Quaestor Report #2


Quaestor Report #2


Greetings everyone and welcome to the June edition of the Satele Shan Quaestor’s report. The Summer is an odd time within the organization due to many people finishing up school and shifting their work/life schedules. Some will have more time than normal, others less. However, with that in mind, the MAJOR item of note for this report is an upcoming House event that will get us all engaged with a wealth of lore development, growth of Satele Shan’s role within the Clan and the Kiast System, and the opportunity for awards and recognition.

In order to spotlight this event, one that I am very excited for, this report will forgo the customary sections of awards, promotions, and housekeeping items. These topics will return going forward, and your friendly neighborhood Aedile will spotlight these on his upcoming report.


House Event – Dominion

The Dominion event begins on June 22nd and runs through July 6th. Normally, an event of this magnitude would run for 3 weeks at least, but due to the purpose and scope of the event we are trying things differently.

How so? Well, thank you for asking. Dominion is the first phase of this story arc where depending on the participation levels a follow up prompt and an additional event will be generated.This will make far more sense once you read the opening fiction for Dominion – Phase I

TLDR version is that our planet, Daleem, is unique in the Kiast System in that the noble families do not run the planet. Instead, several powerful guilds receive funding and patronage from the Empire in exchange for running Daleem at their behest. These guilds are primarily independent and have immense power. Due to the events of the Shadows of the Kesaret such an arrangement must change. The Vatali Empress has asked for Satele Shan to moderate a meeting between the guilds and the governor of Daleem asking them to renounce some of their privileges and have Imperial oversight. Will they submit peacefully or will Satele Shan need to disarm them by force?

The outcome of this event will depend on participation. If either 30 total entries or more are submitted, or 15 unique members participate, then the summit occurring on Daleem will end peacefully. If less, then the guilds will be suppressed by force and the House will have to go to the mattresses to defend the legitimacy of the Vatali Empire.

So, bottom line up front, we have 6 competitions for this event. There is truly something for everyone so I hope everyone participates in every competition to truly knock this out of the park and build us a strong foundation for the next event and our continuing House lore.

The Summit - The standard fiction competition we all know and love.

Vantage Point – My first adventure into graphics competitions.

Battleground Easy – A relatively easy puzzle to get everyone engaged.

Battleground Medium – As the name states….slightly harder puzzle

Battleground Hard – This is truly a hard puzzle, but doable!

Vatali Empire Strikes Back – A trivia competition focusing on Daleem and the Vatali.


Tython’s New Leader & Full Summit

It is no secret that Satele Shan has been in a constant state of flux since the beginning of the year. Shuffling membership into leadership roles and advancements taking people up and out is a normal thing within this organization. However, less normal is having a completely new summit of people taking on a position that is entirely new to them. There is always a learning curve and while the transition occurs the normal state of activity can be altered.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to announce yet again that our own Tyraal Bitshiver has been chosen as the new Battleteam Leader of Tython Squadron. While this is still a new sub-unit, it is an illustrious Battleteam with an unmatched record so far. Taking on such a unit is no easy task, but Tyraal has taken the reins strongly and has already started a mini-event of his own to get the unit back to fighting form. I have the utmost faith that in due time Tyraal will do amazing things with the unit and continue the pride that comes from being a member of Tython – the elite Battleteam.

Now that we are finally reconstituted at the Summit level and there has been about a month of consistency it is our intent that the “walk before you run” phase is over and we can truly start to be dangerous and effective. On behalf of Tyraal and Talis, we thank you for your support.



Again, this report came out slightly later than hoped but we as a House are positioned well for the upcoming Summer months. Now that Satele Shan has a full Summit for the first time in many months we can begin to grow and work together to support the unit and the Clan as a whole.

The upcoming Dominion event will be setting the stage for the “new normal” rhythm of activity. The intent and goal is to return to a normal schedule of major and minor events and create a constant state of activity to keep everyone engaged. As the new Summit gets more comfortable and confident in their abilities this will improve.

However, there is much WE can all do. All members can suggest ideas for further events and can submit competitions to generate more activity and opportunity for furthering the narrative and allow people to compete for awards and recognition. Simple things like building a personal wiki page and getting involved in Telegram are great ways to start. In this club you get back what you put in.

With that, this report comes to a close. There will be an updated report after Dominion ends to illustrate the results and provide the way forward for the close of the arc.


The excitement is REAL. Can’t wait to dig in, Mauro!

Wicked cool fiction! I think i might have to make time for this

Excited for this!

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