Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #17


Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #17

Consul Report

This report brings with it a lot of news, and the opening of our next clan storyline, The Order Campaign! Check it out below.



The fiction is also available on the forums

The fiction is also available in PDF format

Operation Starfall Part 1

Sith-Faced Joe’s

Ulfsark shot up his hand, signalling to the bartender it was time for another round. A wave of murmured thanks went around the group. It was rather unusual to see the Mystic come to participate in such a celebration, and his willingness to pick up the tab for the next set of drinks didn’t go unrecognized. Everyone had to have their turn.

On the far side of the cluster of pushed together tables, Jorm tapped away on a small datapad, kept carefully out of sight of the others. Perks of his lifestyle, he had come across a very handy tracer bug, and was using it to ensure when time came for him to buy a round, it would be paid courtesy of Ulfsark’s account.

The bar was dimly, and with it being only a little past two in the afternoon, totally empty save for the members of Scholae Palatinae who sat clustered together. It was loud, and a dozen conversations were taking place between different members. Here sat members of Imperium and Excidium, forgetting the fighting they had been forced to do against each other by the will of the Empire. They were here on the buzz of success against the forces of Naga Sadow, and that was the one enemy that brought them together. The biting cold of Mygeeto had based, but their cocky and carefree attitude following their victory had not.

“So what do you think it will be next? War against Arcona? Be invaded by sentient nerfs? Quest to find the birthplace of the Force?” Landon asked.

“Don’t joke about that. The Emperor might think you are serious and have Elincia cook up some of those nerfs in her lab,” Archangel replied. The Shaevalian took a large single gulp of his drink, emptying half the tankard. He set it down with a surprisingly light touch and grinned.

“Oh come on, there is no way he is listening in on us here!” Landon exclaimed.

The Forgotten Temple

The Emperor and Grand Marshal eyed the screen, watching the group of clanmates enjoy the post-war high of victory, and attentively listening to the multiple conversations going on in the bar. The Empire’s eyes and ears were everywhere. There had been an exponential growth in the number of bugs and cameras going up around the system, all by order of the Emperor.

Elincia leaned back in her chair and looked up at the Emperor, whose cold and expressionless mask gave nothing away. His feelings on the joke were intangible even with the force. His arms were folded against his chest, and there he stood, motionless.

“They do have a good point, you know. They are going to want more, this high of victory won’t last long. Maybe if we had kept ahold of those artifacts, it might last longer but…” Elincia trailed off. The Emperor made no move or acknowledgement she had spoken, dark eyes still fixed on the screen.

“I’ve compiled some three-dozen methods to rapidly accelerate the sentience of nerfs,” G14-D05 interjected, synthesized voice dripping with the excitement of a child. Elincia sighed, but out of the corner of her eye, quickly ran down her terminal screen to see where the A.I had managed to come up with nine more methods than she had.

“Call everyone to the palace, all clan members immediately,” the Emperor finally broke his silence. He pressed a few buttons on the terminal below the screen they had been watching. Replacing the feed from Sith-Eyed Joe’s came a planet. Elincia’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you sure now is the time for this?” she asked. The Emperor nodded and turned on his heels, long strides carrying him back toward the palace.

Clan Meeting Hall
Beneath the Imperial Palace

All eyes were locked on the image projected before them. The holo-image of the planet rotated slowly. It was a planet unlike any they had experiences before, the surface a manifestation of chaos. Land gave way to water gave way to land. Neither form a mass bigger than a handful of kilometers across.


The Emperor’s voice filled the room, causing several to jump in their seats.

“This is the first step from which the Empire will grow. The time has come to stop playing the games of children, and forge the strength of an ironclad Empire. You have proved your skills against the curs of Nada Sadow. Now you will prove it to the galaxy,” There was a pause while the Emperor paced slowly back and forth behind the podium, letting the implications of his statement sink in.

“This ugly lump of rock and water may not look appealing, but it is exactly what we need. It is rich in resources: metals, gems, kybar crystals. If we control this planet, we will have enough resources at our disposal to no longer rely on the fragile trade agreements with the other clans of this brotherhood,” The Emperor didn’t bother to mask his tone of disdain for the word. He held up a hand and Elincia Rei walked up to the podium.

“This planet is currently under the control of the SoroSuub Corporation. They have already deployed a workforce of 10,000 miners to the planet, and have begun operations to drain the planet dry as fast as possible.” Several images flashed, replacing the image of the planet, all detailing the surface and SoroSuub facilities.

“To this end, we will not be deploying a normal military strike force. All non-member forces will be withheld, and kept in dark space beyond the borders of the system until the time comes for them be used to ensure compliance from the local workforce. We cannot risk damaging the equipment, or losing the experienced workers already on the surface. Only those of you sitting in this room can be trusted to ensure this operation succeeds. Summit command of this operation will be handled by Moff Mune Cinteroph,” Elincia quickly looked down and entered a command on her datapad. There was a buzz from everyone in the room.

“I just forwarded you the operation plan. Operation: Starfall is now active.”


Operation Starfall Events

For information on the planet Aesirus, please check out its wikipedia page.

Operation Starfall: This here is the parent competition for this event. You can expect to see more competitions go up where when we move into round two!

Take Over the Colony: This is our event long fiction. You are tasked with taking over SoroSuub’s facility on Aesirus. This one is a bit different, in that you need to write from multiple different points of view! Not just your own character’s.

The Best Offense is a Good Offense: PvP Gaming competition.

Hunting for that Bling: This is the round 1 fiction. You are in search for the Kybar Crystal Cave!

Home on the Range: A Graphics competition asking you to illustrate SoroSuub’s base of operation.

Life of a Miner: The poetry event where you need to focus in on the harsh conditions for the miners on the planet.

Resources Abound”: This is the trivia event. It is timed from when you hit subscribe. You will be given the questions at that time.

Jewelanche: Round 1 flash game, go for the high score, and bring home those precious stones.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - The Council

There have been some big changes regarding the Dark Council. While it is easy to think that everything on the site just happens by magic (See: James’s witchcraft coding), there is a team of people constantly working to keep it running and provide an amazing experience for all. To this end, a new Council position was needed that could be fully devoted to the incoming (finally) possessions system.

The DC Position of Regent has now been opened, and filled by the former Voice, Evant Taelyan! Evant’s duties as Voice had also been pulling strongly into the possessions realm and it became clear it really would be a full time position to keep managed. My brolove for Evant isn’t a secret, and having worked with him on some of the stuff behind the scenes for possessions, I know he is for sure the man for the job. You can read Pravus’s full news post about this new position here.

Replacing Evant as Voice is, Marick “Wally” Arconae. Wally should be a familiar face to a lot of you. He is a former Arcona CON, and has spent the last while as our club’s Combat Master, providing all kinds of support to members in the club, especially in regards to their CSes. Wally is a great guy and is going to give it 110%. I’m very excited to see what he does!

Also in a separate DC matter, the Fist, Cethgus, has resigned. His replacement is still pending, but you can expect to see a news posted soon (tm).


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Treason

The latest fictional update for the entire club was released this month, coming in the form of Treason. This fiction follows the continuing divisions in the club of the Inquisitorius and the hunt for the Undesirables. Direct consequences of the events in this fiction are really affecting Scholae Palatinae, but there is a rather foreboding line about us being reminded who the true Emperor is.


But seriously it was a good read, go check it out to see more of the club’s fictional direction right now.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Who are you?

First up, a new addition to our Character Sheets system has gone live on the site. One of the difficult things about having different orders for force-users and non-force users, is deciding if you want to make the switch to a different one. It can be difficult to figure out a character build if a sheet gives you (or doesnt give you) force abilities, etc. To that end, a new sandbox has been released for use. It is snappy, its fun, it lets you play around with all kinds of builds to figure out what you want to do without being limited to your current rank and order.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Your Friendly Neighborhood Clan Summit

I wanted to hit on this very quickly.

Once again I want to thank Cyris for his efforts as our Proconsuls. He brought a lot to the table, and did some incredible work for this clan.

Elincia Rei has moved on from being our Rollmaster to the role of Proconsul, and has been a massive help in getting this next clan campaign story started.

Mune Cinteroph has also fully stepped into his position as our new Rollmaster. We are all massively excited for the next few months and what it brings to the clan. Expect awesome things CSP!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Ask the Xen

Kylex asks: Are lobsters like mermaids to scorpions?

  • Yes.

Lexiconus asks: Operation Starfall. What is it?

  • See rest of report. :P

Lucyeth asks: Why can't the Syracuse Orange play some defense?

  • Because of reasons.

Lexiconus asks: Have you drawn up a military battleplan yet, on how to budget and organise our fleet and army through possessions? (I'm assuming you took part in the beta and tested this.)

  • Hard to plan things when we don’t know how many credits we will have to buy things with.

Xantros asks: How would your character react for Xantros' return to CSP?

  • He would throw a party celebrating Xantros coming to his senses and coming home.

Lexiconus asks: Salt Lake Bees or Orem Owlz? :P

  • The Bees. Orem sucks.

Archangel asks: Did you read my aftermath fiction? If not, go read it and answer my follow up: Do you see Xen acting in that fashion?

  • Yes I did. Xen wants and needs his top fighters functional, so him being a bit cruel in what he allows to happen to others to ensure that is pretty much right on the money for where he is currently. But that might change a bit down the road.

Lexiconus asks: when are you dying so I can take the throne?

  • Who knows. :P

Archangel asks: Do you feel that, given the chance, we should buy a Super Star Destroyer and four wings of fighters?

  • Yes. Yes we should. The SSD Vismorsus will conquer all!

Cruise asks: How much would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck chuck?

  • Ummm. Seven.


That concludes this report! Go out and enjoy Operation Starfall!

For the Empire!

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awesome job Xenperor

Great report. Excited for Starfall. And wholly agreed, Orem sucks .

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