Rest up folks: July Clan Report.


Rest up folks: July Clan Report.



A Message from the Consul

Hello, darlings! Welcome to the first Consul report following GJWXIV! As we wait for the grading to be completed, I want to take the opportunity to tell you just how proud of you I am. I know that these have not been easy times for many of you, yet you still took the time to show up and do the things. Great job for every competition you participated in, and every opportunity you took to represent Arcona. I am so proud of all of you.

Once the war grading is done, we will commence with awarding shinies, so keep your eyes open for that! In the meantime, there will be no clan or house events for at least the next month, in order to allow ya’ll a much-needed break. So crack open the beverage of your choice, kick back and relax. You’ve earned it!

A Message from the Proconsul

Hey all, just a quick word from your PCON. I am immensely proud of everyone here who stepped up to help us in this war. All of your efforts have been noticed and are greatly appreciated. Win, Lose, or what have you, I couldn’t ask to be in a better Clan of fantastic individuals.

Moving forward, Lucine and I are in the planning stages for some future fun times for the Clan. I hope you all enjoy what we have coming in the woodworks.

Enjoy a well-deserved break, everyone! Arcona Invicta!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. News
  3. Competitions
  4. Ask The Deadly Duo
  5. In Closing...



Arcona News

  • A special thanks to all of you who completed all 9 of the bins! In total, 17 of your fellow Arconans stepped up and achieved this task. Amazing job, ya’ll!

    • Atty
    • Strong
    • Kashiro
    • Junazee
    • Aiden
    • Qyreia
    • Tali
    • Tybalt
    • Marick
    • Alaisy
    • Emere
    • Sulith
    • Sera
    • Luka
    • Aru
    • Archian
  • A big congratulations to Alaisy, who took first place in the JA tournament. Well done, Shiny Sith! Kashiro also took second in the tournament so give him a round of applause too!

  • While we are congratulating people, let’s give a big round of applause to Kashiro, who took first place in the HotS tourney! Great job, Log! Our very own Grot also took second place so a big congratulations to him as well!

DB Wide Updates

  • The Regent is hiring! If you like spreadsheets and data, then check it out!
  • Speaking of jobs, the Fist is also hiring two new Magistrates! If you’re interested, then be sure to check out this fine news post.



  • Puzzles! The Puzzlek Series is currently on, run by our very own Tali! Check it out!
  • And another puzzle! Junazee is running a Summer Break Puzzle! Go forth, and do the thing!
  • In Having Pride, you have the opportunity to draw your character celebrating pride month. So, grab your arting utensils and get to work!


Ask the Deadly Duo

  • Kord has a few questions!

    • Can Lucine come out to play during the month off from events? Maybe some beach time? Catch some of that vitamin D?
      • Lucine: “Beach time sounds delightful! I shall instruct Tabriss to pick up sunscreen. A lot of it.”
      • Aiden: “She’ll just leave me with all the blasted paperwork. grumble grumble grumble
    • How do we feel about our War turnout? Are we happy about the number of people who did ALL THE BINS?
      • Lucine: I am super proud of how Arconans worked hard during the war. And yes, the number of people who did ALL THE BINS are amazing!
      • Aiden: "We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. Y’all did amazing."
    • How's Aiden dealing with all the violence that came along with the Arx field trip?
      • Lucine: “Yes, how is Aiden dealing with all the violence from the Arx field trip?”
      • Aiden: "Violence is fun! But perhaps next time, less fun would be warranted. My arm can only take so much abuse. :p"
    • How badly did we loot the Nesolat? We get anything neat?
      • Lucine: “Loot?! We did no such thing! We are simply… holding the recovered artifacts in trust for the Shadow Academy.”
      • Aiden: "We certainly did not try to keep anything that would benefit the Clan. Who do you take us for?"
    • When's the Dagger and Book gonna pop up and doom us all?
      • Lucine: “There is no need to worry about that, darling. My plans for my precious… er… the Dagger, are going accordingly.”
      • Aiden: "My plan is to find out her plan."
    • Any interesting attempts on the Summits' life lately?
      • Lucine: “A bunch of people tried to kill us. It was a war, after all. But interesting? One or two, I suppose.”
      • Aiden: "Artillery shells suuuuuuuck"
  • Wally asks: Can you do an easier to type hashtag next time?

    • Lucine: “Sure we could!”
    • Aiden: "That’s my bad all."
  • Kashiro asks many things:

    • Thank you for your leadership during the war. (Or something nice like that).
      • Lucine: Thank you for all your hard work and participation!
      • Aiden: “No, man, thank you. You pushed through this war with an epicness I could only dream of.”
    • Hope things turn out well.
      • Lucine: Me too!
      • Aiden: "We shall see!"
    • When can I start running tournaments for Arcona?
      • Lucine: I’d say give it a few weeks to let people take a breather. After that, go nuts!
      • Aiden: "Tournaments….ooooooh!!!!"
    • Can I in fact get a badass title and/or just become the equivalent Lord Shaxx of Arcona?
      • Lucine: I think that can be arranged, yes.
      • Aiden: "You have to be a badass to get a badass title….and you sir are one."
    • Basically can I show up every few months, dump games on people and then go away?
      • Lucine: I mean, you could. But would you really deny us your sparkling personality in your off times?
      • Aiden: "Who else would be the loveable gamer guy who smacks me down a peg in HotS????"
  • Atty also asks a few questions:

    • Have you eaten have you rested yet do you need hugs? We'll feed you and give hugs war is hard
      • Lucine: I’m good on food, in fact, some might argue that I take in too much. But I’ll always take hugs!
      • Aiden: “Rest doesn't come easy at the moment. Back to back 16 hour shifts make sure of that. I hope to rest soon though.”
    • Atty and Lucine Have a Talk 2020?
      • Lucine: Yes! Imagine it! The words! The deep revelations! The tears! The potential for violence! It would be amazing!
      • Aiden: "I can’t wait to read this!"
    • What did you enjoy about the last month? What do you wish had gone differently? And don't say "I'm mad at myself for not doing even moar"
      • Lucine: I think what I enjoyed most over the past month was watching the camaraderie demonstrated during the war. As far as what I wish would have done differently? I wish I would have taken more time on my fictions. Maybe someday I’ll learn not to procrastinate.
      • Aiden: "I highly enjoyed the display of gaming dominance Arc showed in the tournaments. I wish I could've done better in those myself."
    • How are your characters feeling about everything that's just happened? About each other? Just had a war with the new pcon
      • Lucine: I think it is a bit too early to say; I am withholding judgment until I see the final war fiction. Overall success or failure will largely inform how Lucine feels about the war. As for Aiden? In her opinion, he performed well.
      • Aiden: "Aiden isn’t happy about another war injury, but he respects the leadership displayed by Lucine and the efforts given by his Clan."
    • Auntie Lucy and big cousin Ele?
      • Lucine: “Auntie Lucine, perhaps. I do not approve of diminutives, not even for babies.”
      • Aiden: "Eeeeeeeeeep. Yes!!! A million times Yes!!!!"
    • Now that we've made it to the other side of the war...who lives, who dies, who tells your story?
      • Lucine: “Who lives? Everyone, it seems. Who dies? Nobody who matters. Who tells my story? I have a talented team of PR staff working on this very matter!”
      • Aiden: "Luckily no one of importance died, but can we call this war living? These are the deep questions that haunt me."
  • Xenna asks: What are your thoughts on the rumors?

    • Aiden: "They are not true! Unless, of course, they are most definitely true!!!"
    • Lucine: “Ah yes. I find the rumors to be quite delightful! Unless you are referring to those rumors. If that is the case, then I have no comment.”
  • Aru asks:

    • Will you miss Arx?
      • Lucine: “Some, perhaps? In truth, I am looking forward to returning to Selen.”
      • Aiden: “Not really, Selen has more going for it right now.”
    • How much is the DC paying us for saving their asses?
      • Lucine: “That remains to be seen. We have sent an invoice for our services.”
      • Aiden: "I demand full medical care!"
    • How are you?
      • Lucine: Fantastic, thanks!
      • Aiden: "Tired, but excited."
    • What kind of recreational activities are you engaged in now that the each is over?
      • Lucine: Bingeing on Youtube videos (mostly anime and birb videos), reading and doing some non-Star Wars writing. Oh yes, and a whole lot of work. Good times!
      • Aiden: "Gaming, Co-op writing, and relaxing"
    • Would you rather fly or teleport??
      • Lucine: Teleporting, hands down. I hate flying.
      • Aiden: "Teleport. It’s the fastest way from here to there."
  • Sera has a few questions!

    • Any war injuries? We’ve already got some missing limbs and facial scars, but how did the clan summit fair?
      • Lucine: “Scars?! Oh, goodness no! Heaven forbid”
      • Aiden: “Aiden got some burns, a head gash, and his cybernetic arm was trashed. He will be upping his combat training.”
    • Any schemes come to fruition over war time?
      • Lucine: “Oh, yessssss…… mwahahaha!”
      • Aiden: "What schemes? Who told you of these schemes? It is best you forget what you think you might of heard,"
    • * If you could see one reward come to the clan from the war, what you want it to be, and why is it a horde of 20 trillion giant albino spiders to unleash on our enemies?*
      • Lucine: “While giant albino spiders would be intriguing, I am fine with credits. We can use them to repaint the fleet so that it no longer clashes with my outfit, and also expand the Arconan fleet.”
      • Aiden: "I agree with credits. I wants to get paaaaaid. :p"
  • Alaisy asks:

    • What is your preferred blend of tea?
      • Lucine: “I am partial to a private blend that includes Corellian jasmine, ginger and coconut.”
      • Aiden: “I have recently fallen in love with Mint Teas.”
    • Is Lucine going to continue working from distance instead of jumping into the heat of the battle?
      • Lucine: “Historically, bad things tend to happen to Arconan Consuls during war. Why would I invite catastrophe?”
    • Any plans for Arcona post war?
      • Lucine: “Indeed! Stay tuned for more!”
      • Aiden: "We hope you all like what we are working on!"


In Closing…

War can be a hectic time. We are grateful to everyone for all of your hard work. Ya’ll knocked it out of the park, and I couldn’t be prouder of all of you.

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @AidenLD) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


Excellent War showing kids, looking forward to the results!

I shall proceed with the victory screeches.

Additional props and big ups to Alaisy for going above and beyond and not just going HAM in the JA tournament, but for knocking out all 30/30 events. 💪

Shout out to Donny coming up clutch on that Hots bracket. Looking forward to the results and the future events for Arcona. 🕶️

Super proud of this family, and super proud to be in it. Ohana, Arcona Invicta, and well done to everyone and to our leaders, positioned and not!

Wwwhhoo! Great turn out! A job well done, thank you all for being awesome!

Thanks for the lovely report! Congratulations Kashiro and Grot for absolutely owning the brackets and great job to everyone completing the bins ^^

Congratulektions to all of Arcona! ^^ Y'all kicked all the names and chewed all the ass!

Relax, recover, and prepare for more hijinks with your favorite space wizards!

Late post, but good work everyone! Arcona invicta :D

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