Quaestor Report #8 | August is Upon Us!


Quaestor Report #8 | August is Upon Us!



Seems as though this summer is absolutely FLYING by. At least it has been, for me anyways.

For those of you who were unaware, right during the recent competition series we had, my landlord told me I had to move out of my apartment as soon as possible. Considering the fact that we had planned to live there for another few years, this was of huge crisis for us. And right in the process of trying to get this figured out, our apartment flooded and we were forced to sleep outside in a tent for two weeks. No reimbursement, no deposit, and no extra rent money from when we left earlier than we anticipated. And all this happened around wedding planning, too! (18 more days!)

Thankfully now we are in a much better predicament, in our very own three bedroom apartment with our two lovely huskies and a very pregnant cat ready to pop any day now. In saying all this, life SUUUCKKKS sometimes. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you as I needed to be during our first House event in a LONG time. I will do my absolute best, with help and accountability from the Clan Summit, to ensure my future planning and organizational skills will not be affected by IRL in the future. By saying that, I mean I’ll ensure to do things in a much timelier manner so as to avoid any silent periods in the future. I feel that where I am at now with a new full-time job and a new apartment is much safer and also much more dependable for me as a Quaestor.

If any of you have concerns, please address them to me personally via Telegram or email. I want to be as transparent with my family members here in the DJB as possible.


Changes in Excidium and Imperium

I want to give a big warm welcome to Korras as our new Quaestor for Imperium! I admire this leader’s skills and principles of character and cannot wait to see how his leadership impacts Imperium in a huge way.

Dek Ironious, thank you for all the great times you’ve bestowed upon us. Though we will miss having you in the Summit, we are eternally grateful to keep your friendship here in the DJB.

Though I’m sad to see her go, I would like to announce that Shadow Nighthunter is going to be an amazing aedile to Imperium’s newest Quaestor. It was so wonderful working with my best friend and sister-from-another-mister, but I’m looking forward to helping someone else in the newly opened aedile position here in Excidium. If you are interested, please email your applications to myself, Elincia Rei, Mune Cinteroph, and Raiju Kang. Deadlines for applications is August 31st. At anytime, however, we can close applications depending on those we receive should we find a acceptable candidate in a faster period of time.

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • 24 - 48 hour email responding time
  • Creative skills in assistance to developing competitions, plot storylines, fiction, and campaigns
  • Ability to use Telegram, DJB Wiki, Trello, Google Docs, and DJB Markdown (willing to train in this, but please take the courses!)
  • Ability to work with others in a timely fashion
  • A general understanding of where you want to be in the DJB in the near future

Disruption on Mount Karbon Finale

I wanted to say first and foremost that I am very impressed and appreciative towards all who participated in the Disruption on Mount Karbon series. Congratulations to Kadrol Hauen, the newest named Hero of Ulr Uvi, and to Imperium’s own James Malum for his own Imperial title. These titles will be added to the wiki as soon as possible.


Oh Also Check These Out:

  • Pro Bowl III is afoot! Show those other clans who is boss here .
  • Words and War has just a few days left! Get those shinies here .
  • Korras has posted his first report as Imperium’s Quaestor!
  • Big congratulations to Mune for his recent Dark Side Scroll!


So Basicallyy…

  • I’m back, and I’m sorry
  • IMP has a new QUA and a new AED
  • Excidium needs a new AED, applications open til August 31st.
  • Congrats to James and Kadrol for their new titles in Disruption on Mount Karbon
  • Congrats to Mune for his Dark Side Scroll
  • Words and War and Pro Bowl III are going on right now!
  • No #askalara this time, check back in the next report.


Wooot! Welcome back, and yes..! Looking forward to what Korras does with Imperium. Dek knows I love him, and well... I hope you'll find someone suitable for Excidium..! Best wishes for your wedding!!!!!!!

Just wanna say, I will always have a special place in my heart for Excidium. Stay awesome as always, everyone <3 You got this Alara!

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