aedile of House Shar Dakhan.

Their relationship will also affect the future of the House, and is definitely something to keep an eye on!

Reminder: this is all in character and in no way does it represent our actual feelings towards each other! We totally dig each other and so far I could not have asked for a better Aedile to be working alongside with ;)


Right, that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed the read and are excited for the events planned the next couple of weeks!

Benny and I will get back to you on the 9th of April to release our event and bring you all up to speed on what we have in store for you these upcoming weeks. We will also be discussing the completion of Firestorm and mention the people who have done all the things since our last report!

Until then Dakhani, stay tight!


  • Firestorm ended!

  • Operation: Homeland to start on the 9th of April!

  • Clan Run-On to be started in April

  • Feud with Scholae Palatinae in May

  • Fiction!!


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