Satele Shan Aedile Report: The one with the potential copyright violation


Satele Shan Aedile Report: The one with the potential copyright violation

This is going to be a short report, where I show off the winners of a House competition, wax philosophical about a Journeyman, and taunt you with Sudoku.

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The Wrath of Shan Results

We had five great entries for the Wrath of Shan competition, unfortunately I could only pick three:

First Place: Aaleeshah

1st by Aaleeshah

Second Place: Ceballa LightBringer

2nd by Ceballa LightBringer

Third Place: Seridan Brehevik

3rd by Seridan Brehevik

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Member Spotlight: Ceballa

Ceballa has been star this past week or so. Many Shadow Academy courses and promotion emails have come through with his name attached. There is already a 'Congrats!' email on the clan mailing list, and I'm sure there is will be more to come.

Keep up the good work, Ceballa!

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Satele Sudoku (For the whole clan)

In each of my reports I will link to a competition. When you subscribe to this competition, you will be given a link to a Sudoku (or similar) puzzle. Submit your completed puzzle as a screenshot when done.

The winner will be the person who gets the puzzle 'most correct', if multiple people get it perfect, then the time taken to complete (as measured by the site) will be the tie breaker.

Subscribing starts the timer!

Satele Sudoku - April

n.b. this competition may be tied to the Satele Shan Aedile Report, and bear the Satele name, but it is open to the entire Clan.

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I told you it would be short, you're welcome!

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