Rollmaster Report #4 - A New Format


Rollmaster Report #4 - A New Format


This is your loveable Rollmaster, once again, coming at ya from the sacred heap with a loooong overdue, report.

Odanites, my family, I am so honored to be serving this great Clan. I must say that just being RM has opened me up to not only, other members of this club, but it has made me more aware of the fans outside of this club. It has made me reach out, in an effort to draw fresh faces into the mix. We have been expanding our community and the vibe in our Clan has been increasingly positive. It's a great thing to see and we’ll be hard at work making it even better.

In this report, I will be covering website navigation and how you can get started as a new member, Master/Student updates, my personal goals for the new month, competitions, and Journeyman spotlights. I'm excited to write this report and I hope you will enjoy reading it.


To kick this off, I come before you with a new spin on Rollmaster reports. I will no longer be reporting on general activity, those things are covered in House and Clan Summit reports. While it's important to see progress, it can get redundant. I'm hoping that whoever reads these reports can take something useful from them. Afterall, training is the name of my game and I want each of you to be the best member that you can be.


I've Joined, Now What?

After having discussions with our newer members. One issue seemed to be a glaring one that was shared by nearly every one of them. 

Website Navigation

What do I do after I join?

Where do I go?

These questions are super important to address. If a new member joins a new club, they don't want to be immediately met by frustration or confusion. While I can't give you a full rundown of every feature this club has to offer in one report. I will go ahead and break it down into what I feel is important for new members to know. 

You all should be familiar with logging in, it's pretty much the same as it is for other websites you may have to sign into. You will use your email address and password to login, but what's next?

Here are my suggestions. For all members, the bread and butter, your go-to area of the site for checking personal progress and editing your account and or characters will be your administration tab. I strongly encourage you to peruse all of the options found within.

Important tabs for beginners will be:

Main Tab

  • Competitions - This will provide you a list of current competitions in circulation. For participating in competitions you will gain awards such as medals and credits. These are also very important for promotions and merit awards. Not to mention, most of the activities or events the Brotherhood is currently running can be found here.  

If you find a competition you like, you will simply need to subscribe to it, follow the details or rules of the competition, and then submit your entries.  

  • Shadow Academy - Here you will find an assortment of Academy courses that are filled with useful knowledge about our club and how it operates. I strongly urge you to start with the fundamentals courses, these will be the most important courses for you as a new member.  

  • Brotherhood Chat - Here you will find a link to Telegram, the program we use for communication in our club, as well as a list of channels where we meet.  

Administration Tab

  • Activity Assessment - This is where you can see a detailed breakdown of your overall activity, medals you have earned, competitions you've participated in etc..  

  • Promotion Progress - Will tell you how far along you are in your current rank and will offer activity suggestions for you to gain the next rank.  

  • Character Sheet Administration - Here you can create or make edits to your characters.  

  • Possessions/Loadouts - This will allow you to create a loadout for your character and will take you to stores filled with gear you can buy with the credits you'll earn.  

  • Society Progress - Once you have taken the Societies courses, you will be able to go here in order to see your progress through the society rankings as well as tasks you will need to accomplish to level them up.  

I know that this list is nowhere near complete. But if you get these down, it will start you off in a good place for further growth and development.

Other Important Tabs

Spotlighted Shadow Academy Course

Comms 101: Website Navigation


Highlighted Competitions

In addition, I will be running four monthly competitions a month. Two will run for the first two weeks of the month and two will run for the remaining two weeks of the month. They will consist of character building/development and lighthearted fun (easy for new members). 

The two comps I've started for the first half of December are - 

Rollmaster Plan/Goals

Since becoming your Rollmaster, I have been able to recruit 20 new members and have worked diligently to pair them with Masters that have shared interests.

I have been focusing heavily on recruitment and have set a current goal of 50 members. If and when I get 50, my goal will be 75, then 100. This is the mindset I've brought to this position. I will not be a stagnant leader and I won't be a trapper style Rollmaster. I won't let the members come to me, rather, I'm actively looking for membership to bring in. I have been proactive in this position and will continue to set the bar for RM's everywhere. I will not stop until the number of new apprentices outweighs the number of available masters.

I have messaged hundreds of people (not an exaggeration) and have spent hours, seeking the future of our Club. To expand on this and to quickly meet my goal, I will be having a sitdown with the rest of the Summit and we will discuss, in detail, our next steps. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please, send me an email or message me on Telegram

Community Opportunities

Known throughout the Brotherhood for our community. Members of Clan Odan-Urr are like one big family. We love interacting with one another and helping each other.

Master-Student Program

The best way for newer members to get help, is through the Master and Student program. If you are currently looking for a Master, go to the Cantina and sign up. Based upon your answers, we will work to pair you with an available Master. 

Current Master/Student Pairings

Master Raziel - Apprentice Aaron Solara, Koraline Sky

Master Revak Kur - Apprentice Natro Liwep

Master Aurora 'Aura' Ta'var - Titanic Thunder

Master Gui Sol - Apprentice Ruti Tar

Elyon de Neverse - Apprentice Eva Gagemon

Master Zeon Blacktooth - Apprentice StarMighty

Training Roleplay

In an attempt to bring more activity to the discourse forums, and to help maintain that community feel, I have created a training RP for both newer and older members. This will be the first of many. Not only is logging onto discourse a recommended activity for promotion, but newer members will be able to use these RP's as an opportunity to pad character development word counts, which can also be used towards elevation. They will also allow us to get to know each other's characters. A bit slower paced than our Discord RP sessions, you will be able to sit down and take your time with your posts and creative writing. Come join us!  

Master-Student: Praxeum

Weekend Events

Every saturday and sunday we have group events like trivia, roleplay, gaming, movie night, among us, or whatever other ideas hit us. Check our communication channels (email, telegram, discord) for scheduled events. Notices go out by Friday. Come hang out with us! 

New Arrivals

Everyone join me in welcoming our newest members to the Clan! Say hi to them if you haven’t already. 

New Member Spotlight

  • Sulon Tiful had reached Acolyte!

  • Titanic Thunder has reached Neophyte!

  • Torrun Arresh has reached Neophyte!

  • Koraline Sky has reached Novice!

  • Draxion Durk has reached Novice!

  • Aaron Solara has reached Novice!

In addition to the promotions listed, our new members have - 

  • Koraline Sky - Has hit the ground running. She has been hammering out fundamentals courses and studying Clan lore. She has also created her character sheet and been an active presence on Telegram!

  • Draxion Durk - Has been actively participating in discord chat, created his character sheet and has written a post for the Praxeum RP!

  • Sha7k/Ruti - Has earned his first ever merit award, a DC!

  • Sulon Tiful - Has created his character sheet and been an active member on Discord. He has also earned 9 Clusters of Graphite for his participation in graphics competitions and posted in the Praxeum RP!

  • Eva Gagemon - Has participated in her first competition!

  • Titanic Thunder - Has created his character sheet and participated in 3 competitions!

  • Natro Liwep - Has been a constant presence on Telegram and has participated in a total of 7 competitions!

  • Via-Torr-Duskk - Has participated in a competition and has created her character sheet!


Ask the RM

Koraline Sky asks - "I'm still a little confused about the writing competitions. Is there a specific place we go to enter?"

Answer - "Yes, when you find a competition you like, you will subscribe to it. You will need to follow the specifics and details of the competition, making sure you cover all of the requirements. Once you're confident that it's ready for submission. You will simply go back to the competition where you subscribed and upload the file. Once uploaded, you will select the loadout or loadouts of the characters involved, and click submit."

Appius Wight asks - "Who's your favorite Taldryanite, and why is it me?"

Answer - "Appius, of course you are my favorite Taldryanite. As to why, we share an appreciation for the Saber-staff and all of its stabby potential."

Revak Kur asks - "Is beating of students still a thing? Asking for a friend."

Answer - "Of course not, we love ALL of our students!" -nods yes-

Aurora Ta'var asks - "I know from experience that helping others is a lot of work. It's always an interesting challenge to cover everyone and make sure each Odanite has what they need. How can the rest of us help you do that?"

Answer - "I think for the most part everyone has already been quite helpful. Honestly, I couldn't do it without the Circle of Masters, great new members, and the support of the Clan.

Raziel asks - "Does my hair look better up, or down?"

Answer - "I think you should shave your head. You can't look in the mirror or see yourself anyway, right? Or can you??"


Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you learned something from this report. If not, at least you got two new competitions and a RP out of the deal. Nevertheless, my reports, from here on out will have useful tidbits of knowledge. Feel free to approach me with ideas for things you would like to see in future reports.

Contact me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or find me on Telegram. 

As always, 

May The Farce Be With You,


Nicely written report! Good information for new members too


Great Report!

Wow nicely done, friend!

Great report Gui

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