Satele Shan Aedile Report #2


Satele Shan Aedile Report #2

Sup Sup.

Sorry for the lateness of my report. Real life went crazy in the last two weeks so I have been dealing with that. So no fiction this report. Will do one for the next one.

So on to the important stuff, Activity.


Savant Janus Stormwind: 3 Clusters of Ice, 3 Clusters of Graphite

Vanguard Maximus Alvinius: 4 Clusters of Fire for PvP matches played on or before 2018-05-13 Total: 4 Clusters of Fire

Vanguard Jafits Skrumm: 29 Clusters of Fire, 6 Pendants of Blood, and 228 Clusters of Earth

Master Gavriel Kadesh: 3 Clusters of Earth

Augur Windos:Total: 32 Clusters of Earth

Vanguard Maximus Alvinius: 4 Pendants of Blood

Seer Junazee: 135 Clusters of Fire and 20 Clusters of Earth

love the activity. now on to awards.

Vanguard Maximus Alivinius was awarded a Dark Side Scroll for them selecting the house wiki article as the featured article which he wrote. Congrats Maximus.

If i missed anything im sorry. Im running on little sleep due to the real life and hopefully i will have the next report out on time. Have a wonderful night everyone.

Aedile of Satele Shan, Mystic Talis DeMorte

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