Satele Shan Quaestor (Short) Report: The one with a change of guard


Satele Shan Quaestor (Short) Report: The one with a change of guard

Two reports from me in one month? What the heck is this craziness?

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You'd probably have had to be outright ignoring Odan-Urr email list the past few days to not know that Ji has decided to step down as House Satele Shan's Quaestor. I tried (perhaps selfishly?) to get Ji to hang around for a while, but in the end he's decided it best for the House.

Ji's a good friend of mine, and this was the third time (assuming I'm remembering House Cestus correctly lol) that he and I have served together as a house summit team.

The clan summit have bumped me up to Quaestor, and Mar Sûl is replacing me as Aedile. This does make his Battle Team Leader position vacant, which leads me to:

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Position Vacant: BTL Disciples of Baas

If you're interested in becoming the BTL of the Disciples of Baas, send your application to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

If you aren't too sure how to do an application, check out this very old Shadow Academy course on the topic: Leadership Applications

(There are some benefits to being an Ex-Headmaster)

Don't take that as gospel though. Do your own thing, and get it into the summit.

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Mar and I haven't really had a chance to sit down and has out our plans yet. I've had the last two days off of work and have been busy with... umm... Age of Ultron and things... but we'll (read 'I', Mar is already on his game) will sort our stuff out and have some details (and maybe fiction?) for you next month.

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To cap of this pseudo-report, I'll just leave this here:

HSS Logo

(Yeah it's big, sue me :P)

This is what I read:

Solari's... BACK... back in the saddle again! ... BACK!

"(Yeah it's big, sue me :P)"


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