Run-on Announcement: The Tides of Darkness


Run-on Announcement: The Tides of Darkness

The Tides of Darkness: A Clan Plagueis Run-On Event


Brought to you by the combined forces of the Left and Right Wings of Dread, the Houses Karness Muur and Ajunta Pall, the feared Dracaryis and the elusive Eiko, Drac-pool and Eiko-schach...


Behold! A joint, continuous run-on meant to give everyone a chance to rub shoulders with one another, while pursuing the grandiose and impossible dreams of your leaders -- to keep you active and happy in every socially acceptable way.

Before you go too far into the Rabbit Hole, read up on the instructions for participating in the Run-On (here) and the posts so far (here). Once you've done that, join us!



This is an official, non-competitive Run-On (meaning that no Crescents will be awarded, but we will reward posters with Clusters of Ice) for all members of Clan Plagueis. Participating means that you need to follow all the general rules for Run Ons (available here), and follow these instructions for posting so that we can keep things clean and orderly-ish.

Reserve your post. You will need to reserve your posting spot before you start working on your post, so that others will know that you're next in line and won't write over you. If there is no reservation, simply put up a post that says "#User reserves this post," then begin working on your post.

If you reserve a post, you have 24 hours to replace your reservation with your post (min. 300 words). If you don't replace your reservation with a post within 24 hours, your spot will be forfeited -- removed and opened up to the next reservation. We have to keep things flowing, and that means letting people get their posts onto Discourse in a timely fashion.

Keep it consistent. This is about following the story, and keeping things formatted as much like other user's posts as possible. We can handle some side-quips, and even a couple of side-stories, but if you'd like to take some of this Run On and make it into the basis of your own, smaller story, please make a new private run-on so that everyone is able to participate in this larger Clan-wide opportunity.

Disable your signatures so that we can keep the Run On clean and legible.

Periodically, Drac and Eiko will be reserving a post to keep the plot moving forward. We would love for this to work without oversight, but that's entirely impossible -- so, respect our reservations so that you can continue to have a good time. The plot updates will be larger and tailored so that they'll better mesh with the story so far, so that takes a little bit more time and effort.

Thanks for your attention! And without further ado, travel over to the Run-On's Discourse page and reserve your spot in the ongoing adventures of Clan Plagueis.



Dracaryis and Eiko

Left and Right Wings of Dread


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