Report of the Loremaster - July 2014


Report of the Loremaster - July 2014

Report of the Loremaster - July 2014

I'm going to make a slight change to the report style this time as many of our readers may just want to get into the bulk of the report now. As promised though, the fictional update is found at the bottom of this report and starts to lead us into the next phase of our mission as the Orian Assembly, obviously we still have some way to go in our current Run-on, so we'll need to tidy up those loose ends first. Otherwise, let's get into the reporting!

New Arrivals and Promotions

  • Godsanity has joined us from the Unknown Regions
  • Zetnom has joined us from the Unknown Regions
  • Armad has been promoted to the rank of Guardian
  • Rhaegon Targaryen has been promoted to the rank of Guardian

Loremaster Series

The first month of the Loremaster Series has passed and we have a good start, only one of the paths remains empty which gives us plenty of room for a fierce competition in the coming months. Remember, the overall victor of their path will be named the Paragon for that discipline at the end of the quarter. That means you have three more months and three more competitions to make up ground and secure your place as King/Queen of the mountain.

So how are the paths going right now? I'm glad you asked, here are the current standings.

Path of Conquest

  • Leader: Jeric Cyrin
  • Competitors: Jeric Cyrin, Rhaegon Targaryen, Malik Sadow

Path of the Force

  • Leader: None
  • Competitors: None

Path of Knowledge

  • Leader: Jeric Cyrin and Rhaegon Targaryen
  • Competitors: Jeric Cyrin, Rhaegon Targaryen, Malik Sadow, John "Dragoon" Witwalker, Macron Goura Sadow

Path of Self-Discipline

  • Leader: John "Dragoon" Witwalker
  • Competitors: John "Dragoon" Witwalker

Alright, so its been a good start, and the Path of Knowledge was a very close battle with only one question separating First from Second; not to mention a tie for not only first place but third as well. So how do we shake this up a bit and get more of a rivalry going? I'm glad you've asked, here are this month's competitions.

Path of Conquest: Destination - Earth
Path of the Force: In Your Mind's Eye
Path of Knowledge: Origins of an Empire
Path of Self-Discipline: Know thy Self

Each of these competitions will be running from July 6th until September 2nd to give you a whopping four weeks to participate. And speaking of participation, remember that you also have the option to participate in Loremaster Challenges if you want to get some personal development done outside of our current Run-on nudge, nudge. Remember, the Loremaster Challenges are more personalized missions which will benefit the Clan in their goals and also gives you the chance to be the hero of a story; it also gives you an outlet to simply write because you can.


  • Welcome to our new members and congrats to our recent promotions!
  • Loremaster Series! A new wave of competitions released, check them out!
  • Loremaster Series! Jeric leads Conquest, Jeric and Rhaegon tied for the lead of Knowledge, Dragoon leads Self-Discipline; it's anyone's game for the Force!
  • Loremaster Challenges, specific challenges issued by myself to develop you character, ask away for a challenge

As always, if you guys need any help at all within the Clan, Brotherhood, or just want to know more about the competitions and challenges I'll be running, don't be afraid to shoot me an email and ask away! Remember, the fictional update is to follow!

For Sadow,
Methyas L'eonheart, Son of Sadow
Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow

Ten Kilometers Outside Seng Karash
Aeotheran, Orian System

"I've got eyes on the target, seems they haven't thought to change their emblem yet. They're pretty cozy in there though, I don't think the Dlarit remnant really understands what they've done," Jeric spoke plainly, his tone low as he looked through a pair of electrobinoculars. The man had been tasked by their Loremaster after the events near Inos to investigate some of the leads uncovered in the assault. Oddly though, the Miraluka had requested he deliver the intelligence to Teu instead. Jeric rolled to his side, shifting enough in his prone position to put away the electrobinoculars.

"I think they were simply considering self-preservation, they knew it was a matter of time before we changed our minds about them," Teu's voice rose up through the headset in Jeric's ear, "Regardless, we've found where the Organization decided to hole up, return to Alabrek Citadel and we'll make preparations for the next step."

"Affirmative, I'll be en route," Jeric spoke quickly before rising to his feet, packing up his gear before turning to start for the waiting transport nearby. He had only taken a few steps before his datapad chimed at his waist, new orders it seemed.

"Identify priority targets within facility. Constraints: Zero casualties, remain undetected. Await further orders, do you accept?"

The message had arrived heavily encrypted and, as far as Teu's agents had discovered thus far, untraceable. Jeric knew that the message had come from Methyas, the Loremaster having become secluded and a bit of a spook, but the task was undeniably suited for his skills. Jeric's fingers danced across the datapad as he responded to the message before grabbing his gear and starting towards Seng Karash.

"Affirmative, going dark."

Intelligence Division
Auxilary, Alabrek Citadel
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos
Several days prior

"How did we even get all this information?" Rhaegon scoffed, his eyes scanning the information before him as his fingers danced across the keys before him.

"Our Quaestor has been rather quiet about that, I know we had agents working on taking their system by force, but considering how she has us searching through it..." Jeric replied flatly, obviously wishing not to completely speak his mind.

"Who else could it be? I mean, this is incredibly detailed stuff, pulled right from the Organization's databases. These guys stood no chance at keeping it out of our hands," Rhaegon replied with an almost begrudging tone, he was no doubt impressed with the information but on the other hand, not so much impressed that they had assigned him to the work.

"Our House specialized in this sort of stuff before Quaestor Teu took command. There was a unit known as SHADOW, but it was disbanded, or at least so we thought. I recognize some of this work, it most definitely echoes some of their handiwork, but who pulls the strings of SHADOW now?"

Rhaegon paused his work for a second, turning to look at Jeric as he waited for more of the explanation he knew would be coming, the young Guardian had only recently returned to the Clan.

Jeric let our a slight huff of disappointment before he continued, almost exasperated, "Our Loremaster was one of their creators, he seems to have an unexpected amount of...control, around Orian. I wouldn't be surprised if he's still leading them."

Rhaegon was about to respond when the terminal started to chirp and chime in its success, information about Organization bases and facilities across Orian filling their screens in rapid succession. Both Jeric and Rhaegon's eyes flashed across the various displays quickly, analysing just how deep the Organization's network had become throughout the Crusade before Rhaegon spoke, "I think Teu will want to see this..."

Kel Rasha, Aeotheran
Present Day

The Knight took another sip of his glass as he watched the various dancers in the club, his eyes watching partially in amusement as he continued to survey the patrons around him. Men and women of various species seemed to be enjoying the show, although hushed conversations filled the darkened tables at the outskirts of the stage as usual. Dragoon had been given a hint, simply a tip that someone or something would be at this club tonight. He took another sip from his glass, enjoying the contents as he reached out with the Force to hear its whispers and guidance. The Horseman didn't appreciate this kind of work, but whoever had sent the message obviously had faith that he was the man for the job.

Another dancer came his way, a cute little thing to be certain, but he waved her away for the moment as he needed to stay focused. It was then that he felt the subtle nudge, the whisper in his ear from the Force. Dragoon turned slowly, his eyes seeming to follow the little dancer before they settled on the darkened table across from him. He made sure to get a good glimpse of the man at the table before his eyes settled on woman on stage, his hearing being enhanced by the Force as he tried to hear the conversation amongst the heavy bass and cheering from the patrons.

" I suspect this will suffice as a down payment?" rose the other voice from the table.

"Hmm, I 'spose it'll do. I'll be needing some danger pay, of course. The big ones will need more, I'm sure you understand," the man said precisely as he leaned back in the booth.

"As long as you complete your assignments as you're known to, that won't be an issue."

"Good, make sure I get the dossiers and this Assembly won't be yer problem any more."

Dragoon quickly downed what was left of his drink and started towards the exit before he heard one final thing he'd have to report, "Excellent, the Assembly's leaders won't see a thing coming with Jack Blaster after them."

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