Quick Dinaari Update, 5/21/2014


Quick Dinaari Update, 5/21/2014

Greetings all!

This has been a whirlwind week for me, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update on where some things stand before my normal report this weekend.

ACC Beta Tournament Concludes, Shadow Wins
Shadow has come out on top of the ACC Beta tournament with a narrow victory over his opponent, Verse Theris. He also appears to be one of the favorites to win his side of the bracket according to a recent May Madness ACC Tournament bracket competition.

Fading Light: ACC Tournament!
Dinaari is off the a strong start in the recently launched Fading Light ACC Tournament, with Kooks and Decimo both getting their first post in. Good luck to both of them, as well as to our intrepid Clan Summit, all of whom are fighting for their lives this round. Our Proconsul managed to be the first battle completed of the entire tournament - and still the only battle completed! Most of our participants in Dinaari earned byes this round, by chance or due to participation in the ACC Beta, so next round should see a flurry of Dinaari activity.

Quick Dinaari Competitions
In addition to the plethora of options you can read about on the Competitions page (or in my upcoming report), I wanted to highlight a couple items specifically:
Tarax's Idea: Quick Graphics, Pretty Shinies
The second in Tarax's series of competitions has Tarax and I swordfighting. You can use any medium you want to depict the epic confrontation. We've received no submissions yet, and the competition closes in under 3 days, so get on that! Check out the link here!
Biological Terror: Kill Stuff, and Things!
Use diseases. Wipe out the world. What more do you want?! Complete Kaz's compeition!

Level 15 Duelling: Dinaari Domination?
After my last report, it seemed a lot of people were interested in level 15 SWTOR dueling. This is a great thing, because in Vendettas, level 15 dueling is typically part of any PvP event. You'll be hearing more from your leadership on this in the new future; in the mean time, if you don't have TOR, try it out! It's free to play!

Applications for Harbinger BTL
Applications are still being accepted for Harbinger Battleteam Leader. If you're interested, see my last report for details, or contact Kaz and I by email. We're looking for someone that wants to be involved in shaping the direction of the Clan. Do you think you can be that person?

That's it for this quick update... Hope you guys have a good week!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Dinaari Aedile
Combat Master

Woo, Grats on bringing the Beta Tourney Home for Tal, Shadwick!

Yay Shad! Unlike that other guy who failed to get into the finals. Screw that guy

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