SARLACC Round 1 Summary and Round 2 Start!


SARLACC Round 1 Summary and Round 2 Start!


SARLACC Round 2 is now live

SARLACC Round 2 is now live!

  • Be sure to select [SARLACC] Round 2: For Science! as your competition when issuing match challenges and [Scenario] SARLACC 2021, Round 2: Arx Colosseum as your venue for all round one matches.

  • Competitors must select a creature from the list inside the competition details. The creature that the participants deal with during the battle must be clearly specified in the first post. Members are allowed and encouraged to talk about which creature to use.

  • Members may match with the same member for multiple battles (even within the same round) or select a different opponent/teammate each time

  • For questions/concerns about the competition please email all the competition organizers Turel/Rajhin, Ciara, and Erinyes. This includes any real-world emergencies that would require extensions beyond the one 24 hour.

Here are the correct settings for a match challenge (only use the round 2 venue). The competition is set to none if you are manually challenging

match settings

SARLACC Round 1 Breakdown

Round 1 went very well and the final matches are being judged. First, here is a breakdown of the participation so far.


I’m very proud that we get representation from every unit. Keep it up! Get your friends to join in the fun for round 2!


This shows the overall completion rate for the competition. Every single match opened in round 1 is shown here. “Closed” means the end of round 1 hit and the match was manually closed. “Timeout” means a member timed out on a post. A 78% match completion rate is also something all of you can be proud of. Keep up it and manage your time. Don’t forget you have a single 24-extension per match. If you have a real-world situation and need an extension please contact the competition organizers.

While the matches in this competition are cooperative in nature the ACC rubric still controls, in particular the story section. Make sure to not only have plenty of action in your posts but ideally, the characters should be in believable danger they must overcome.

I cannot emphasize this last part enough. A common error I saw in round 1 matches was having no action at all in one or more posts.

Good luck and have fun!

Turel “aka Rajhin”

sharpens saber

pokes Marick that's now how the Force works

eats an apple like all badguys

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